Believe it or not, Issue #3 of “Light it” is already here!


NOTE: Whatever you do, stop right now and get the FREE UPDATE from the App store. This is an important bug fix so download it right away. Now, onto our story:

After taking what seemed to be 5 lifetimes to approve issue #2, issue #3 is already here and ready for downloading! (Whoo Hoo).

It’s an awesome issue, which includes a very cool article from Jason Groupp on “Lighting for Weddings,” plus Frank Doorhof’s “Studio Techniques,” My “Photo Recipes” column, Tom Bol on “Location Lighting,” Erik Valind with “Little Lights, Big Shadows” and our feature story is “Visualizing Lighting for a Composite Image” is from James Quantz, Jr. Don’t wait—-go download that puppy now!

P.S. Did I mention that you need to download the free update from the App store?  :)


  1. I was just about to get issue # 2. Looks like I’ll have plenty to read over the next few days. I’m watching The Grid while I type this. Too bad I couldn’t watch it live this week since I missed out on lots of great prizes.

  2. I love this, but I wish it had bit more pages like a book, maybe 600 pages…I am poor and I need to be donated strobe flash units.. Elinchrom 500 ok, end ? need some photoflex softboxes with grids. come on good samatarians …

  3. Looks like Apple should have not approved issue #2. It refuses to download after purchase and yes I do have the app update installed (twice tonight). My initial issue downloads fine but version 2 just reports back… You’ve already purchased this… Tap OK to download now. NOTHING HAPPENS! (issue 1 downloaded fine tonight).

  4. Great to see the issues coming thick and fast, just in time for some Christmas holiday reading.

    Love the format and the fact that there is plenty of little things to take away from each issue to experiment with.

    Keep them coming.


    p.s. Can’t believe I got a comment in before Ken Toney! Wow ;-)

    1. What error messages are you getting, Greg?

      Check to see if you have multiple accounts at Apple and that the account you are using to buy the magazine is the same one you used to buy the host app.

      I couldn’t download the second edition because my iPad said I didn’t own the app, which I clearly did. But on thinking a bit, I reasoned the second edition was being bought through my iCloud account while my app and first edition had been bought through my iTunes account, which is different – I converted from MobileMe to iCloud in the centuries between edition 1 and edition 2.

      What I had to do was log out of iTunes on my iTunes account, then log back into iTunes with my iCloud account, repurchase the app under my iCloud account, re-sync my iPad and then I could download the second edition (and I did not lose my first edition which was nice).

      I did not delete the app off my iPad. My process above simply told the Apple system that the account I was using for the in-App purchase of the second edition had purchased the (free) app I was using to perform the in-App purchase.

      I’m not sure but I suspect if you to the whole wireless sync thing you’ll have to delete the app of your iPad before you can re-purchase it but if you do that, I suspect you’ll lose and have to re-download the first edition if you want to keep that available.

  5. I purchased issue 3,but it will not download. When I click on it, I get a message stating that I have already purchased the issue but it has not been downloaded yet. I did not have any trouble with issue 2 & 3. And I have updated the app.


    1. I have same problem – #1 & #2 are fine – won’t download #3 , says it’s downloading and just locks up. Tried it about 45 times with various reboots, cache clearing etc.

  6. Got n.2 yesterday and n.3 today, mayby n.4 tomorrow?
    It could turn into a seriously bright overdose of light info!
    I had not the slightest problem in the download process, it worked great!
    Anyhow, I’ve got some serious caching up to do with all those interesting articles;).
    And by the way the mag. looks great.
    Have a great holiday all of you and take it ease!

  7. Hi Scott,
    This is an off-topic comment. I really appreciate Dianne Brisson!! ;) Thank you for having a staff full of people like her.
    PS 1 I hope you, your family, and all of your staff have a Very Merry Christmas! ;)
    PS 2 Corey’s new book is CAKB!!!!

  8. Just downloaded it this morning. Going to have some good reading material for this weekend!

    On a sidenote: It’s nice to see that not one comment posted so far refers to Android–but I’m probably just writing this too early. Can we not bludgeon this horse again folks? It’s getting old.

  9. Noway to download the #2. I have just one account with itunes. I installed the app update and I alslo deleted the whole app on my ipad and re-install it…. Nothing works… It says i already purchased the issue number 2 but never starts the download. Any clue about what I can do?

  10. Hi Scott ~

    I’ve just quickly perused issue #3 and wanted to share two thoughts:
    First, all three issues are packed w. great info, making them each a great value at $2.99.
    Secondly, it seems to me that each issue is designed as a print magazine, page by page, spread by spread, and then converted for the iPad ~ similar to how magazines are distributed through Zinio. But since this is an iPad-only publication, couldn’t it the design/layout accurately reflect the iPad, such as the layout for the Economist’s “Intelligent Life” iPad publication?

    Looking forward to issue #4,

    Scott G.

  11. As a regular reader of this blog it’s always a blast to garner a mention! Anyway, I hope you all(that aren’t having technical issues) enjoy my article and if you’ve got any additional questions or comments feel free to drop by my blog.

    1. Almost same issue here but I don’t even get the thinking circle. Issue 3 will not download and I have already been invoiced by Apple. Tried re-loading the app but no luck. Previously, I had no problems with issue 2 when it became available and after updating the app.

  12. I purchased Issue #3, but it will not download. When I click on it, I get a message stating issue #3 has been purchased, but it has not been downloaded yet. I did not have any trouble with issue 1 & and purchase of issue #2. And I have updated the app.

  13. Same as someone mention above, i have problem downloading the no. 2, the message i am getting is that i already own the megazing but i havn’t download it and to tap to star the download, i presso ok and nothing happen.
    I only have one account.
    I wrote a message on the developper page and i didn’t get any answer.
    I won’t buy the number 3 nor 4, there is no point in doing it.

  14. I purchased issue #3, but it will not download. When I click on it, I get the message stating that I have already purchased the issue, but it has not been downloaded yet. I did not have any problems downloading issues #1 & #2.

  15. I also downloaded issue one with no problem. I bought Issue 2 and it downloaded fine. Issue three won’t download. I get the same message others have reported here. I am hoping you will address the problem in the blog.

  16. Scott!!! All I want for Christmas is the ‘Light It’ Iphone app! I’ve learned everything I know about photography from Kelby Training and I LOVE the Iphone app. I just wish ‘Light It’ was available there too.

    Keep up the good work!

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