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Prathamesh Dixit – Indian Travel Photographer

Life Behind A Good Travel Story

Photography is the ability to capture light in a camera. Well, that’s what we all say isn’t it ? No wonder light is the most important factor when it comes to making stunning images. But is it the only thing which is challenging for us or are there any other factors which photographer needs to have ingrained before even hitting the location – specially in travel photography? Let’s talk about that today!

Hello friends, I am Prathamesh Dixit – travel photographer, blogger, photography educator & photo tour guide from beautiful country of India. For over five years of my photographic journey, I have noticed that travel photography seeks for multiple skills in the photographer before blessing him/her with some decent images. I have been blessed to travel to some amazing locations over the years including places like – Venice, Paris, Scotland, London along with multiple amazing destinations in India, which includes mighty Himalaya as well.

As a travel photographer, one thing that you face more often is that you probably will be getting just one chance to visit the destination. No matter how hard you prepare for all the technical aspects of photography, there are always uncertain challenges that you are bound to face. And believe me, if you are looking to be a decent travel photographer, you have to prepare for the every second of your travel expedition. So let’s just talk about what my experience has taught me to consider as major skills required to be a good travel photographer. 


Travel photography is one such genre which actually seeks your interest in landscapes, people, architecture, culture and what not. Technically, you have to be good with all of these for building a great travel story. And thus you need to be very broad with your planning and vision while you on travel photography tours or assignments. I am sure you don’t want to miss any place which could have added more depth to your story. So planning plays the most crucial role in travel photography.

For me, travel photography is not hitting an unknown location the next day, but it is a process of exploring, researching, & planning for the the unknown locations thoroughly before even booking my flights. Personally I plan for each day of my visit with shot lists and places to visit throughout the day on a broader level. I try to understand the culture and vibe of the place by reading lots and lots of blog posts and by observing photographs and videos of other fellow travelers. Thanks to the internet for making the work easy!

At times I talk with photographers who have visited the same place or talk with local people in advance to know how the place is doing currently. Believe me, every little thought that you put into planning makes your travel job easier. I have written a blog on how to plan your next photographic destination effectively. These are some simple tips and tricks yet most powerful to make best out of your travel experience as a photographer. Special thanks to the show “The Grid,” Scott Kelby, and many amazing fellow photographers for giving me insightful thoughts during early phases of my photography.

Three minutes of Venice – Beautiful morning over academia bridge in Venice
View from Rialto bridge, Venice
City of Paris Eiffle Tower at Evening
Inverness in black and white, Scotland

Staying Ready For The Unexpected

Well, who doesn’t know this term in photography? Failure of camera equipments, lights, memory cards, batteries are some famous bloopers amongst photographers. Every one of us has a story like this, don’t we? So, consider that you will need to stay ready for these circumstances in travel photography as well.