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How Your Fast Paced Everyday Life Can Hide Your Passion For Photography From You
You wake up to the alarm in the morning, jump (or slide) out of bed, down your coffee, check your calendar, throw on your clothes (or shower first if you’re lucky enough) race to the bus stop, school, work, event, wherever and go throughout your day trying to catch up, only to realize that you’re late to leave the office for your child’s big game but you hustle and get there just in time to catch little Sally cross the finish line, or start her recital, or take her to tutoring or…

Sound familiar?


I’m willing to bet that some of you are saying, “Exactly! I don’t have the energy to be passionate about photography. The only thing I’m passionate about is getting into my jammies at the end of the day.” Wait. I digress. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Here’s the thing. You’re wrong.

I want you to think about all the times when you take a picture of your coffee, fancy plate of food, little Sally coming across the finish line, Grandma acting silly, a sunset at the beach, a flower, or even a structure that’s beautiful to you. I want you to think about the time you went to someone’s wedding (who had hired a perfectly good wedding photographer) and you still felt compelled to get “that” shot.

Do you pause to take those photos because you don’t have enough things to squeeze into the precious minutes of your day? To me, it sounds like you’re passionate about capturing a moment and at those times you might even be thinking…

“I’d love to be able to zoom in on little Sally when she’s on the field.”


“How long do I have to wait for the guy in the Speedo to move out of my perfect sunset shot?!”


“I wish that wedding photographer would get out of my way because I HAVE THE PERFECT SHOT!”

Haha! (I’m sorry, but I know a lot of wedding photographers and that last one makes me giggle.)

The point is that you are passionate about photography and you are having photographer’s thoughts. So, own it! Love it! Do it! Here’s some of the best advice I can give you about all of it. Ready?

Pay attention to your photographer’s thoughts, give them an extra few seconds and your passion will reveal itself to you. If you take those images, look at them again and enjoy them and appreciate that moment. If you have an extra minute or two, take them into an app or program and have fun with the process. You might as well because you’re passionate about it. ;)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

You can read more of Kalebra’s writings and see more of her photography at, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

  1. Kalebra this was a nice surprise this morning. Very cool that you basically got right to the point. Would have loved to seen more of your images here even though I’ve seen plenty of them. There are lots of people out there that say they’re not photographers but yet they’re always striving to get that perfect shot. When they say this, I say that’s bull (under my breath)! Thanks for the quick read and the great advice!????

  2. Kalebra, thank you for a wonderful blog post today. As always, you get to the heart of the matter with just the right words. The only thing I think you could have touched on would be “share your photos”, whether it’s friends or family, print or web (especially print!). And I agree with Lavonne that we needed to see more of your work in this post, instead of two of the same picture (I’ll blame Brad!). You have an amazing eye with your “trusty” companion!

    1. You know what John? This was a blog post I had written for my blog a few weeks ago and when Scott asked me if he could run it here I never even thought to include more images than I had used on my original post. Doh! Also, I love your suggestion about sharing your images as well. Thank you for adding that.

      1. Kalebra, I still blame Brad for the lack of pictures! Don’t forget to share your adventures Down Under on your own blog, too…..


      2. It’s always best to blame Brad. Hahaha! And I will be posting pics and stories to the blog as soon as we return. ??

  3. Scott, I only asked this question because I get asked the same question all the time; How did you get such a classy, smart and thoughtful wife? ;-) This is a great post for anyone: amateur or pro. We sometimes forget to enjoy the things we enjoy! Thanks!

  4. Wonderful post! That is how I moved towards buying my first DSLR camera! Many family and friends said you have a great “eye”……I always enjoyed taking pics to record on film, that moment in time. Kalebra, you need to be a guest on this blog more often. Hope your still flying! :)

  5. This is so true….I get teased that I sometimes just say “click” out loud when I see those moments to capture without my camera! Thanks for the reminder…..

  6. I know this woman personally. She is not only an amazing iPhone photographer (she should write a book) but an amazing mommy, and person, and sister-in-law and….

  7. The more I read of Kalebra’s writing, the more I wish I could know her personally. I love the aliveness, the awareness, the realness of her. I run my email with a quote from Kalebra that I just love”Our cameras may capture moments but
    it’s our hearts that make us chase them in the first place.” Scott Kelby, you’re one blessed man.

    1. Oh Cynthia! I’m so glad you liked that quote and use it. It’s so true isn’t it? Thank you for reading this post and my blog. You’ve made me very happy. :)

  8. Hubba Hubba Scott, you married over your head. Kalebra I follow you on Instagram and on Google Plus (is that part of the internet still working), anyway you are a talented photographer and writer. I enjoyed your blog, have a great rest of the week.

  9. When anybody talks of wanting to get better phone photography!! I always have Kalebra Kelby (the Queen of I-phone photography in my books) come to mind. And that is who I send them to. Love her work and what a great blog Scott, I bet you had some pull sneaking that one over to your site, Actually you two seem like a great couple. Thanks for sharing I have too. Cheers.

  10. Ouch – this hit close to home. I’m always saying I’m too busy with work and life and never home when there’s enough light or my house is a wreck and the dogs won’t cooperate. But I will say that I was so enamored with the sky just before sunset, I did dig out the camera I had with me (my Galaxy S4) and started trying to compose that perfect shot. OK, it was a decent shot but I was dreaming.

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