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  • Hi Gang: I wanted to share some World Wide Photo Walk group shots from around the world, but first, you’ve gotta check out this video, shot during Saturday’s Photo Walk in Munich, Germany. It was shot with a Canon 7D, and the quality of video, quality of camera work, and editing is just really fantastic. I was so impressed!!!!

    Anyway, watch this video first, and then take a look at some of these wonderful group shots from all over. Seeing these group shots is one of my favorite parts of all of this, and I hope you enjoy them, too.

    Munich, Germany

    Antwerp, Belgium
    Antwerp, Belgium

    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Brisbane, Australia
    Brisbane, Australia

    Buffalo - Annie Levaysm
    Buffalo, New York, USA

    Cape Town SAsm
    Cape Town, South Africa

    Chesapeake City,MD - Wayne Camlinsm
    Chesapeake City, Maryland, USA

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

    Cold Spring, New York, USA

    Columbia, SC
    Columbia, South Carolina, USA

    Cumberland,MD - Bill Merlavagesm
    Cumberland, Maryland, USA

    Daggett, California
    Daggett, California, USA

    Danbury CT - Tom Petersonsm
    Danbury, Connecticut, USA

    Englewood, NJ
    Englewood, New Jersey, USA

    Faded and Blurred, California
    Faded and Blurred Group in Southern California, USA

    Fairhope, Alabamasm
    Fairhope, Alabama, USA

    Fells Point,MD - Stacie Morrissm
    Fells Point, Maryland, USA

    Fredericton NB, Canada - Aaron Cushingsm
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

    Ft Wayne, IN - Rick Stemmlersm
    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

    Geelong Waterfront, Australiasm
    Geelong Waterfront, Australia

    Greenport, NY - RichardPsm
    Greenport, New York, USA

    Greensboro NC (Bicentennial Gardens - Evan Brennansm
    Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

    Johnstown, Ohio
    Johnstown, New York, USA

    Juarez, Mexico
    Juarez, Mexico

    Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

    2010 Kissimme Photowalkers
    Kissimmee, Florida, USA

    LA (Little Tokyo) - Frank Wisesm
    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Loveland, Colorado
    Loveland, Colorado, USA

    Manteo, NC - Matt Gibsonsm
    Manteo, North Carolina, USA

    Melaka (Downtown) Malaysia - Neoh Soon Huengsm
    Downtown Melaka, Malaysia

    Mendoza, Argentina
    Mendoza, Argentina

    Northport, New York
    Northpoint, New York, USA

    Omaha - Gary Prillsm
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    Ottowa (The Market) - Justin Van Leeuwensm
    Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

    Peoria, IL
    Peoria, Illinois, USA

    Portland (Oaks Park) - Laurie Excellsm
    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Providence, RI - Mark Davissm
    Providence, Rhode Island, USA

    Rybnik, Polandsm
    Rybnik, Poland

    Salmon, Idaho - Jerry Slaglesm
    Salmon, Idaho, USA

    Salt Lake City (City Creek Park) - Nicole Youngsm
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    Samford, Florida, USA

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Santiago, Chile
    Santiago, Chile

    Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk S?o Paulo [2010]
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Slovakia - Edmund Orzsiksm
    Dunajská Streda, Trnavský kraj, Slovakia

    South Lake Tahoe, CA - Jim Stamatessm
    South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

    Spartanburg, SC - Ken Toneysm
    Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

    Staten Island, New York
    Staten Island, New York, USA

    Tallahassee 2010 Photowalk Group
    Tallahassee, Florida, USA

    Foto de grupo
    Tarragona, CT, Spain

    Tokyo, Japan

    Washington, DC, USA

    Windsor UK - Glyn Dewissm
    Windsor, United Kingdom

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