Announcing “Pimpy Thursdays!” (AKA: “How I’m Sneaking In Another Day Off”)


I get asked this just about daily, but yes—-I personally write all the posts that appear on my blog (with the exception, of course, of Guest Blog Wednesday, and any time I have Brad or one of the gang cover for me if I’m on vacation, and in those cases, they always start by saying “Brad here…” or something like that, so you’ll know it’s not me).

It usually takes me between 30 minutes to an hour and a half each night to write this blog, and I have been really struggling with keeping up with doing all this blogging, and getting all my other work done (and still having a family life). Basically, I really, really need another day off.

Here’s The Plan
I do a lot of workshops, and seminars, and I write books, and I do classes for Kelby Training, and so on, and of course it’s important to me that you guys know what I’m doing and where I’m teaching, so I post all that stuff here on my blog. Unfortunately on some days, I’m stuck for a topic, or tight on time, and that’s all I have to post that day (the “I’m teaching in such-and-such city next week type of stuff”), and since I do a lot of training stuff, and so do my buddies here at Kelby Media Group (Matt, Dave, Corey, and RC), I wind up posting that type of stuff a lot more than I’d like.

So, since I need an extra day off, but I still need to let people know where I’m teaching, and which books I’m writing, and so on, I thought I might combine both all into something I call….

“Pimpy Thursdays”

I’ll be off on Thursdays from now on, but the Thursday blog post goes on as Brad Moore (my photo assistant and digital tech), is going to cover all that stuff about books, my seminars, online classes and what my crew is doing all on that one day each week, so those days I can focus more on Photoshop and photography stuff.

That way, I get a day off, and the marketing stuff on my blog will pretty much be consolidated to just Thursdays. It’s important to me that you to know where I’m teaching and what I’m doing, so I hope you’ll still stop by on Thursdays to see what’s up (plus if you don’t, Brad will get lonely).

Now, I’ll still share things like I did last Thursday, when I wrapped up a shoot with Jeremy Cowart (there’s no way I could have waited to share that story), and occasionally because of timing issues, I’ll have to break my “no pimping” rule, but if I can take Thursdays off, and still get the word out what I’m doing, I think we’ll both be happier (that’s you and me—not me and Brad).

So, thanks for understanding, and giving me an extra day to breathe. Ya know, with all that extra time, I could probably write another book, or add another city to my seminar tour, or do another online class. Or…… (just kidding). ;-)


  1. Hope you get chance to do what you want to do !!!I find it hard to find time to sometimes read it so to right it too no wonder you need a rest !!!!
    Thanks for all you do its really helpful and i learn a lot, and on another note I made loads of new friends with a passion for photography since leading the photowalk in cardiff we are all going out again possibly for a night walk too!!! bumped into mark cleghorn on our walk who said he would like to film a walk for photo training 4u too!!!! so all in all a great day !!
    Regards Andy

  2. Scott,

    As has already been said, no explanation required but you really must give us some insight into how you manage to cram in all that you do and at such a continued frantic pace. You gotta share those time management secrets / philosophies with us all – how about a future book project: ‘Scott’s 7 point system for effective time management’? ;-)

    Best wishes,


  3. I am very impressed with how much you post here as it is. There is such a wealth of free information here on your blog you should not feel bad at all about taking another day away from blogging. I for one am glad to have you blog one less day to have a little more time to get a project done or so spend more time with your family.

  4. Hey Scott,
    If anyone deserves a day off it is you. Like I’ve said before, I start my mornings off every morning reading your “Words of Wisdom” which helps me and others more than I think even you can imagine.
    I was told a while back by another wise individual (the college president) that since we do and do and do for others, we need to give some time for ME.
    Enjoy your “Pimpy Thursdays.” YOU DESERVE THE TIME OFF!

  5. Even pimps need a day off! I think traditionally they prefer Sundays to be with family, but Thursdays work too, :-)

    I know it was either this, Scott, or add another day to your week. We’ll miss ya, but we’re all happy for ya at the same time.

    Trev J.

  6. I like the idea of Thursdays dedicated to where you will be and what you have coming out. Brad always does a great job. Another possible value add would be to have Larry Becker occassionally share his ideas for low cost photography solutions. I always enjoy seeing his ideas. Enjoy your Thursdays….

  7. Scott:

    Hope you enjoy your extra day off from blogging, although I doubt it will ever be a true “day off”. You seem to be someone that is always on the go.


  8. I really enjoy reading your blog Scott, but I can see where everything that you do could start taking a toll after a while. It’s certainly no need to explain, we all need time catch our breath, or else we would burn out. I’m just glad to see that you realize this.

  9. So, Scott. Another day off?
    What’s the world coming to?
    You already have Saturday and Sunday off as well as no blog Wednesday.
    Soon you’ll not be here at all.


    ps. before I get attacked for slagging you off, you know I’m kidding, right ;-)
    You’re one of the hardest working guys on the planet. I’m sure you live in a different time stream than us mere mortals, one that has 36 hour days and nine day weeks.
    Keep up the good work.


    your “angry” Scottish friend

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