Daily Archives June 15, 2022

Here’s the scenario: You get back from a gig, download the images, go through the take, mark the selects, do your editing, and deliver the photos. The client loves them… But you don’t. Sure, they’re okay, but… They don’t quite inspire you.

Sound familiar? If it does, I have some good news for you… You’re not alone.

Is there anything wrong with this image? Not technically, but it’s not winning any awards.

I would guess that most photographers go through this, even the best ones. No matter how much we try to make the best possible images we can, not every production is going to result in a new portfolio image. You can plan all you want, put together your image list, research the location, research your subject, make inspiration/mood boards, clean your lenses and sensor, and carry your lucky rabbits foot; but when you do the job, the photos are decent but not great. The client is happy, so you’re happy that you’re getting paid, but you wanted to come away with better images.

Arrive at the venue only to find out there’s no photo pit, and you weren’t there early enough to stake out a spot up front? Better hope you brought a telephoto lens.

Sometimes your subject just isn’t great. Or the location you picked days ahead of time fell through on the day of the gig and you had to quickly find something else that worked. Or you were unexpectedly battling the harsh sun on what was supposed to be a cloudy day. Or you just flat out had an off day and don’t know why.

Right place, right time? Not this time. When the singer takes off down the other end of the stage and you can’t get there in time, this is the result.