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In case you’re a photographer who has been living under a rock the past year, let me say this: Mirrorless is the future!

Don’t believe me? Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm have been going nuts releasing amazing cameras as of late, and the image quality these lightweights have been producing has been hitting like heavyweight DSLR bodies.

Still don’t believe mirrorless is the future? Go check out Nikon and Canon’s latest full frame… wait for it… mirrorless cameras *GASP!* Alright enough of the melodrama. But you get it; if two of the most steadfast imaging companies finally gave into the mirrorless market, that must mean there’s something to this “mirrorless-trend,” and it’s got me shook. If you’re anything like most veteran photographers, we kind of tend to turn our noses up when we see/hear about someone using a mirrorless for professional work. Here’s how a dedicated DSLR shooter got seduced by a mirrorless system and why I’m never looking back.

Shot on iPhone XS MAX

Real quick, let’s take it back to my experience with DSLR bodies. I’ve been faithfully shooting one of the major brands for about 8 years. From their entry-level model all the way up to their most popular body, I’ve been a loyal fanboy. A little over a year ago, I finally hit that burn-out feeling working professionals deal with. Every-time I picked up my DSLR I just dreaded it. Not to mention the physical weight started to take a toll on my back, and yes I tried working out and all but uh, that just left me more tired haha.

We also film weddings and I was (still am) frustrated with how stubborn they are when it comes to adding decent video features to a camera. For the longest time there was no option to record LOG, the 4k file codec was horrendous, sloppy slo-mo, no focus peaking and I didn’t wanna shell out thousands to buy a few of their cinema cameras. All that to say the switch didn’t happen over night… but I was ready for a change.

View of El Capitan; wildfire that day – FUJI XT2

As I said, mirrorless didn’t catch my attention right away. I always thought of it as a novelty camera. That was until one of my dear friends Phil Porto decided to try out the Fujifilm XT-2. I wanna say it was probably a week later that I saw him selling off all his DSLR gear on Facebook groups. After that, at WPPI 2017 in Vegas I noticed another close friend of my wife and I, Ashlee Hamon, was playing with Fuji bodies at their booth. Sure enough a couple weeks later, she also sold all her DSLR gear and made the switch.

And it wasn’t just them; plenty of my colleagues were making the move to either Sony, Fujifilm and a lot of video shooters moving to Panasonic; and again Sony for that matter. That being said, it wasn’t long before I picked up the phone and set up a play date with my friends and their new systems! Fujifilm had my attention.

Seeing how much I liked my friends’ Fujis, I eventually talked my wife into letting me buy a Fuji XT-2 and a 23mm 1.4 lens in August 2017; it was for personal use. I liked it for its lightweight, small form factor, beast of a crop sensor, shoots raw, dual card slots, and a great line of prime lenses to choose from if I wanted to expand in the future. Once the boys in brown dropped my package off, I immediately opened it. From there on, the XT2 was glued to my hand. Coffee shops, date nights, vacations… where I went, so did the XT2. And then an elopement in California happened and that’s when it clicked (pun intended); I think I wanna switch.  (more…)