First Look: The 7 Hottest Features of Lightroom 5

We put together this short video together with our countdown of our picks for the top new features in Lightroom 5.

I’m over in Orlando today as the pre-conference workshops all kick-off today, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone here. :)


  1. Great new features, thanks for the video guys! Everything works fine, only the radial filter might look better with feather spreading on both sides, not just inside.
    Anyway, there’s still only one easy to implement feature with possibly huge impact for certain kind of photos/photographers – drawing the brush in straight line from A to B. Not the current version with vertical/horizontal line while holding the shift key, but straight line to any direction. Just click the brush on photo to start, hold whatever ctrl-alt-option key, drag the line to the end point, let go and straight brush line would appear – simple yet invaluable for “masking” any geometric shapes like windows, etc to keep clean edges. So if you talk to Adobe guys, could you please mention it ? :)

    1. Also if you could “lobby” for making the Smart Previews much more useful feature than originally intended, that would be great :)

      The possibility to store user-configurable-size previews with source files in one location, while switching the “offline” (preview) mode with source-raws mode anytime during processing, would give us much more options and performance/storage benefits.

  2. Man! Nice features! Some of them will cut my “trips” to photoshop in half! :-)

    Scott, is there a foreseen release date? Like in 1 year? Half an year?? Does Adobe has a trend in scheduling??

    1. @crisdarocha:disqus I spoke with an Adobe rep while at Photoshop World about a timeframe of the release of LR5. He told me obviously not to hold him to anything, as nothing is currently set in stone, but that he believes the actual release should be Summer ’13. With the release being around the corner, he explicitly told me, if you have not bought LR4 then wait and use the LR5 beta. When the release of LR5 drops, the beta will stop working. He also mentioned when there is a specific release date and as we get closer to it, if you wanted to buy a current Adobe product there is usually a free upgrade, providing that you purchased the program within a certain timeframe of the newer one’s release.

  3. What’s with the crappy book module? Pdf or blurb only? Lame Adobe and you Scott Kelby for not bringing this up. How about JPEG or PSD as an option for export. There many more companies out there other then Blurb that print. Most wedding photographers use Lightroom and their album vendors don’t accept PDFs. let’s hope they get things right in the next 10 years or so

  4. Any idea what will be $cost to upgrade from 3 to 5? Hate to get hooked on 5, then have to write a big check. (LR newb, no prior experience w/ V-to-V upgrades.)

  5. One feature that I like is that when you are cropping the picture in the develop mode you can now change the ratio (dimensions) and it will keep the cropping marks in the same basic place. In other words, when going from 5×7 to 8×10 it only slightly readjusts the cropping marks to adjust for the new dimensions. This makes it easier to see how the new crop will adjust the picture. In previous versions of LR once you selected the new ratio the cropping marks expanded to the entire photo; now it is very close to the previous crop.

  6. What a silly place to put the “Original Photo” selection button. Has nothing to do with the other items on the rightside pane. Does anyone want to let Adobe know where the toolbar is?

    1. It’s LR5 for me because my stinking RAW isn’t read by LR4 :) So I’m happy to have the new features, too, as a little bonus for having been forced into spending another $75 to upgrade after upgrading to LR4 last year :)

  7. Bought the new LR5, it has some new nice features, however it still does not allow to create differente sizes for books an albums. Professional wedding photographers do not use blurb books…
    We need bigger sizes for our albums, why is this so difficult to add?

  8. So once you’ve worked on the photo on your laptop without being connected to the hard drive, is your catalog there on the laptop ie are the changes you made saved somewhere? I work on a desktop, but like to occasionally work on laptop and before LR 4 was able to ‘import’ my changes to the desktop catalog. LR 4 had a bug and you had to remove the previous catalog for a particular folder in order to get your laptop changes (with laptop catalog of that folder) into the desktop catalog. I posted about this and nobody ever answered.

  9. Hi Scott, I have purchased your L/R 5 book in the UK but I am having problems retrieving “lost images”.
    In L/R under Catalog I have a catalog states “Missing Photographs 1346”!! Also under All Photographs total 1673 half are missing the image although I have a flag or star rating showing. Any help would be very much appreciated. Brian OAP.

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