Breaking News: Adobe Adds Lightroom to the Creative Cloud

Cool big news —- the Creative Cloud just got even better as Adobe has announced that they are adding Lightroom 4 to the Creative Cloud!

You can read all the details, right here. 

  1. hmm I just bought both packages: lightroom and the cloud.
    Will I get  the money back? or 2,3 months free extension?
    Only time wil tell

      1.  I have always loved Aperture. The books in Lightroom are just lame because you can not customize them to look the way you want them to.

  2. Sadly they still don´t bring support for Countrys like Argentina. even if We only want to be able to use the English version, without any support. etc.

    The only way to get the CS6 master collection in Argentina cost about 3 to 6 months of a Graphic designer salary, allowing subscription from here will help a lot to reduce piracy.  even better if they make different Cloud subscription.

    for example,  I only need the products in the Production Premium suite,  ad i think than a lower price subscription for it could be a good one too (besides i think that the current price is really nice for master collection)

    1. Same here in Panama. We can’t subscribe to the Creative Cloud. I won’t upgrade to CS6 until I’m able to do it through the Creative Cloud, for me it makes more sense financially. I also totally agree that enabling the subscription model will help reduce piracy.

  3. I guess that I should be excited for the opportunity to pay Adobe $1200 for a $600 product. Of course, if I  decide that I only need every other major release then I can pay adobe $2400 for a $1200 product.

    1.  If all your going to use is Lightroom or Photoshop for that matter than the Creative Cloud is not for you, but if you shoot video along with your sills and need Premiere to edit them, or have a website and need the web tools then it is a good choice.

  4. SO awesome!  I’ve already downloaded it and everything.  This is the addition to the Creative Cloud I’ve been waiting for.  Now, the company I work for is all set up to take our graphic design to a new level.

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