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It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always! Today i write from Luxembourg where I’m transiting through (and shooting a waterfall) but on this trip I’ve been testing the limits of the new Platypod eXtreme and I’m keen to share my findings.

The latest member of the family of tripod alternatives has really impressed me. The term ’tripod alternative’ is the first thing I want to mention – the Platypod has a use, it has a time and a place, and so does the trusty tripod. Platypod is not in competition with tripods, but is there to fill a gap and solve a problem we have as photographers. Sometimes that problem is due to space and weight limitations, sometimes it’s about beating the ’tripod police’, and sometimes it’s nothing other than exploring our creativity. Whichever item on the list we fall into for any particular shoot, Platypod has never let me down.

I tried to break the eXtreme (along with the Platyball Ergo) and failed. The strength considerations put into the design really goes a long way to reassuring me in trusting the Platypod with my expensive gear in more precarious positions, including this: –

These angles are crazy! The variable position of the spiked feet on the eXtreme make things like this possible. I’ll continue to try and find new ways to use the Platypod and occasionally you’ll see my antics over on their blog.

The delivery from the Kickstarter is all under control and it’s now time to go grab your eXtreme from Platypod. I use mine all the time and it’s so compact that it has a permanent place in my camera bag. The kit itself is so versatile that I love finding new ways to use it.

On behalf of the photographic community, I thank Dr. T for finding a gap to slot this contraption into and making creativity really fun in the field. As Scott says, everyone has a Platypod, you should too.

Much love


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