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Hi gang: It’s Tuesdays—here’s what’s up:

  • My Books On The Free Kindle App For iPhone
    I saw a review on Terry’s Tech blog about the new free Amazon Kindle app for the iPhone, so I downloaded it and bought my book, “The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 2” from right on my iPhone (Yes, I had to buy it, but luckily the downloadable version was only $9.99). Anyway, I have the full Kindle reader (the original, not version 2), and while this free iPhone app didn’t have all the features (or as large a screen) as the Kindle, it did have one thing even the Kindle 2 doesn’t have—color images! The formatting on the iPhone’s screen even looked pretty decent (as seen above), and I think the advantage is (for iPhone users anyway), that you can look up a tip while you’re out on a shoot, right from your phone. Anyway, it’s worth checking out (here’s the link to it on the iTunes Store). By the way; the iPhone itself up there isn’t a photo. That’s an illustration created from scratch by NAPP’s Creative Director Felix Nelson, and it’s all done in Photoshop. That guy is just sick!
  • I found a Cool Photo Blog with All Unretouched Photos
    This past weekend, I came across a photography site called “Unqualified to Blog” and in their tag line they mention that all the photos are unedits straight from the camera (no Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc.). Anyway, the guy has some nice stuff, and I just thought it was kind of different. Here’s the link if you’ve got a sec to check it out.
  • Interviewed By My Publisher
    I did an audio interview with my Publisher Nancy Reunzel, and it’s up live over at the Peachpit site. We talked about everything from photography to what my upcoming books are for the year, to Photoshop World, and about everything else. If you’ve got a couple of minutes, check it out right here.
  • Are You Coming To Boston? Now there are TWO Photo Walks
    If you’re coming up to Boston for Photoshop World (Hey, it’s still not to late to join us up there: Here’s the link with all the details), there are now TWO Photo Walks planned; one from Jeff Revell (of PhotoWalkPro fame), and one being put together by a group of NAPP forum members, so if you’re coming, make sure you bring your camera! (check on the NAPP member forums for details on the NAPP walk).
  • New Photoshop and Illustrator Integration Online Class from Corey Barker
    Photoshop graphics wizard Corey Barker has a brand new online class at Kelby Training about creative ways to use Photoshop and Illustrator together. It just went up and it’s already created quite a buzz. Here’s the link with all the details.

OK gang, that’s it from here. I’ll be back on Thursday with more stuffage! Don’t forget to check out the Guest Blog tomorrow. Have a great one!


Whoo Hooo! It’s Friday!!!

Before we get into the news, I just wanted to thank this week’s Guest Blogger Tim Mantoai for his wonderful post (and images) this week. If you look at the comments readers posted about his story, you see the word “Inspirational” is about every other post, and right now I think a lot of us needed that. Thanks Tim, and my thanks to Brad for his help in bringing Tim’s work and words to the blog this week.

Now, Here’s what’s up:

  • Yesterday, one of my readers let me know that a graphic we created for an email campaign (shown above) was featured on It seems that the top of the logo on the football was cut-off, and that’s pretty messed up (as you can see). Anyway, when I saw it over on, I just totally cracked up! Sadly, that’s the least of what sneaks by us sometimes, but of course, then I had to go and fire the designer who created it (Kidding!). Thanks PhotoshopDisasters for keeping us honest! :-)
  • We finally did get Episode #2 of D-Town TV (The new weekly show for Nikon DSLR users) posted online late yesterday afternoon, and it includes a great tip for setting up your camera for shooting HDR, along with a bonus video from Matt and how to process the HDR file created by your camera using Photomatix (along with our other camera tips). If you haven’t caught the new episode yet, you can watch it right here.
  • A big shout out and thanks to for including “The Photoshop Insider” as #35 in their Top 100 “Best in Photography” list of photo sites. I was pretty psyched! Here’s the link to their top 100 list.
  • Lastly, for some wonderful weekend inspiration, check out the work of photographer Loretta Lux. It’s a very different style, but her stuff rocks!!!! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


Howdy folks; here’s what’s up:

  • Adobe has released a free update to Camera Raw and Lightroom which adds supports for the Nikon D3x, and the Olympus E-30 cameras (Note: The Lightroom update also includes a few bug fixes). Here’s where to download the free update for Camera Raw (Mac | Windows), and here’s where to download the Lightroom update (Mac | Windows).
  • Friend of the blog, photographer Janine Smith, knows I’m a Type freak, and she sent me this site that I absolutely Love. It’s called “Flipping Typical” and when you go there, it looks at the fonts installed on your computer and shows you what any phrase you type looks like in all your fonts. This totally rocks for helping you find the right font for the job! (Yes, there are some tricks you can pull in Photoshop that sound like they do a similar thing, but once you see this site, you’ll wish this feature was in Photoshop. Here’s the link.
  • Reminder: I’m bringing my Lightroom 2 Tour Live! to  Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, May 20th, and then to Portland, Oregon on Friday may 22nd. Here’s the site with all the details. Hope to see you there!
  • Earlier this week I mentioned that we didn’t cover Nikon’s GP-1 GPS device on D-Town TV, because we didn’t have the unit. Luckily, Moose Peterson (who recently came on as a technical adviser to the show), did a great review for us of the GP-1, and it’s up now on the D-Town TV site (here’s the link).
  • By the way: this week’s episode of D-Town TV should be posted sometime today, over at the D-Town site as well. Let the hateful comments begin!
  • If you’re anywhere near Philadelphia, PA, there’s a gallery show this weekend at the T&P Gallery in Philly. The show is called “Focus” and  features the work of a number of local photographers. Here’s the link for more details—check it out if you get a chance.

That’s all I’ve got today. We’ll see ya here tomorrow for the weekly wrap-up. :)

Hi Gang: I’m trying to wrap up my book by Friday, so in the interest of making that happen, here is an abbrevited news thingy:

  • I didn’t get to field test the Jobo GPS this week like I had hoped. Maybe next week.
  • Come to my Lightroom seminars in Denver and Portland, Oregon. (link)
  • This photographer rocks (link)
  • I finally broke down and bought an Elinchrom Beautydish.
  • Go visit Zack’s blog (link)
  • Just two days left to save $100 on Early Bird Registration for Photoshop World (link). PLUS: Scriv put together a new teaser with our football theme, and it’s pretty cool, so stop by the site and check it out.
  • Jessica is working on a new cover for the CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks book, and I saw an early proof of it today. She’s rocks! It made me really glad that we decided to go with something completely new.
  • Today would be a great day to back up your photo collection.

OK, that’s all I could come up with. Have a good one, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow when I have even less time to blog. ;-)


Hi gang: My book deadline is coming up on Friday, and I’m nose to the grindstone, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

  • A New Photoshop Baby Is Born
    A big congratuations to last week’s Guest Blogger, Photoshop Product Manager Bryan Hughes, who welcomed the birth of their baby boy, Miles Lewis Hughes, on Valentine’s Day. Mom, Dad, and baby are doing great!
  • Some Photoshop World stuff
    Besides being the deadline for my book, Friday is your last chance to save $100 on your Photoshop World Conference & Expo pass, because the Early Bird Special ends on Friday at midnight. Here’s where to sign up (Boston is a blast—I hope you’ll be there! The photo above is of Adobe’s booth on the Expo floor).
  • Hotels in Boston Filling Fast!
    We are filling up our block of rooms fast at our host hotels; the Sheraton Boston (our official Host Hotel where all the instructors will be staying) and the Westin Copley Place (right next door, and attached to the convention center), so if you’re coming up to Photoshop World next month, make sure you snag your hotel rooms now!!!! The room info is on the Photoshop World Website.
  • On-Location Video from Joey Lawrence
    I just found out that Joey Lawrence, my guest blogger from two weeks ago, has posted a full 16-minute on-location video from his trip to Ethiopia. Now, before you click the link, just so you know up front, the video contains (in no particular order), nudity, language, and a bit of violence (they kill a goat for dinner). If you’re OK with that, then check it out, because it is cool to see him interacting with the natives and some of the stuff they have to deal with along the way. Here’s that link.
  • Get 25% Off on Large Prints ’till Feb. 25th
    If you’re one of those photographers thinking, “I always hear Scott talking about MPIXcom. Ya know, I’m gonna try them one day…” well here’s your chance: MPIX is offering 25% off large-sized prints now thru February 25th. Try them once—love them forever! (ask anybody that’s used them). Here’s the link with details. One more thing: Dave Cross had a post on his blog last week pointing out that MPIX now offers printing on the back of prints, so you can add your copyright info, studio contact info, etc. The details are right here.
  • Lame Segue Alert!
    Speaking of Dave Cross (sorry), he has Chase Jarvis as his “Finish the Sentence” guest this week, and you gotta take 30-seconds and check Chase out. Here’s the link.
  • Free CS4 Update for  “Photoshop for Video” Book
    Our buddy, and Photoshop World instructor, Richard Harrington, author of the popular book, “Photoshop for Video,” has posted a free 40-page update to his book (they’re not planning a rewrite of the entire book, because as Rich noted, ” …not much changed in the world of video specific tools.” His update is free, and includes all the hands-on files (Rich rocks!). Here’s the link.

OK gang, that does it for me; have a great Tuesday, and don’t forget to check out Zack Arias’ Special Guest blog tomorrow!


It’s Friday; the end of a great week, and before we get to what’s up, I just want to thank Bryan Hughes for his Guest Blog Post on Wednesday. I don’t know if you read the comments readers posted about his post, but he really turned a lot of photographers on to Photoshop CS4 features, and ways of using them, that many folks hadn’t realized were there. I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me to thank me for having Bryan as my guest, but honestly all the credit goes to him. Thanks, Bryan! Now, onto the news:

  • Honl Flash Modifiers Now Over at Expo Imaging
    I just found out yesterday that the David Honl flash modifiers I’ve talked about again and again on this blog (and in my books) are now available direct from the Expo Disc people (Expo Imaging). His stuff is so cleverly designed, so lightweight, and so effective (some of them are shown above) that I became a fan more than a year or so ago, and now I’d hate to be without them. Here’s the link to them over at Expo Imaging.
  • Amazon Releases Kindle 2 Book Reader
    By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon released a major update to their popular Kindle ebook reader, the Kindle 2 (I have the original version, and it’s surprisingly cool), but a lot of folks don’t realize that a number of my books are available on Kindle. For example, my book “The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1” is available for wireless download to Kindle (believe it or not, on it’s the #10 bestseller of ALL photography books, including printed books. I know—I’m just as surprised as you are). Anyway, the Jaldous Journal Blog did piece about how a color book like mine works in a Kindle format (here’s the link). Also, here’s the link for more info on Kindle 2.
  • NAPP’s Larry Becker Interviewed
    Jason Moore over at the Photoshop and Photography Blog Roll did an interview with my buddy, NAPP’s Executive Director Larry Becker. If you’ve got a quick sec; jump over right here and give it a quick read.
  • Trying out a New Camera GPS This Weekend
    I have a location portrait shoot this weekend, and I’m going to be trying a new digital adapter I just got this week called the JOBO PhotoGPS. I’ll let you know next week how it worked.
  • One Week Left to Save $100 on Photoshop World
    We’re only one week away from the Photoshop World Conference & Expo Early Bird registration deadline, so if you’re going to join us in Boston (and I hope you are), don’t forget to sign up now to save $100 (hey, saving $100 bucks means more than ever, right?). Here’s the link for details.
  • Very Cool Bird Photography
    Want some inspiration to take you into the weekend? Holly Tarquinio, one of my readers, turned me on to this site she found with some incredible parrot photography (it’s cooler than it sounds). Here’s the link (thanks Holly for sharing this with us!).

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here next week. :-)