When I recently got the chance to shoot the Audi R8, I only had an hour from start to finish, so I figured I’d give the new Priolites a try because of their “run and gun” wireless capabilities for on-location shooting, and they worked amazingly well. Check out the video to see ’em in action (and to see one amazing car)!

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Thanks Scott. Very cool to see how you shot the car and learn about the Priolites.

  2. After telling my wife how great the Priolite Strobes were in the video, she has forbidden me to watch anymore of your videos…:)) Great video.

  3. Will these Priolites be taking over from your Ranger Quadras then?

  4. Hey Scott, how long is that tether cord? Link?


    • tethertools.com – get the “TetherPro” cable and a “jerkstopper”.. It will not prevent mean people from making fun of you, but will prevent the cable from disconnecting if you tug on it.

    • Hey James – As Matthew stated, we use the TetherTools TetherPro 15′ USB cable – http://bhpho.to/13YNS3D – This one is the USB 2.0 cable for the D4. Check your camera to make sure you’re getting the correct connection, because I know some cameras (like the D800) have started using USB 3.0 which has a different connection. And, yes, the JerkStopper (http://bhpho.to/YTkehj) is also a good thing to have!

      You can find just about everything that Scott regularly uses on his Gear page (http://scottkelby.wpengine.com/gear), so check that if you’re curious about any other gear.

  5. Great stuff Scott. I’m gonna have to look in to Priolites. Did you need an adaptor to fit Elinchrom softboxes?

  6. Dream car! It’s amazing you can get such gorgeous shots inside a garage.

  7. Photographing a R8 would be great, owning and driving one would be even better :)

  8. Very cool! Would love to know how Brad felt about the balance of hand-holding that. I’m not sure if it could be done as gracefully with the shorter Ranger or Quadra heads.

    • Hey Earle – These definitely have some heft to them compared to the Quadra system (7 lbs vs 4.4 lbs). I was swapping off with Erik Kuna, our director of video operations, so I got to have a break here and there. But, not having any cables running to an outlet or battery pack was very nice.

  9. Scott,

    Those are some really cool lights and your shots look GREAT! I do have a question for you. As an amateur photographer with professional taste (i’m an ad agency creative guy), I wish you’d feature some studio light options that aren’t $1,000 plus. I recently bought some very inexpensive, but good studio mono-lights that I found out about from my longtime friend and Pro photographer Gary. I had never heard of them before, but after doing research I found out these little pups were a good bang for my buck and they were about $280 a piece. That meant I could get 3 lights for the price of one of most mono lights on the market. Now they don’t have all the bells and whistles that the lights you show, but I wish you would show some gear that is still GOOD, but affordable for us weekend photo warriors. Any chance you could do that in the near future?

    Thanks for all you do and again, your shots looked AWESOME!

    • Most of what I’ve done with Studio lighting has been based on a set of lights that cost $540 each. Elinchrom BXRI 500s. It what I did my entire tour with. Search my blog, you’ll find lots of references and shoots with them.

  10. Great video. Love the lights but definitely out of my price range.

  11. Scott: Thank you for a very interesting segment. The Priolite Strobes look like have great potential. On a side note, what did you do your video segment in? Probably not Lightroom 5 since you had zoom motion in what appear to be still shots. Thanks again though for a great post.

  12. Kool! What settings were you using (both camera and on the lights) to light just the car and make everything else go dark?

  13. Great photos, Scott, and in a garage, no less! Did you (or will you) get a chance to ride in the R8 at some point? Bring a GoPro if you do! LOL.


  14. Hey Scott, Great video. Those lights would work excellently for that Photoshop World Precon idea I emailed you about if you could swing it. Thanks for an amazing video!

  15. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about these lights. I find if you procrastinate long enough as a photographer a new solutions will pop up. i was thinking of buying some more speed lights inspired by Joe McNally but at 500 W/S and an internal battery these seem like an alternative solution to buying multiple speed lights.

    Scott-you are always great at showing and helping your community. I know that the last week must have been discouraging for you. But this post is what will always make you a person I look to for common sense advice.

    Thanks again.

  16. Great shots, Scott!! I’ve been planing something like that to shoot a Porsche GT3 one of neighbors “keeps” in our building’s garage :-)

  17. Hi Scott. As always, thank you for taking the time to share goodies like this with all of us. The shots are beautiful and I am absolutely in love with that car. Just a couple of quick questions for this noob. 1) How long did each shot take for you to edit and was it just in Lightroom or did you require Photoshop? (not sure how much dust, reflections and other objects showed up for you to remove). 2) Can you tell me a little about your rig for the laptop. I can’t find any solution here (in Adelaide, Australia) that would hold on to my laptop so well and that long tethering cable…. Where to get?
    If you don’t have time to respond, no problems, but thanks again for the vid.


  18. Scott thanks for the info. I have to ask at 0:45 Brad is unscrewing something on the R8. What was he doing and how nervous was he?

  19. Seriously cool lights! Would LOVE the chance to get rid of chords and be able to go handheld with big strobes…your right, total game changer.

  20. Very Cool. Great work on a tight schedule. What I find even more amazing is the quality of the vid you guys were able to capture/produce in that short amount of time. What a great way to demo a product. Certainly made me want to run out and grab a set, until I saw the price! Hopefully this type of technology will trickle down and will be available for a lower price in the not-too-distant future.

  21. How long did the batteries last for you before you noticed a difference, if any?

  22. they look pricey but if if you look at ranger + power pack it’s almost the same price. and I can use my existing Elinchrom softboxes??, I had no idea these existed. Thanks for the video, I’m saving up right now! P.S. Clean up the dust on those photos lol j/k That’s the hardest part about car shoots, fingerprints and dust.

  23. Fantastic video Scott. One quick question…Do you have any recommendations on a lighting set up to start with for automotive photography? Thanks

    P.S. You need to come to Kansas City some time and have a Kelby Training LIVE event.

  24. Awesome video Scott and the end result look fantastic. I bet your friend was delighted with the print. I know you a fan of the Elinchrom BRX 500 (or BXRI 500) so how do they compare to the Priolites given the massive price difference?

  25. I’m just about to head out and do a similar thing with a friends porsche because of how awesome these photos look :) Thanks for the inspiration :)

  26. Are you tethered to a laptop or an iPad for image review?

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