Brad here with some exciting news… In celebration of the overwhelming success of and response to Scott’s new Lighting Recipes app, we’re having a 24-hour app sale for all of the other Kelby Training apps!*

Today only, for 24 hours, all Kelby Training apps that are normally $9.99 are on sale for $4.99. Take advantage of our biggest app discount ever, and tell your friends too!

*Excludes Light It Magazine

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  1. Ugh I just bought it a couple days ago :(

  2. Very cool action guys!

  3. Hey my new Ipad is being delivered Friday.
    Is that more than 24hrs? – Darn Darn-Darn

  4. :-( the price seems to have reverted back within the 24 hour window.. it’s only 2300 here in UK

  5. Prices went back up at 11pm Eastern Time…I thought this was supposed to be a 24hr sale :-(

  6. What happened to the 24 hours???


      • Then I would like to respectfully suggest that next time you make such an offer that you 1) make it 24 hours from the time of the announcement, or 2) list the time frame in which the offer will be valid.  I’m sure most people reading the post above assumed 24 hours from the time of the announcement.

        I was prepared to purchase several of the apps, but since the price went up, I won’t be purchasing any at the moment.

  7. Tried to buy at 9 pm mountain time and prices were back up to 9.99

  8. I wanted in on this, but my ipad was full, so I could not just “buy” them… and my PC took a dive.  I got home after school and work, fixed the PC, and the “24 hours” was up.  Bummer that you can’t set it better, and are stuck by some arbitrary Apple time.  

  9. You should have another sale like this!

  10. aww, too bad I found this in November!

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