60-Second Photo Walk Update


Hi Gang: I know a lot of you are waiting for Photo Walks to be approved. We’re trying to catch up on the backlog of people who led Photo Walks for us last year (we should be caught up some time tomorrow), and then we’ll start releasing new cities with new Walk Leaders (we have over 200+ cities backlogged already).

Also, the best way to see if your city has a walk, is to click on the “Find Walks” button at the top right of the Home Page, then use the Search Bar to search by city or country name.

Thanks for your patience (it’s always busy when we first kick open the doors). :)

  1. PhotoWalk

    Which foot are you suppose to stand on to get a connection to ‘Find Walks’?

    I’ve tried numerous times and when I enter my town and click on SearchMap the phrase ‘Map Loading… Please Wait…’ comes up but nothing else happens. All other links work. Any suggestions??

    Thanks – oldcootneil

  2. Windsor, UK is filling up nicely.
    Really looking forward to this; a day of Photography, Fun & Friends…many of whom have become some of my closest and most trusted friends since meeting at the very first WWPW.


  3. Hello from Stuttgart amd Heidelberg, Germany. I just registered for the Mannheim, Germany Photo Walk and looking 4ward to walking, phototaking, meeting new photog friends and doing a lil beer drinking afterwards.

  4. Is there any way to see the cities and routes that participated last year? I want to lead a walk, but wanted to provide something different from what was offered last year.


  5. Scott: My walk app is pending and I just received permission to tour a very high profile Cleveland landmark during the walk. How can I update the powers that be on this so they consider it in my app to lead a walk?

  6. Tis a shame I have no experience in this, as My Area Redcliffe Peninsula near Brisbane Queensland, would be Ideal, being primarily flat and has so much seashore variety to choose from. I hope someone steps forward to accommodate my burning desire to participate.

  7. I’ve been trying to post a walk in Malmö, Sweden since I was approved and although I’m happy there’s a support forum this year, it’s getting a bit frustrating that no one has addressed the issue we’re having with getting our walk published. For some reason Google maps can’t find Sweden (and some other countries according to other support requests) within the Photowalk admin pages, so we’re completely unable to publish our walk.

    Sorry, Scott, for posting here, but I’m about to give up and figured I’d give it a shot by mentioning the problem here. There are several walkers from previous years waiting to register for the walk here.

  8. Hi Scott and the Gang,

    I’ve applied to lead a walk in my hometown of Victoria, Canada but was told in the reply that there is already a walk in my area. The closest walk I can find is a couple hours drive from Victoria or 3 by ferry to Seattle. Just wondering if there was a mix up with the location search or something… I assure you its a beautiful city with plenty of enthusiastic photographers, not to mention the fact that its also the capital of the province! We won’t letcha down!

    Thanks, Brian

  9. I received one of those “photowalk, maybe” email. It says that my area already has unfilled up walks. I went to check and saw that there are 5 approved walks and all are stone throw away from each other. Quiapo, Intramuros, Binondo, Sta. Cruz, and Tayuman (the approved walks in Metro Manila) are all in the same area. Last year, 1 joined the one in Sta. Cruz and we bumped into the other groups at some point.

    The area I’m proposing, Quezon City, is the old capital and is 1 hour drive away from the approved area. 2 hours on rainy days (JULY is monsoon in PhilippinesI. Follow the link to a map. The green circles are the approved 5 walks, while the pink circle is the area i’m proposing.

    So, here’s hoping the MAYBE becomes a YES.


  10. So signed up to be a leader for a second photowalk in my town (Ann Arbor, MI). The first one filled up over the weekend and I was wondering if you get a message once it fills up or maybe someone is in front of me for signing up to lead a photowalk. Just trying to figure it out… …can anyone help me? I tried to respond to the message I got send from pw2010@kelbymediagroup.com but it sent me back a message about not being able to respond to that email.

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