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I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Here’s what’s up:

  • On Tuesday I came into my office and sitting on my desk was something that made my whole week. One of my readers here on the blog had sent in a $1,000 donation check for the Springs of Hope, Kenya orphanage. Talk about being humbled by someone’s genorosity. I continued to be so impressed with the way you all have stepped up to make such a difference for these kids. (Note: I just heard from Molly & Joesph that a shipment of freeze dried meals arrived today at the orphanage—-enough for 60,000 meals! Whoo Hoo!)
  • Dave Cross has had two very interesting folks in his popular “Finish the Sentence” feature; Katrin Eismann, and Dave Cross himself. Here’s the link to give it a quick read (I always find this feature really interesting).
  • There’s an in-depth review of David Cuerdon’s Beauty Retouching Kit online class over at the Pursuing Photoshop blog. Here’s the link.
  • The 2nd part of Ed Greenberg’s amazing series on copyright for photographers is now up online at This is a must-see series for anyone interested in protecting their images. Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll see you back here on Monday. :)

Hi everybody. It’s Thursday—here’s what’s up:

  • First, a big thanks to David Hobby for being my very special guest blogger yesterday. It truly was an honor having him on the blog, and from the comments from our readers, he was as big a hit as I knew he’d be. :)
  • Quick update the on the MacBook Pro laptops from Apple. When you buy one of Apple’s new 17″ MacBook Pros (just introduced at Macworld Expo last week), you now have the option of a glossy or non-glossy screen. Although I’ve adjusted to the glossy screen on my 15″ MacBook Pro, I would still prefer a non-glossy screen, and if Apple offers that option on a 15″ anytime soon, I would have to switch. That being said; one of my readers turned me on to this; there’s a third party company called TechRestore that will replace your glossy screen with a matte screen for $199. Here’s the link to the story about them on ZDnet. (Note: If any of you have swapped screens using TechRestore, let me know about your experience).
  • Friend of the blog Jason Moore has an interesting interview with Principal Photoshop Product Manager John Nack. It’s always so insightful to hear from John, and he brings a perspective on things we don’t always get to hear—definitely worth reading (here’s the link to Part 1).
  • Just a reminder: our Lightroom Live Tour, with Matt Kloskowski, is coming to Covington, Kentucky on Jan. 23rd, and it’s going to be a great day of learning taught by one of the industry’s leading experts on Lightroom. If you want to attend, you can snag a seat right here.
  • Terry Reinert has a review of a new iPhone/iPod Touch application that sounds like a very cool app for anyone into PhotoWalks. If you’ve got a second—check it out here.
  • You may remember the mini-review I did of the Ray Flash, which is a ring-flash adapter that fits over your existing off-camera flash (like Nikon SB-800s, or Canon 580EX IIs). Anyway, in my review my only real critisicm was that I thought it was a bit too expensive, but now that’s changed. As of Jan. 1, 2009 the retail price is just $199 ($100 less than when I initially reviewed it). Now, it’s a no-brainer. Here’s the link with all the details.

That’s it for today. Hope you have a great Thursday!

foca2lHi folks, and happy Friday!

Before we kick into things; a big thank you to Tim Wallace for his excellent guest post on Wedneday, and for directly posting answers to so many folks comments. It’s really great when a guest blogger brings that personal interaction, and it was an honor having Tim share his wonderful work, and give us a behind-the-scenes peek into his world. Cool stuff!

If you’re a landscape photographer, then the two most important times of the day for you are Sunrise and Sunset, and I just picked up an app for my iPhone that you’ll want to check out called Focalware. Among other things, it shows you the exact time for that day’s sunrise and sunset based on your iPhone’s built-in GPS. You can watch a demo of it right here, or buy it online at the iTunes App Store by clicking here (it’s $9.99). A very slick little app, and a landscape photographer’s new best friend.

  • Good news for everybody who already bought the Spiral-bound editions of my “Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers”—it  just came in last night, and I’ve already started signing copies so we can start shipping them out to you right away! Now, I have good news and bad news: The good news is—the spiral bound edition was a HUGE hit and we only have a few left. The bad news (for some of you anyway) is that since there’s only a few left, we’re reserving them for sale to NAPP members only, so if you’re a member, you can buy one of the remaining spiral-bound editions at the NAPP member web site. (Note: Since it requires an entire press run to create more spiral editions, the only way we’ll have more of this title in spiral bound is if in the future the publisher reprints the book, and we order a certain amount to be spiral bound).
  • This you gotta see: Our in-house Video guru, Jason “The Scriv” Scrivner put together a hilarious little clip showing some of the hilarious “lower third name titles” Jason has snuck into Photoshop User TV over the past year or so. They totally cracked me up. Here’s the link (way to go, Jason!).
  • A big thanks to the Lightroom Lab blog, who did a review of my new Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers, and called it their “Favorite Lightroom reference book.” Here’s the link to their review.
  • Joe McNally has a great post going over at his blog called “Random thoughts in the cold,” which includes some cool photos, and a cute take-off on my “12-24mm VR” rumor conspiracy. If you’ve got a minute, give this a read—it’s good stuff.

That’s it for today folks. Have a kick-butt Friday. :)


Howdy folks—It’s Tuesday—let’s do some news:

  • Good news: we tracked down the culprit that was holding back many of your comments (it was a preference setting—basically a checkbox—that was turned on by default when we switched to the newest version of Word Press) and things should be back to normal now. Again, sorry for the delay, but hopefully it’s behind us now. We also tweaked a few things on the blog (thanks to feedback from you guys) like adding a Comments link at the bottom of the post, and adding access to more of the earlier archives (among other things). Thanks to Fred, Mike, Tommy and the gang for continually working to make this blog better and easier to use for everybody.
  • My Wifey totally hooked me up—-when I got home from work last night, she handed me a belated Christmas gift—Nikon’s new 50mm f/1.4 lens (shown above–photo courtesy of Nikon). It’s a pricey lens for a 50mm, so I’m glad she bought it for me, because I’m not sure I would have shelled out the dough for it myself (aren’t those the best kind of gifts to get?). Anyway, I’ll give it a mini-review first chance I get to try it out.
  • One thing I realized during the comment moderation debacle, is that people are continually posting comments to a post I did last year about getting your advice for how to get people to read the introductions to my books (by the way—if you’ve seen any of my recent books, you’ll see I took your advice). Anyway, it’s my most popular post, and I think people see its name “I need your advice” and then they think, “Oh, Scott gives advice.” So I’ve been getting loads of people posting questions there like, “What camera should I buy?” and “Should I upgrade my version of Photoshop” and “Do I need Lightroom?” and about a hundred other questions. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to; I just can’t answer all those questions, or I wouldn’t get any work done, or blog posts, or have a family life, etc. To make matters worse; I feel bad about it. I get an email every time somebody posts a comment—even if it’s to a post that’s a year old. So, I had the Web team close comments on that and a few other older posts that people are using as a place to post Photoshop and photography questions, but the guilt was really building up that I couldn’t answer these folks questions. So, thanks for understanding. Now back to the news.
  • Dave Cross features Ben Willmore in his popular “Finish the Sentence” feature, over at Dave Cross online, and if you’ve got 60-seconds, jump over and check it out right here.
  • A quick thanks and shout-out to the Canon Blogger, for naming my blog one of their “Best 8 of 2008.” Here’s the link to their list.

It’s really late (or early, depending on how you look at it), and I’m beat, so I’m hitting the sack. Hope you all have a great day today, and we’ll see you tomorrow for the first Guest Blog of 2009! See ya then.

Hi everybody. I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year, and as my first post of the New Year, it’s time for some Friday News Stuff. Here we go:

  • First let’s take a look at something different: I’m always featuring wedding photography here, but this time take a look a Graham & Graham Photography’s annual collection of their top-10 Bar/Bat Mitzvah shots from 2008. Really nice stuff here, and it’s definitely an art unto itself (here’s the link).
  • Thanks to Camera Dojo who named my blog one of their Top 20 Photography Websites of 2008 (here’s the link), and to Moments in Digital for including me in their list of “Blogs they followed in 2008” (here’s that link).
  • If you’re a NAPP member, you probably catch Larry Becker’s weekly NAPP News show on a regular basis, but if you’re not a member, I mentioned a few weeks ago that you now watch it online free (through Apple’s iTunes Store), or you can subscribe to it free (so it downloads each weekly episode for you automatically). Well, the big news is—-it’s a hit! By last week it had already climbed up to the #5 spot in the iTunes list of technology podcasts. Congratulations Larry! (and if you haven’t seen it—check it out right here. Lots of good industry news, info, contests, along with NAPP news and anything else Larry wants to pass along).
  • Today my buddy Terry White over at “Terry’s TechBlog” has released his “Best iPhone Applications of 2008” list, and if you’re into the iPhone this is a must-see post (by the way, every Friday Terry picks his “iPhone App of the Week” and half the apps in my phone came from his list. A definite must-visit every Friday). Here’s the link.

That’s it for this Friday. I have lots of cool stuff planned for next week, so I hope I’ll see you back here then. Have a great weekend! :)

Hi everybody. It’s Tuesday and 2008 is almost in the bag. Here’s what’s up:

  • A lot of people have been asking me for an update on how I feel about my Apple MacBook Pro now that I’ve had it for a while, and basically here’s where I’m at: I’ve gotten over the glossy screen thing. I’ve calibrated it a few times now and while the glossy screen is a bit more contrasty, it really hasn’t caused any problems (and maybe that’s because I’m compensating a bit, knowing that my screen looks more contrasty than the final images). My prints from both my Epsons, and from are coming out fine, so the glossy issue isn’t as big an issue as I thought (though if I could get this MacBook Pro without the glossy screen—-I would). The trackpad is still a real issue for me, and frankly it drives me nuts about a dozen or more times a day. I wish Apple would give us a way to turn gestures off, but as best I can tell—there is none. The two reasons I decided to stick it out with this model are: (1) The nVidia graphic card makes Photoshop CS4 zoom faster than I’ve ever seen Photoshop go, and (2) I doubt Apple is going back to matte screens, or bringing back a trackpad button, so I’m going to have to get used to it sooner or later, and I might as well just get used to it now. So, that’s where I’m at; I’m not thrilled, but I’m adjusting.
  • Thanks to for including this blog in their list of the Top 100 Photography Blogs. Here’s the link to their full list.
  • Want to see some cool Photoshop post production retouching? (Not so much portrait retouching—just retouching). Check out Ciklopas Photography Studio, and then when you get to their site (click here), click on the Post Production link on the left side of the page, and then toggle through their different projects. Very well done.
  • Dave Cross had my buddy Terry White as his guest last week for his popular “Finish The Sentence” feature. Here’s the link to check it out.
  • This I love: Go check out this Web site for a spa in Aspen, Colorado. They’ve got a pretty darn fabulous landing page presented in a simple, yet dramatic way that I haven’t seen before. Beautiful photography beautifully presented, even if it’s just for a few moments. Worth a quick look (here’s the link).
  • PROGRAMMING NOTE: I’m taking New Years Eve off along with New Years Day, but I’ll be back with more wholesome goodness on Friday the 2nd. Here’s wishing you all a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

See you guys next year! :)