….or, Salt Lake City this Friday, where I’m helping kick off the grand opening of Pictureline. I’m doing a “dinner and a class,” and I’ve got lots of cool stuff to share, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you. It’s just $15 for the dinner and the class, and when you go, they give you a $15 gift card, so you get your money right back (how cool is that?). Details and tickets are at this link – go reserve your spot now.

Wonderful, beautiful Italy. A photographer’s paradise

Check out the quick video below where I tell you how you can come with me on an epic travel photography workshop to one of the most beautiful regions in Europe (heck, in the world) – the stunning Tuscany region of Italy, next month – October 5-8, 2022. Check it out (it’s short):

Here’s the link with more details or to snag your ticket and come with me to Italy next month.

Have a great Monday, everybody! (BTW: It was a glorious weekend!!! Both my teams won this weekend – Alabama and The Bucs. Whoo hoo!!!). Remember, when the Cowboys lose, America wins! ;-)


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