Imagine this: You have nearly 1,000 winning images from around the world, and now you have to narrow it down to just 10 finalists and one grand prize winner. This is not an easy job.

It took me hours of careful consideration to just get down to my first rounds of cuts, which left me with around 78 photos. I could make a case why each one of those could have been a winner—-they were all so good—-but unfortunately I can only choose 11 total. Ask anyone who has judged a photo competition—it’s a frustrating task, and you get torn between one photo or another, and you have to make tough cuts that see some of your favorite photos fall out of the top 10.

On Monday, you’ll see some of those photo that didn’t make the top 11, but were still so good I felt they needed a special mention. Also, on Monday I’ll post a link to the “People Choice” page where you can vote for your favorite image to win the “People Choice Award.” 

OK, I won’t keep you waiting any longer; let’s get to the winners and we’ll talk in a few moments. Here are the 10 Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

By Eli Drlu (Bucuresti, Bucuresti Romania Photo Walk)
I know the image has kind of a creepy look to it, but I kept coming back to it again and again. I love the composition, the bright light coming from outside that’s totally blown out. I love the texture and the color, and it’s just a really interesting image.The guy standing at the window put it over the top. Nicely done.

By Kristin MacPherson (Regina, SK Canada [Wascana Centre, Regina] Photo Walk)
I love this composition, and the black white (or slightly duotoned look) the photographer applied to the image. The shadows in this image are awesome, as the sun could hardly be in a better place to make this image come together. Plus, the fact that there’s just three trees is awesome (three is a great number composition wise). I even think the lens flare adds to the photos. Very cool image, and great post processing. 


By Arthur Lewis (Camden Town, England Photo Walk)
I love how that one red drape stands out in such a big way. If the photographer thought to remove the color from her skin so it matched the surroundings—bravo! If he didn’t, maybe it’s even better. However, the reflection of the red drape on her arm on the right makes me wonder if her skin was just that white. Either way, a really interesting image.

By Adrian V (Cludad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina Photo Walk)
This one made me do a double-take, because when I first saw it, I thought for moment that there was a little boy running behind him, but more likely I think it’s a small billboard or sign on the wall behind him, but it’s his facial expression, and his clothing against that background that makes this shot make me smile. What an interesting character.

By Andres Mendez (Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain Photo Walk)
I really like the way this composition makes a perfect  “X” through the image, but ti’s the varying color of the buildings, against that blue sky, that takes it over the top. This is another one where as soon as I saw it, I immediately liked it. Really nice composition, and kudos to Andres for thinking to look up.

By Ann Richardson (Nashville, Tennessee, United States Photo Walk)
This image was so different from most of the other entries that it really stood out. I love the vibrant colors, and the way Ann got really close to the subject. I also love how the license plate in the back is so well lit that it draws attention to the name, which suits the car so wonderfully. I also dig the use of a f/stop that would give the starbright effect to the streetlights, which I think adds a lot to the overall image. Looks like a fun walk that night in Nashville.

By Duy Pham (Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Photo Walk)
I love the color, light, and composition of this shot, with the subject down low and lots of open space above that just draws you down to the subject. I love that there’s just enough light on the subject that it’s not a total silhouette and whole mood of the shot just makes me wish I was there to have Photo Walked in this area myself. Nice capture!

By Kenny Kinter (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA [Downtown] Photo Walk)
If I had to choose a 3rd place shot, this would be the one. This is a print I would buy, frame, and hang in my home because I just love the symmetry and composition of the image. I love the square cropping, and I love the way the sky kind of blows out to nothing. Really great shot!

By Barbara Ingersoll (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States Photo Walk)
It’s tough to make a great Photo Walk shot on a rainy day, but I think Barbara did just that with this great shot. I love the color tone to this image, and the water drops on the seats, the reflections on the brick, and for me the whole thing just works. As soon as it came on my screen I loved it. Very nicely done, and very tough-to-shoot conditions.

By Shyan Valentine (Magna, Utah USA Photo Walk)
If I had to choose a 2nd place shot, this would be the one because I was really torn between this shot and the winning shot. I love the cloudy moonlit sky in the background and the way it’s positioned so perfectly in the composition (balancing the large arcs on the right side with the darker sky). Although this is a very artistic shot, when I look at this photo, I just want to know the story, and that makes it work for me on so many levels. Great color, great long exposure, great composition, just a great shot. Love it!




By Jaime Cesar Tibe (Surigao City, Caraga Philippines Photo Walk)
This shot makes me smile. As soon as I saw it, I smiled, and I’m still smiling. I love the composition and its sense of balance, and I think the post processing was spot on. I love the color all the around, and how the sky looks versus the water, and I particularly love the bubbles in the lower right corner from the last jumper. Just looks like a beautiful summer’s day, and a wonderful scene along the walk route, and it’s the kind of shot I see on places like and think, “Wow, what a cool shot!” Great capture, moment, emotion, processing, and composition. :)


A special thanks to all our sponsors for their gracious support and prizes; to our Walk Leaders who did such an outstanding job once again of giving of their time and talents to make their local walks happen, and to the wonderful photographers from around the world who created such inspiring, creative, and beautiful work.

NOTE: Don’t forget: Although this phase is over, we still have the People’s Choice Award to pick, and a special competition for your Walk Leaders (new this year—-full details next week), and on Monday I’m posting a series of other images that, while they didn’t win a prize, are so good that I felt that needed special recognition. So check back Monday to see some other amazing shots from my Fourth Annual World Wide Photo Walk.

Have a great weekend everybody, and congrats to this years winners! 

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. All beautiful and engaging photos. Wonderful to see so much creativity from around the world.

  2. Yes, there are some beautiful images here. I can’t imagine what it was like to narrow down the images to 11 photos from over a 1,000 images.

  3. Scott, Thank you again for sparking such an awesome event (though I know it wasn’t your idea, you’ve been able to take it literally to a global level). It was my second time participating and glad I did. Great shots and congrat’s to all the group and final winners!

  4. Awesome shots! Congrats to Jaime!!!

  5. Great results! Congrats to the winners and all who participated!

  6. Congratulations everyone fabulous shots :)

  7. Congratulation to all winners and congratulation to Scott for successful 4th year of worlwide walk :)

  8. Great choices all round!! Congratulations to the winners. Terrific job Scott.

  9. Beautiful images! Congratulations to the winners!

  10. I thought just the walk was great fun and meeting new people who are interested in photography, but looking at all the images from around the world is just as much fun. I love seeing everyones world thru their eyes. The talent is wonderful! Kudo’s to the finalist and congratulations to Jaime Cesar!

  11. I love Kristin’s image! While not winter (yet!), it truly epitomizes the feel of winter on the Canadian prairies.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  12. Well done to Jamie. Well done to all the photographer through out the world how took part. And a big thank you to Scott Kelby.

  13. Congratulations to all of the winners! I know it was tough to choose the winner! Great job Scott – looking forward to next year!

  14. What did the grand prize winner win?
    Not that anything is needed, just a mention from Scott is more than enough a prize.

  15. I’m really liking the photo by Kenny Kinter! Id hand that on my wall too Scott!

  16. Thanks Scott for having this event, I can only imagine the work that goes in to it which we never know about. The pictures are great and inspire me.

  17. Awesome shots! Its clear to me many people in the world had much more interesting places to walk than i did. haha

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    Don’t forget to thank yourself Scott and your company for making all this happen :)

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  25. I love Eli Drlu’s image. That’s exactly the kind of textures and colors (and light) that I’m drawn to, as a photographer. Congratulations to all.

  26. Thank you Scott Kelby for making my day, week, month and almost my year. :) (Still a few months left, so we’ll have to wait to see if makes my year.) I am very honored to have been chosen for the Harrisburg part of the walk. But then to be in the top ten honorable mentions has blown me away. Thank you for your great comments. I respect you and am honored to to be just to have my work go across your desk let alone be chosen as one you like. Thank you again for setting these walk opportunities up and promoting photography and helping so many strive to be better at what we love.

  27. All are beatiful and amazing pictures!!! Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

  28. All of the images are amazing! It would be hard to chose a favorite. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  29. What a daunting task you had. These 11 are wonderful. Thanks for all your work, can’t wait till next year to try again.

  30. Congrats to Ann Richardson from Nashville!!! So proud of our girl! It was hard to narrow down to one shot from our walk, I can’t even imagine going through 1100 ++ photos to pick.!!!Congrats to all!Woowhoo!

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  32. Some beautiful images here Scott. I had a hard time picking the winner from my own walk, I can’t imagine having to choose from 1000!

  33. Amazing shots!! Thanks to all those who were able to do the walk (sadly, I missed the past two years) and found the confidence to share their imagery with us. I really enjoy seeing these photos and hope to join some of you next year.

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  35. Wow, what inspiring photos! Looking at these is all the motivation I need to get out there & practice practice practice!!!! Had a blast at the Photo Walk – thank you!

  36. My dear Scott, Hi

    Congratulations to all winners, The Photos are very Powerful
    and Special thanks from depth of my heart for your Fantastic Event.


    Best Wishes

  37. Wow, one of my favorite picture :)…. look so much excitement when I saw this one. How good it is to be so young, full of fun and nothing to be afraid off, just “fun”….

  38. Indeed some awesome photos, I can only imagine how hard it was to narrow down those 1000 photos, which were already narrowed down from millions I suppose?!

    Congratulations to all those chosen, truly inspiring.

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  40. Congratulations y Felicitaciones
    Very inspiring!

  41. When I scrolled down and saw the grand prize winner a big smile came across my face. What a great capture. You absolutely picked the best shot, Scott. Congratulations to all the finalists.

  42. Thank you Mr. Scott for tackling such a task of choosing the best shot. What a difficult job. They are all wonderful in their own special way. I appreciate all the work that goes into this project! I look forward to the next photo walk. I love the event and the hands-on experience.

    Love from Louisiana

  43. Congratulations to the top 10! It’s the first walk I’ve done and hope to do many more. How wonderful and inspiring to see such beautiful photos from around the world and thanks to Peter Law for putting the walk on in Belleville ON.!

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  46. Great photos ….
    Just choosing the few photos from my walk is difficult ..
    and you have thousand of them ..
    Thank you Scott for the event this year, and looking forward to next year’s ..

  47. Congratulations, Jaimie. Excellent photo! Hats off to all winners.

  48. Tough job well done! Now how about telling us more about the photographers. Would like to hear their stories and how they “found” the shot.

    Thanks for all you do, Scott.

  49. Felicidades a los ganadores!!!

  50. Yeah! what a great choice for the #1! Can’t wait to the next walk.

  51. Well done Jaime Cesar, a wonderful capture well taken indeed a great subject friend.
    everything was just right in the image and good composition and a feel good shot. I am looking forward to next years photo walk a great place to meet people who love taking photos. good bye for now, from mark walch in England Southport photo walk.

  52. Great pictures!!! Great job everyone!

  53. Congratulations to Jaime for being the Grand Prize winner! Of the 11 images shown, my personal favorites are the first two, Eli’s and Kristin’s. Well done!

    This was my first Worldwide Photowalk and I am looking forward to doing it again next year! I’d go on a photo walk at least once a month if only I could find people in my area who would love doing it as much as I would! Even just one other person, so I don’t have to go alone.

  54. It’s amazing to even think of choosing one best photo from more than a thousand entries worldwide. Being a photowalk leader myself, it was quite a daunting job to pick just one of the 50, and I had to call in help from other photographers elsewhere (not from our locality) to choose for me. Thanks Scott for all the hard work you put into this. It was indeed a wonderful experience, and hope to join you again next year. KUDOS TO ALL who participated in this photowalk.

  55. Congratulations to the winner and honorable mentions who scored …. very … very good pictures!!!!!

  56. WOW!! A Filipina got the grand prize! congratulations Jaime! another Filipino Pride! congratulations also to all the winners.. 4 thumbs up!!! :D

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  58. Congratulations to all for joining, and to our fellow filipino artist, we are proud of you!

    Congrats to Scott for another successful walk, till next year :)

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    Oh, and the highlights are blown out… :-)

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  65. Mis felicitaciones a Jaime César Tibe por ser el ganador con una foto espectacular.

    Felicidades a todos los que han ganado mención de honor, excelentes trabajos. Pero, en especial a Adrian V. de quien soy un orgulloso compañero de grupo.

  66. Filipino pride! Congratulations Jaime Cesar!!! The best of the best!!!

  67. Greetings to all winers but on specially to all people who participate to that Photowalk Edition. All are the winers !
    Iulian – Bucharest, Romania

  68. wow conratz to all the winners.. mostly to the one who got the 1st place proud for you KABAYAN mabuhay Pinas…

  69. Congratulations Jaime, great job! Mabuhay ka…

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  71. Though I wasn’t the contestant, yet my heart was overwhelmed with joy when I learned that the Grand Winner was my fellow citizen. Congratulations, Jaime Cesar! We are so proud of you.

  72. Congratulations to you Mr. Jaime Cesar Tibe! We, the Filipinos, are proud of you!

  73. Congratulations to all the winners!

  74. Nice job to all of you and so many of you that did a super job. Look forward to the people’s choice. Muchas felicidades a todos. From/Desde East Austin Texas USA.
    Here’s our group’s post on flickr. Aqui tienen nuestro grupo en Flickr.


  75. grats boss jaime…tagayyyyy nahhhh..

  76. Congrats to the top 10 and 2 thumbs up for the winner. I could only imagine the job that you had Scott picking the best shots.

  77. Scoot, thanks for creating this awesome contest. It may be the only one in the world where the average person has a chance to be a world wide winner! Congrats to Jaime!

  78. Congrats Scott for having created such an event, WWPW, now in the second edition !
    Congratulations to the winners and we are waiting the other images worthy of mention.
    Last but not least, congratulations to my compatriot, Eli Driu from Bucharest, Romania, a tiny she photographer but with a great talent.

  79. COngrates to Mr. Jaime Cesar Tibe, im proud to be a SURIGAONON.

  80. Sikat ka Jaime! Just goes to show photography is a great leveling field … and Pinoys are some of the most creative people in the world.

  81. Thank you Scott for another great Photo Walk, and congratulations to all the winners!

  82. Very interesting image. Congrats kabayan

  83. Awesome….congrats….!!!

  84. Beautiful photos … some are full of life and all the fascinating art … really great

    01 & 02 | Octubre | 2011
    La Boca . Bs As . Argentina
    100 % Fotografias

  86. Mabuhay! Congrats to our co-pinoy photographer! Proud to be Pinoy! Cheers!

  87. I can only imagine how difficult it was to choose winners from all the entries from around the world but geez, these are simply fantastic!

    Each one being so completely different they’re all favourites; what a year!!!

  88. Congrats BOSS! Filipino people are so PROUD of you! Especially SURIGAONONS ;) Again congrats such a wonderful capture ;)

  89. Proud to be Surigaonon….Congrats Sir JAIME CESAR TIBE….Pinoy Pride!

  90. October 2nd was for me a step back in time. During the photo walk to Jilava Maximum Security Prison I witnessed the remains of the political prisoners’s life during the comunist times, considered as a dark spot in the historical files of human rights.
    My first thought was to take a photo to remind and describe others about atrocities and injustice acts of the comunist system, a photo able to speak about the fight for freedom and meanwhile able to describe the hope for a democratic life.
    This photo was taken for the memory of the political prisoners who passed away in this prison of terror. They would surely have been proud of the fact that I was able to participate in an international contest where I had equal rights with people all over the world. They have lost their lives for the freedom of expression but for me this is now possible and natural. This freedom is for me the most beautiful and powerful tool as a photographer.

    Thank you Mr. Barsan for choosing this special place for the photo walk!

    Thank you Mr. Scott Kelby for allowing me to make the whole world a witness of my message through my photography.

  91. Congratulations Jamie, fantastic shot. All top 10 images were amazing & inspirational, congrats to all.
    To Scott, another great job in picking the winners, not a job I would like.

  92. There are some beautiful photos here, Congratulations to the winners!

  93. If only all your ‘picks’ could go into a coffee table type book and be ordered online with some profit going to Springs of Hope ;)
    Amazing photography, in some cases breathtaking and inspirational.
    Good work to all involved, deserving recognition.

  94. Congratulation Jaime! Filipinos are so proud of you!

  95. Congrats to all the winners. Thoroughly deserving!

  96. 01 & 02 | Octubre | 2011

    La Boca . Bs As . Argentina
    100 % Fotografias

  97. proud to be pinoy great timing , color and expression. @ thumps up.

  98. I wrote a long thing about winners being winners and losers staying winners… the contest ended… I personally know I shoot well, but still even when people tell me my shots are good, I think everyone elses stuff is better… please do as I do and see the best of everyone else and only the worse in your work, with this you will always strive to be better. With that which sounds better…

    dam it, sun of bogger, i don’t understand how that blankity blanking pic could have beat my pic, my pic is lit perfect with perfect contrast, perfect lighting and is beautiful while the winning opic is blown out, overly proscessed, cross processed and just plain yuck” or

    “great shots congradualtions’ Hope to see more next year!”

    It is not just a contest, it was a good time, we met and made new friends, we took pics, “something we love to do”, and while we all didn’t win the contest, we know inside we were the best and that Scott just hates us because he’s jealous he can’t shoot like us. JK thank again to everyone in my group for being so professional, for playing so well, I had a great time and can’t wait to shoot with you all again next year

  99. wow! stunning shot. proud to pinoy!

  100. these are awesome shots, didn’t get to upload any to the site, maybe next year.

  101.  Ganda Proud to be PINOY..

  102. When will be the next contest??

  103. It’s more fun in the Philippines

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