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Hi Gang: I know a lot of you are waiting for Photo Walks to be approved. We're trying to catch up on the backlog of people who led Photo Walks for us last year (we should be caught up some time tomorrow), and then we'll start releasing new cities with new Walk Leaders (we have over 200+ cities backlogged already). Also, the best way to see if your city has a walk, is to click on the "Find Walks" button at the top right of the Home Page, then use the Search Bar to search by city or country name. Thanks for your patience (it's always busy when we first kick open the doors). :)

Today's the official launch, and the date announcement for Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ to celebrate the upcoming release of my “Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers” and my "Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers" and you’re invited to be a part of this amazing global, social photography event. Here’s a quick Q&A with all the details. Q. When is the official Photo Walk™ day? A. It’s Saturday, July 24th, 2010. Q. What exactly is a Photo Walk? A. Watch the short video clip on the home page over at the official Worldwide Photo Walk Website (here’s the link) to get an idea, and see video of an actual photo walk. Q. Is there a fee to participate this year? A. Once again it’s free—there is no fee to join this year’s walk—just come and have a ball! Q. Do you have…

I've had so many people who were a part of my 2nd annual Worldwide Photo Walk write in to tell me that we should do a book made up of the great photos taken that day, that I thought I should at least investigate the idea. I love the idea of creating a beautiful coffee-table style and quality book, with a simple, clean no-nonsense layout, that lets the photos take center stage and do all the talking. I see it including more than just some of the winning shots. I would love it if it included some group shots from walks around the world, and shots of people shooting during the walk, and some shots that weren't even picked by the local winners---but are still great shots and deserve to be recognized, and I just want to share visually what an amazing day it…

Today I’m going to give my personal favorites in a bunch of different categories, from images that didn’t become one of the finalists or the Grand Prize winner, but I felt were so great that they deserved some recognition as well.

Here’s what so amazing to me about all this. If the winning images you saw yesterday, and here today, were entered in a regular photo contest, none of us would blink an eye—-a great image is a great image. But most contest allow you to choose any photo from your entire lifetime of shooting, or perhaps any photo taken in the last year, or any photo in a particular category. But in this case, here’s what the photographers were up against.

  • They were not able to choose the location (it was chosen for them).
  • They were not able to choose the time of day (it was chosen for them).
  • They were only able to shoot for two hours.
  • They shot in the light that was there. They couldn’t go back later (or earlier) in better light.

Yet they came away that images that are inspiring, creative, and in many cases, breathtaking! That’s what makes this so special. Two hours. That’s it. And look what they came up with! To me, that makes these images, and the ones chosen yesterday, all the more amazing.

Before we get to seeing some images, there were some recurring themes in the types of photos that where picked by local winners, and went into judging to become finalists. For example, there were:

  • Lots of HDR shots
  • Lots of shots of other Photo Walk photographers
  • Lots of shots of reflections
  • Lots of shots of homeless people
  • Lots of shots of children
  • Lots of bees landing on flowers
  • Lots of people seen through store windows
  • Lots of Bridges
  • Lots of Churches (inside and out)
  • Lots of shots of statues and art
  • Lots of shots of stairs
  • Lots of train shots

Anyway, it gives you an broad view of what people wound up shooting a lot of.

The images that follow are my favorites that didn’t make their way into the prize category, but are nonetheless deserving of recognition:


This was incredibly hard. Even harder than I thought.

Last year it was really tough coming up with my finalists and winner, but this year’s judging was more than just four times harder—not just because four times as many people participated—but because the sheer quality of the shots this year was just over the top.

There were so many amazing, intriguing, fascinating, and just fun shots, that it made going from nearly 900 shots down to 10 finalists and one winner incredibly challenging. But, instead of keeping you waiting; let’s get to the winners, and we’ll talk more in a moment.

First, the 10 finalists (who all win the following prizes):


OK, folks, here we go (listed in no particular order):