…And What an Amazing Worldwide Photo Walk It Was!

Greetings from Queenstown, New Zealand (we popped over here after our visit to Sydney), where we’re pretty tired, but we still have big smiles on our faces from the amazing weekend that was.

First, before we go on — the group photo above is of the awesome group of photographers I led in Sydney, Australia as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk (photo by Keith McInnes, who not only took this shot, but helped me immeasurably in coordinating my first ever visit to Australia). That’s us in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House (more on that story in a different post, but many thanks to the great folks at Destination NSW for all their gracious help, and for their cool gifts for my walk group in Sydney). But, I did want to say, this was perhaps my best local group yet – just the nicest, most fun, most laid back group — I love them! :)

My favorite thing after the walk is….
…seeing all the group shots from around the world. It’s just so amazing to see smiling, happy groups of photographers from all over the globe all enjoying this social event together. It really puts a song in my heart. Last night, Kalebra and I were huddled up in a quaint restaurant here in New Zealand looking at group shots from Braunschweig, Germany; Davenport, Iowa;  London; Singapore; Manila; Kuwait; Cairo; Bolivia; Nova Scotia; and so many more.

Please check out some of these for yourself over on my Facebook page (look for the Oct 3rd post with the balloons and confetti “it’s here!” graphic). I promise you, it’ll put a smile on your face.

This short video is absolutely classic!
Our dear friend Glyn Dewis led a walk in Warwick, England this year, and he got the whole town involved, including the Mayor and the official Town Crier. You’ve got to see this short little video. It defines “classic.” :)


Although the walk is over…
We’ve only just begun – Walk leaders need to pick their local winners; then I have to pick a bunch more, including the Leaders Competition winner; and this year we’ve tightened up the timeline so it doesn’t take so long to get all this done. Leaders: look for an email from us with deadlines and details coming very soon!

My thanks to all the walk leaders!
Ask anyone who has led a walk before — it’s tremendously more work than it seems, and the leaders who take it seriously, really work their butts off to make their walk a success, and I wanted to share my humble thanks for all you did to get your city a walk. I know your walkers appreciate what you do, but I wanted you to know that I absolutely do, too! :)

If you haven’t shared your group shot yet, you can share it here in my comments (the image or post a link), or over on my Facebook page (http://facebook.com/skelby) – I for one would LOVE to see them!!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in walks around the world this year — and especially those who donated to the Springs of Hope Orphanage, along with all our wonderful sponsors, including our Platinum sponsor Canon, without whom we could never pull off a worldwide event of this scale in the first place.

Cheers, and lots to more to come!



P.S. Here’s a few snaps (below) from my group, mostly after our walk at a great pub in the Rocks district of Sydney. 



  1. I had a great time on Saturday Scott. I came down from Newcastle (around 2 hours drive north of Sydney) so didn’t know anyone. That didn’t matter though; I met some great people. I would have loved to hang around at the Australian Hotel afterwards and tried some of the beautiful boutique beers on offer but I had to drive home :-(

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