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By now you’ve probably heard that Photoshop CS4 (and the Creative Suite) started shipping yesterday (I would have mentioned it yesterday, but it was “Special Guest Blog” Wednesday, where Laurie Excell did an absolutely wonderful, inspiring post—thank you Laurie!), but beyond that, I wanted to point out something very cool for NAPP members, that Matt Kloskowski pointed out a few weeks back on his LightroomKillerTips blog.

If you’re a NAPP member, you can get the upgrade to Photoshop CS4, AND the upgrade to Lightroom 2, together as a bundle, for just $238. (Adobe is offering a 30% discount on Lightroom 2 if you upgrade it with Photoshop CS4, then as a NAPP member you get. Throw another 15% off, so the total upgrade is only $238). Not too shabby!

You’ll find the details and discount code for bundle deal on the NAPP member Web site; click the “Discounts for Members” link. NOTE: Matt pointed out that you have to add the items to your shopping cart first, to see the properly discounted price.


I’m sad to announce that our dear friend, and one of the true pioneers of Photoshop and digital imaging education, Robb Kerr, passed away this week after a long hard-fought battle with cancer.

Back when Kelby Training first started, we were doing one of our one-day seminars in Nashville (it was our first time to Nashville), and a friend in the area told us, “You’ve got to meet Robb Kerr—-in the Nashville area, he’s the local Photoshop genius.” Well, we met Robb, and it turned out he wasn’t just the ‘local’ genius—he was a true find–a gifted, fun, and engaging Photoshop instructor, and that rare breed who was both a Creative Type and a technical Prepress expert.

We asked Robb to join our team, and from that point on Robb and I would split the day of training, which took a big load off me. 12 years ago we were teaching one of our seminars in Atlanta, when I got the call that my wife’s water broke earlier than expected. I scrambled to the airport, and Robb took over and taught the entire day himself, and did just an amazing job. This enabled me to be there for the birth of my son Jordan, who was born 12 hours later, but beyond that I was able to lighten my travel load and spend time with my growing family, as Robb took over many of my one-day seminars himself, as the first outside instructor in Kelby Training’s history.

With Robb, we now had a rock solid second full-time trainer that helped our company reach new markets and spread our training nationwide. When NAPP Launched Photoshop World, back in 1999, Robb and I were the two featured instructors, teaching 10 sessions each, and it was Robb’s hard work and dedication that made the first Photoshop World such a success.

Robb became a fixture at Photoshop World, teaching classes on everything (more…)


I’m back home, my Bucs lost in the last 44 seconds of the game, but nevertheless, I’m still buzzing from the amazing experience we had last week at Photoshop World in Vegas! (Click on the photo above for a larger view of some images from the show, taken by official Photoshop World photographers Josh Bradley and Brad Moore).

Over 3,000 Photoshop users from around the world came together for three days of learning and fun, and it was really something special to have been a part of it. I got to meet so many great people, including some regulars here on the blog, like Syl Arena, (pictured below left), the guy behind the PixSylated blog and a frequent commenter here on the blog, pictured with Mike Lao (below right), a longtime frequent commenter here on the blog, and leader of our Photowalk in Manila, Philippines. Two very great guys, and I was so tickled to get to talk to them during the show. I felt like we had all been old friends.


During the Expo part of the show, I did two live lighting demos on both Thursday and Friday; one at the Westcott Booth (on the Spiderlite TD-5s), and one over at B&H Photo booth on using the Lastolite Highlight Background, plus the Elinchrom Octabank and RX-600 Strobes, plus the new Skyport Wireless Triggers. Both demos were a blast, and the crowd that came couldn’t have been more attentive and appreciative, which really made it great fun for me. The photo below was taken during the B&H Photo booth demo. (Photo by Don Sturgis).


This was our biggest Expo ever, and the booths were jumping, and there were lots of live demos, entire training classes were taught on the floor, and there was just loads of wild new stuff (one thing that blew me away was “Flow” from Gridiron software. So much so, in fact, that I bought a copy right there on the spot. Here’s the link to their Website—take a minute and watch their guided tour. Just amazing technology!).

My thanks to all the instructors who gave of themselves, and held nothing back. My thanks to my in-house staff who worked tirelessly to give our members the best Photoshop World experience ever, and especially to everyone who came to spend a few days with us learning, laughing, and finding new ways to be more creative, more efficient, and more productive. I’m so glad you were a part of it. :)


I’m coming to you from the Mandalay Bay Resort in Casino in Las Vegas, as we kick off Photoshop World tomorrow morning with an opening keynote presentation from Adobe.

One of our instructors, Photoshop Hall of Famer John Paul Caponigro came up with a very cool idea (actually, he calls it an experiment) which he calls “CoBlogging Photoshop World.” Here’s how he describes it:

“1 – Invite movers and shakers at Photoshop World with blogs to make one short post a day during the event highlighting something that excited them that day.
2 – Invite those movers and shakers to invite other movers and shakers to join.
3 – Invite attendees to participate by commenting on the movers and shakers posts and include links to their blogs in their comments.”

And then he lists a bunch of the instructors who’ve agreed to Co-Blog the event along with him (needless to say, I was all over this, so I’ll be co-blogging, too!). Note: the co-blogging graphic above was swiped during the night from JP’s blog).

Anyway, JP posted his first co-blog yesterday from this “Epson Print Academy” pre-conference workshop, complete with some photos, and it’s definitely worth checking out (and you can find his list of co-bloggers if you scroll down a little). Here’s the link.

In other Photoshop World News, here’s my schedule for tomorrow:

  1. After the keynote, I’ll be teaching a session of the Essentials of Type and How to Design With Type (a class aimed at Photographers), at 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.
  2. At 1:30 pm, I’m doing a live demo on how to use my Westcott Spiderlite TD-5 Kit over at Westcott’s booth on the Expo Floor.
  3. At 3:00 pm, I’m doing a live lighting demo at B&H Photo’s booth, on the Lastolite Highlight Background, the Elinchrom Octabank, and the Elinchrom Skyports wireless triggers.
  4. At 3:45 pm I’m going to do a book signing of my new Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers over at the Peachpit Book Store–the official bookstore for Photoshop World (and yes, they have the new book in stock. Whoo Hoo!). I would love to sign a copy for you, so be sure to stop by. :)

Tomorrow night, my band, “Big Electric Cat” is live in concert at the House of Blues.

I’ll be doing some co-blogging tomorrow, so check back here for some photos, and check JP’s blog as well for links and stuff. Hope I see you here tomorrow! (I’ve got to hit the sack now—I’ve got an early day).

Have a great Thursday everybody!

P.S. My thanks to Larry Becker, for revealing another side of the home team. It was fun reading his perspective on things, and in case you were wondering—don’t worry, a talented guy like Larry will find a job in no time. ;-)

Here’s some quick stuff heading into Tuesday:

  • I just found out something cool about the Photoshop World Guru Awards: CDW (The Guru Awards Sponsor) is giving the winner in each category a brand new Apple iPod Touch, and they’re adding an Apple TV to the “Best of Show” winner’s prize package. We already have more than 2,000 people signed up for Photoshop World Vegas (Sept. 4-6), and if you’re going, but haven’t entered the Guru Award competition, the deadline for entries is August 14th, so make sure you enter. Hey, ya never know!
  • John Paul Caponigro has been blogging during his Annual Exhibit, and the opening night (August 1st) he did something new–and a video of it is already up on (here’s the link). As JP says, “It’s a new artistic direction – one of many. Next, 3D renderings, sculpture and installations – all digital.” Take a quick minute and check it out on John Paul’s new blog (Scroll down to Aug 1).
  • If you’re in the mood for something totally off-topic, but great for a laugh, one of my readers (Mitch Sacks) knows I’m a “Font Freak” and sent me this very clever video, and if you’re into type, even a little, it’ll crack you up. Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. Have a great Tuesday everybody and check back tomorrow for “Guest Blog Wednesday.” :)