Backstage Pass, Hartford Here I come, and “The Lightroom Show” Update

The “Photoshop Guys” reimagined as Super Heroes?
Each month we release a podcast just for KelbyOne members called “Backstage Pass” and in this month’s episode, our producer and host Mia McCormick thought it would be fun to leverage Corey Barker’s love of movies and totally mad-Photoshop skills by doing a SuperHero theme (ya know, with the Avengers movie premiere and all), and well â” you can see some of the results above. If you’re a KelbyOne member, make sure you catch the whole behind-the-scene video (and lots of member news stuff) at this link. 

Photographers in Hartford, Connecticut – Here I come!

My all-new tour is on it’s way to Hartford next month on Friday, June 5th (it’s my last US-stop before heading to London for my July 14th seminar). Hope you can make it (it’s just $99 for the full day, including a detailed workbook). I’d love to meet you there in person. Here’s the link with details.

Episode #13 of “The Lightroom Show” (and now we go on a 1-month hiatus).
Our first season of “The Lightroom Show” (our weekly show all about Lightroom, hosted by RC and me), is in the can, and the latest episode is now online (here’s the link to watch it, and any episodes you missed).

After 13-weeks each of our shows takes a one-month hiatus, but we’ll be back with Season Two before you know it (as long as “before you know it is about a month). Thanks for all your support on this new show, and we’ve got a bunch more cool stuff to share with you when we kick off Season Two.

In the meantime, you can find RC, Pete, Me and some special guests sharing our favorite Lightroom tips each weekday at

OK, gang. I’m off to Spain this week with my brother Jeff, and I’ll be sharing my adventures via the free Periscope live streaming App starting Tuesday, so I hope you’ll follow me there (I’m @scottkelby on Periscope).

Have a super Tuesday everybody!



P.S. Regarding Friday’s post (I’m dumping my Apple Watch) – One of my readers mentioned that I might be within Apple’s return window and and son-of-a-gun I was in time, and returned it for a full refund (and I was also able to cancel my black wristband that hadn’t shipped yet). It was a pretty interesting two weeks â” not surprised at how many people were downright angry that I bought an Apple Watch in the first place, but pretty stunned at how many people were seriously cranked that I returned it, like it somehow invalidated their purchase. I had to permanently ban a few folks, which I very rarely ever have to even delete a nasty comment. I have no idea why people get so offended over somebody else buying or returning a watch, but man â” some people are really on the edge over stuff like this. Hey, it’s just a watch for goodness sake.




  1. Just a thought, could you have auctioned it off, say on eBay, a one of a kind watch worn by Scott – proceeds for your favorite charity. Maybe Apple would give it back. Could sell for millions, just like a Picasso.

  2. “Just a watch”?! JUST A WATCH!!??? How could you, sir! (#sarcasm)

    To each his/her own. Wasn’t to your needs, not a biggie. Not something that people should rant about to any extreme. Better not get a Pebble or Samsung watch and post about it — you’ll have some people going off the rails again :-) I’ve had mine for close to 3 weeks now and find it quite useful and enjoyable to use. Like I said: to each his/her own. Have a good day, Scott!

  3. Very curious this:

    Free Stuff Thursday – 20 comments
    My New Lightroom Book is shipping – 15 comments
    I’m Dumping My Apple Watch – 196 comments

  4. Scott,

    The reaction to the watch article was not surprising. Those of us who bought the watch and enjoy it want to see it succeed. If it’s a hit, there will be more apps, bands and development. A lot of people respect your opinion and the title said it all – you disliked the watch. If the average guy on the street had a negative comment, it wouldn’t make anyone blink. So, you made a lot of people cringe at the prospect that the product might not fly.

    I think there was a lot of worry for nothing. The watch is going to fly. Personally, I enjoy having so much power on my wrist. It’s so light I hardly know I’m wearing it. My phone stays tucked away most of the time, and that alone is worth the price. I don’t use the wrist flick feature, I just tap the watch when I need it. I turn the screen off by covering it with my palm when I through viewing – no power issues for here. I’m sure all this watch flack will blow over soon.

    Now on to more creative topics.

  5. Scott, the Hartford event appears to be Fri June 5th, but it’s listed above here as June 6th. You can delete my comment when you make the change. Thanks.

  6. It is just a watch, not something serious like limited edition running shoes. And thank you in advance of receiving your new Lightroom CC book. Hope it shows up this week.

  7. Hey Scott!

    I am so glad you’re coming back to Hartford! I had my ticket last week and am really looking forward to the day, being re-inspired, rejuvenated and reloaded myself!

    I hope you have time to grab a burger while in Hartford ;) If you’re going to be up for little while longer than the seminar day, shoot me an email, if interested, I have a buddy who teaches for a racing school over at Lime Rock Park racetrack (Annie mentioned him in a guest blog post a couple of years back). Have some great track and/or car possibilities for ‘ya – if available / interested.

    Regardless, looking forward to 6/5/15! Yay!

    Take care,

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