5 Quick Tuesday Quickies (and a very cute little video)

Happy Tuesday folks. Here’s some quick stuff:


1 – Size Matters! (well, for photographers anyway)
The video above is from my French friend, photographer and Photoshop guy, Serge Ramelli, and it’s really cute. It’s called “Size Matters” and well…you just have to watch it.


2. Shooting the Outback Bowl (and sharing it on Slate)
I got a chance to shoot with the Vols for their Bowl Game last week. I posted my favorite images, and the back story (including gear and settings), using Adobe’s “Slate” (it’s a free App from Adobe, but I used their new web-based Desktop editor to create the post). I also had a pretty big fail, which I talk about in the post. If you’ve got a sec, here’s the link. 


3. One from my New York Class
Here’s a shot I took during my Lighting Master Class at PhotoPlus Expo in New York back in November (Model: Kristina Lezhepekova. Hair/Makeup: Cassi Renee for MAC Cosmetics), and on Monday I’m taping an online class for KelbyOne.com based on not only this lighting set-up, but the retouching and finishing moves as well, so you see the entire process from start to finish. I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live.

500px editors choice

4. Shoutout to 500px for the Editor’s Choice pick
I was very excited to see that one of my shots (above center) was picked as an “Editor’s Choice” on 500px. I didn’t know about it until someone pointed it out to me on Twitter, but I can tell you it totally made my day. Many thanks and a shoutout to the editors at 500px. (here’s a link to see the image larger).


5. Want to instantly see your best 9 Instagram photos of 2015?
There’s an app for that. Well, actually it’s a Website; it’s free; and all you do is enter your Instagram name and a few seconds later it creates a mosaic like you see above, ready to share (or save). The site is called 2015bestnine.com

Told you these were quickies. :)

Hope your Tuesday is a great one!




  1. Ooooh I can’t wait for the lighting class to come out on KelbyOne. It is something I could use some work on. Love these shots. You are the standard I set for myself when shooting. Makes me feel I am right there as you were shooting them. Great job, as always.

  2. Loved the video! Very funny.

    Scott, any thoughts on choosing Slate over Exposure for your story telling photo essays? I like both as you present your shoots, but is one easier to work with over the other for the photographer?


  3. Hi Scott, are you sure about that: “The site is called 2015best9.com”?
    If I click that link I’m delegated to ww35.2015best9.com which tries to sell me various stuff.

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