BREAKING NEWS: Announcing My 6th Annual "Worldwide Photo Walk"

I'm here to announce the official date for Scott Kelby's 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walkâ„¢ (the world's largest Photo Walk, with walks in over 1,300 cities last year) and you're invited to be a part of this amazing, free, global, photography social event.

Here's a quick Q&A with all the details.

Q. When is the official Photo Walkâ„¢ day?
A. The official date is Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Q. What exactly is a Photo Walk?
A. Watch the short video clip above and you'll get the idea, or go right here.

Q. Is there a fee to participate ?
A. Nope â” it's totally free.

Q. Is there a photo contest again this year?
A. Absolutely! The best photo in each city (as chosen by your local Walk Leader), not only gets the ebook edition of my "Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers," but their image is entered into the photo competition vying for thousands of dollars in prizes.  From those winners (chosen by the local walk leaders) I choose 10-finalists, who all get tons of great prizes, and then I choose a Grand Prize winner. Plus, there's a People's Choice award winner as well, as voted on by the walkers themselves. 

Q. I watched the video and I see that Canon is the Sponsor. Does that mean there’s a really cool Grand Prize?
A. You know it. Canon is giving the Grand Prize Winner the just-announced (and not even shipping yet but already getting tons of buzz) Canon EOS 70D. How sweet is that!

Q. Can I still come if I don’t shoot a Canon camera?
A. Of course — the photo walk is open to everybody, no matter what type of camera you use (but of course you might just win that new 70D in the photo competition  — hey, ya never know!)

Q. Are there more prizes for the photo competition part?
A. You bet! Everything from full copies of Adobe’s new Lightroom 5, to Wacom tablets, to the OnOne Software plug-in suite, B&H Photo Gift Cards, Westcott Lighting Gear, Think Tank Photo camera bags, and more. I’ll have a blog post about ALL the prizes next week, but the list is getting cra-zay! (we have some awesome sponsors!)

Plus, we’re adding a new prize category — for folks who create videos during their photo walk and Canon will be giving away a VERY cool prize to the winner there as well! I think this year we’ll have our biggest collection of prizes yet! Whoo Hoo!!!!

Q. Do you have any cities signed up with Photo Walks yet?
A. Yupâ”almost 300 cities already have walks all over the world, with more being added every day!

Q. How did those cities gets walks already?
A. We give the previous year's Photo Walk leaders advance notice to lead a walk again in the current year (after allâ”they're seasoned leaders).

Q. So are you leading a Local Walk again this year?
 Absolutely! I’ll be leading a local walk in Rome, Italy. (Oh yeah — Rome baby!!!!) However, I’ve never been to Rome (but I needed a semi-legitimate reason to visit Rome and well…this was my chance), so although I’m not quite certain exactly where in Rome we’ll be walking (somewhere downtown I imagine —- I’ll need the help of some kindly photographer in Rome who speaks really fluent English to help me plan and host the walk, like my buddy Serge did for me in Paris last year).

Of course we'll end my walk at a super-yummy Italian cafe where we can all hang out, grab some lunch, maybe share a few photos and make new friends (and we can all speak with Italian accents, even if some of us [ahem] are not actually Italian]. Also, you don't have to live in Rome to join me on this walk  â” so look at this is yet another reason to vacation in Rome (hey, it worked for me)!

Q. How can I find out if there's a walk in my area?
A. Go to the official Worldwide Photo Walk website and click on the "Find Walks" link at the top right, then type in the city, state, and/or country where you want to walk, and if there are any walks already organized, they'll be listed on the right side (and you'll see pins on the map in your area). And if you don’t see any in your area, keep checking back because, like I said before, new walks are being added every day.

Q. How can I lead a Photo Walk?
A. You apply over at the official Worldwide Photo Walk website just click on the "Lead a Walk" button (or just click here).

Q. What does it take to become a Photo Walk Leader?
A. We're looking for people who have experience leading groups, so if you're the president of your local camera club, or a college teacher, or photography instructor, or you run a local camera store, or you've lead Photo Walks in your area before, etc., you're likely to get accepted to be a leader. We ask for your qualifications on the leader application, and that's the type of experience we're looking for.

Q. What if my city already has a Photo Walk, but I want to lead a walk, too?
A. Most big cities can accommodate more than one walk, and so as soon as one starts to fill up, we add a 2nd or even a third or fourth depending on the response and city size. Also, if the walks are held geographically far from each other but technically in the same major city, we usually add those, too. (For example, New York City could have walks in Central Park, SoHo, Chinatown, and Times Square, and probably a half dozen other locations)

Q. Do I have to enter the prize competition?
A. Absolutely not. This is a totally separate part of the experience, and if you don't want to enter your images, you absolutely don't have to (it's just to make the experience more fun, and if you don't think joining the contest is fun, you surely don't have to upload even a single photo for the contest). You can go and shoot for the day, and never let anyone see your photos. Ever. They can be your private "secret" photos.

Q. Did you get any complaints about how the winners were chosen?
 Are you kidding? Absolutely! People get pretty outraged if they think one of their images deserved to be the winner but wasn't chosen by their leader or by me as a finalist. I have people send me angry emails because their leader picked what they (and their friends) think is the "wrong photo," but heyâ”that's the thing about artâ”it’s subjective. At the end, I pick one grand prize winner, and 10 finalists, and I catch some heat for that, too, but I'm OK with it. Surprisingly, I've never heard one single complaint about my picks from any of the winners. ;-)

Q. What do I get for being a Photo Walk LEADER?
A. Love. You gets lots of love. You also get the ebook edition of my Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers, and you get to pick the best shot from your local Photo Walk group and award them with a free copy of the ebook as well. Plus, that person you chose is entered into the grand prize competition for a bunch of insane prizes (or they could wind up as one of my top-10 finalists, and still win lots of cool prizes). We also have a "People's Choice Award" where you vote for the best shot, and a special competition just for Photo Walk leaders.

Q. Is there a separate Contest For Photo Walk LEADERS?
A. We have that, too! We started it two years as a way to honor the work of our leaders (we'll contact the leaders after the walk with info on how to enter an image in the Leader's competition), and we're doing it again this year.

Q. Do we have cool t-shirts for walkers & leaders?
A. You betcha! Each year, our friend Rob Jones from Towner Jones Photography, who came up with idea of selling t-shirts to raise money for (you guessed it), the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. 100% of the profits from the sale of these t-shirts will go to feeding and care for these great kids. Last year (with Rob's gracious help and contributionswe raised over $10,000 just last year (imagine how much $10,000 means to an orphanage in Africa). I'm so grateful that Rob wanted to help us once again this year (Rob rocks!).

Here’s the link. 

We have special LEADER shirts as well (Leaders — you’ll find the link on your leader’s dashboard).

This year, let's buy enough t-shirts to donate $15,000 to the Springs of Hope Orphanage (we can do it!!!!). By the way, this year’s t-shirt design is from our own Felix Nelson, and it is WAY cool and a one-of-a kind memento from the walk.

Q. What happens when a city fills up?
A. We have a waiting list for each sold out city, so if someone cancels, it automatically adds (and notifies) the next person on the list, so definitely get on the list.

Q. How many is full?
A. Local Photo Walks are limited to 50 photographers. If that doesn't sound like a lot, you haven't seen 50 photographers coming down the sidewalk at the same time, and later all converging at once on a restaurant or pub. It's more like a scary bike gang (except without the bikes, or gang, or scariness).

Q. Why do we limit each Photo Walk to just 50 photographers?
A. Here’s the full explanation.

Q. I want to know more about this Photo Walk thing; what's involved, how do I sign up, and all that stuff. Where do I go?
There's a detailed FAQ on the Website (here's the link), and once you're signed up for a walk, we've made it much easier for your Walk Leader to keep you up-to-date with messages on your local Walk page.

Q. Where do I go for the latest Photo Walk information?
A. We have an official Google+ Page everyone can follow (manned by our own RC Concepcion, but I'll be popping in there as well). To stay on top of all of the latest news: follow this link: [] then click the "Add" button and now breaking Worldwide Photo Walk news will show up in your stream.

Of course you can follow the World Wide Photo Walk on Twitter (@KelbyWWPW) or on Facebook (, but that's where all the latest office updates from official Photo Walk Project Manager RC Concepcion will be posted.

Q. So when can I sign up to be either a walker or a Walk Leader?
A. Right now! Here's the link, and I hope you join us this year as we make worldwide photographic history once again!

  1. Yay, it’s ’bout time! :) Thanks for the announcement. I had “heard” talk of the October 5 date, so we went ahead and booked tickets to visit in New York for that weekend. We love visiting different places for the photowalk each year, but it’s hard to make plans and reservations when it’s announced so late. But, being as we took care of that, it’s good to know “officially” that the date is October 5!! lol!

    1. Hi Allison: We announce the walk approx. two months before the walk. :) I totally dig the idea of going to a new city for each Photo Walk — it’s a great way to see some place new and meet new people. Have fun in NYC (one of the best photo walk cities on earth!). :)

  2. I was a leader last year, but when I log in, my leaderboard is not showing up AND the link to allow me to apply to lead takes me to the “find a walk” page. :(

  3. YEAH!!!!!! I have been stalking the site since I had saw somewhere that someone who was leading a walk said something. So, excited had to miss mine last year due to car trouble at the last minute

  4. I suspect the site is having technical issues. I can not log into my walk site (which I setup earlier since I lead a walk last year). And a friend of my is unable to log in and sign up.

      1. If you think it might take more than 5 minutes, can I “Sit By” instead of “Stand By”? Thanks for the prompt reply and I know the techie geniuses at KelbyMediaGroup will have this fixed soon.

      2. While we’re waiting (sitting), can you try a different web browser. It is working for a lot of users, so it could definitely be a browser-related thing.

      3. Computer 1 — Windows 7
        Firefox version 22.0
        When I log in I see the Leader Dashboard page, but when I go to view my walk, I get the option to join the walk, and can not see the participants. And once I leave the Leader Dashboard, the only way to get back is to log out and then log in.
        IE 9
        When I log in, I go straight to the Home page, and my login looks like I am a walker I do not have access to the Leader Dashboard.

        Computer 2 — Windows 7
        Same results are with Computer 1

        So yes, there is a difference between browsers, but the full functionality I have seen in the past years is not there. (This is my third year leading a walk., so I remember the previous functionality.)

      4. Hey Stephen – Looks like everything got sorted out. Thanks for responding to my email to let me know!

  5. I really enjoyed the WWPW the first 3 years when it was held in the Summer months. It was a great experience with my daughter. Sadly the move to the fall and college football Saturdays has ruined what use to be an event we looked forward to each year. I understood the desire to get away from the heat of summer but I had hoped that a move to the spring would eventually be an option because trying to work in a fun photowalk during the fall in Alabama (the state has won the last 4 National Championships in College Football) is just about impossible and something tells me that pictures made while tailgating are not likely to be contenders for that nice Cannon DSLR.

  6. Love to win a copy of LR5. Also waiting for a spiral edition of your LR5 book to be published…love spiral reference book over hardbound as the lay flat when using as a reference of how to do something.

  7. I’ve attended the last few Kelby PhotoWalks in Abilene, TX, and have enjoyed it immensely. The best part was hanging out with some great people! Thanks, Scott, for doing this!

    1. It truly is a “social” event and meeting other photographers in your area is the real treat of all this — we can just go walk around shooting by ourselves anytime — this event brings us together. :)

    1. Hey Paul – Our web team is working on this issue, but give this a try in the meantime… Try logging out of your account, then click “Join This Walk” and it might work. Seems to have worked for most people, but not everyone. If this doesn’t work for you, try again later and hopefully the issue will have been fixed.

  8. Very cool Scott, I was wondering what weekend it would be this year. Not one set for OKC yet. I’ll keep checking, don’t want to lead, just walk.
    See ya soon!

  9. Scott,

    How about a guide who speaks English and is fluent in
    Italian and not just Italian but speaks with a Roman dialect? My wife and I would like to offer our services to you for setting up your Rome photo walk. My wife lived in Rome for 5 years, has worked in the Italian travel industry for over 20 years and currently runs our own Italian concierge travel business. We have numerous
    contacts in Rome and of course know many outstanding places to eat. Of course you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a great place to eat in Rome but I’m talking about REALLY great places to eat.

    Of course all my Kelby Training can’t hurt in finding great places to photograph either.


  10. Great news today, Scott! I hope to walk this year (I had to work the last two years! :-( ). I do have that weekend off, but my wife might have plans for me that day. Nothing even close to me in Massachusetts yet….everything is on Cape Cod. I’ll keep checking weekly to see if something opens up. Have an terrific weekend!

  11. With all apologies to Janis Joplin:

    Oh Lawd! Won’t you buy me a Canon 70D?
    My friends all shoot digital.
    I must make amends.
    Oh Lawd! Won’t you buy me a Canon 70D?

    I led a photo walk from last year. USC played in Baton Rouge last year, so game day traffic was not a problem.

    This year, the Gamecocks play Kentucky at home, so I switched the venue to Lexington.

    How can I create a circuitous path for the photo walk?

  12. Can I sign up to a walk, and cancel and move to another walk if it pops up? I ask because I’m close enough to Oxford (UK), but if something closer was to pop up (London for example) then I’d like to move. Oxford is filling up pretty quickly so I don’t want to miss out.


  13. The Accenture Photography Club of Manila Philippines would like to join this momentous occassion. I’ve logged last Sunday a request to lead a walk in Bonifacio Global City Taguig. May we request for your approval Scott?

    Thank you very much! :)

  14. Dear Scott, i just signed up for the walk in Castiglioncello. I live in Tuscany but i’m from Rome,and i’ve just published a book (editor F.lli Alinari-Florence) about Venice, Pisa and Rome. If you need an help there let me know. I speak fluently english and i really know very well the city. See you soon ! Ciao GIOVANNA

  15. Scott, I have been trying to sign up for the Auburn CA walk. I realize it is for a waiting list, but nonetheless. . . Don’t know whether I participated in this last year, but I’m unable to sign up by using either the “old” or “new” member section. It keeps saying the info I’m entering is wrong or that there is already someone with that name or that my home town is wrong! I do know where I was born. Could there be someone else registed with the same name? Can somebody please clarify this so that I can register? Thank you.
    Helen Sweet

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