Capturing Action with Mirrorless Cameras with Erik Kuna & Jason Ralph Stevens | The Grid Ep. 533

Ever wonder what it takes to capture that pivotal moment with a mirrorless camera? Erik Kuna and Jason Ralph Stevens have you covered on the latest episode of The Grid! They discuss their experiences with using mirrorless cameras, the stories behind their photos, and even share some settings that will help you in your quest for that next amazing image.

New KelbyOne Course – Our Treasured Lands: Bringing Home the Memories with Moose Peterson

We are incredibly fortunate to have some amazing national treasures all across the land. Some like Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon are well known. Others like the Redwoods, Badlands and others are not so well known. Let’s take a photographic journey through these lands with Moose Peterson and talk about planning, best times, best locations, hidden treasures and making the iconic shots so we can bring home the memories and share them!

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