Adobe Releases New Features for Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile

Hey Gang: Adobe just announced The 2015 Release of Creative Cloud, and there’s cool new stuff in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Lightroom for your Mobile Devices, plus there’s some cool mobile apps, new “Adobe Stock” stock photos accessible right from within your CC applications, and a whole bunch more fun stuff for Creative Cloud subscribers.

You can check out Adobe’s 2015 Release of Creative Cloud page for more details.

Visit our KelbyOne 2015 Release Launch Center for some free training on the Creative Cloud’s new features.

Also, I did a write up on all the cool new Lightroom & Lightroom for your Mobile Device new features over at our sister site: – so you can check that out right here. 

It’s a big fun day – lots of cool new stuff across a whole bunch of Apps – will share more soon!






  1. New version of PS CC 2015 for Windows picked up Perfect Suite 9, but dropped Topaz. Topaz was reinstalled successfully. Old Viveza was shifted to another drop down for consistency. Prior versions of PS CC (2014, et al) were gutted. Never saw the option to save old versions, did look for it

  2. Anyone who had experienced the loss of edits to tiff files returned by plugins (if you had save to XML enabled in the library preferences) – it’s fixed. No need to get out of LR and back in.

  3. Scott! Have you played with the new De-haze effect in ACR yet?! I just pulled in a landscape shot to see about cleaning up my mountains. The effect really wasn’t very good for that particular shot, but I slid the slider the other way to add haze and WOW. It created this eerie and very realistic fog effect that I think will be a VERY awesome tool for believable atmospheric elements in compositing projects. TELL COREY! ^_^

  4. Anyone going to address the multiple performance issues plaguing LRCC? Had to stop working to spend the afternoon researching, and come to find out, it’s not just me. imagine that..

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