Five Killer Cyber Monday Deals From Us (well, mostly until #5)

DEAL #1: Save $40 on our kick-butt Online Training for photographers
You get it all —- unlimited access to all our online training courses for an entire year (literally hundreds of classes by the best teachers anywhere) for just $159 for a full year (or $139 if you’re an NAPP member). Here’s the link. 


DEAL #2: Join NAPP, get cool stuff 
OK, that’s our next deal (above) — on joining the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Join today and get 3-extra months added, plus our “What’s new in Photoshop CS6 Training DVD” (usually $49.95) for free. This includes a subscription to Photoshop User magazine by the way (sweet!). Here’s the link.  (there’s also deals for member who want to renew their membership).

DEAL #3: Save money on the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (coming in April to Orlando)
There are two deals here for Photoshop World (see above): One is a “Bring a Buddy” deal, where if you sign up you buddy can get a full conference pass for only $299 (pretty sweet), and the other deal is if you register for Photoshop World online today you can $50 plus you get a free Speed Pass (you have a reserved seat right up front in most every session). Here’s the link. 

DEAL #4: Get a Bundle Deal: Kelby Training Online & NAPP membership together for just $199
This may be our best deal ever, since it’s $100 off the price of both. This way you get the best Online photography training bundled with the world’s best Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom training (includes a subscription to Photoshop User magazine) for just $199. This is nuts. Somebody should be fired. Maybe me. Hopefully not, though. Anyway, it’s crazy and I’m glad it’s only for one day. Here’s the link.  (NOTE: This will take you to the NAPP sign-up page — just choose an individual membership and enter this code at checkout: CYBER60 and you’ll automatically get the Bundle deal of NAPP and Kelby Training Online.

DEAL #5: We’re going to help you find everybody else’s killer deals on Photography and Photoshop Stuff

Ok gang, we’re doing something we’ve never done before for Cyber Monday (in fact, I haven’t seen anybody do this yet). Here’s the plan:

We’re going to scour the entire Web to bring you the best Cyber Monday deals out there on photography and Photoshop-related gear, LIVE every hour, on the hour, all day Monday!

It’s just a quick five-minute live broadcast from me and the gang at the top of every hour starting at 10:00 AM ET Today!!! (and only for today, Cyber Monday!)

I just came up with this idea this weekend, so can you help me spread the word Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, etc.? Also, there are just so many great deals out there we can’t keep up with them all, so if you find a really great deal and you want us to share it, leave me a comment right here (make sure you include a link to the deal).

Thanks everybody and we’ll see you starting at 10:00 am at this link.  It’s gonna be a fun, money-saving day!

  1. Hey wait a minute!….that’s only 4 deals! #2 and #3 are repeated. :-) What, are you tired or something? I jumped on the Kelby Training offer last year. Great deal, especially if you’re a NAPP member. Huge amount of info there. Scott, your new LSR on a budget class rocks! I never knew about those inexpensive lighting options. Thanks for not promoting just the high end stuff (but still letting us know why they cost more). Not everyone can afford a Jaguar or Mercedes….

    Looking forward to the broadcasts!


  2. Keep an eye for Zack Arias Cyber Monday deals. His wife Meg announced some sweet rebates on Facebook Friday. And the cherry : all profits are gonna be turned to a little girl in need of a brain surgery.

  3. Hi Scott,
    The Photoshop World deal is really tempting, but I’m hesitant to order my pass today because it looks like all of the pre-conference information is not up-to-date. I’d like to see the precons, as I’d like to add one of those to my registration. If I register for my conference pass today, can I still sign up for a pre-con at a later date? Thank you.

  4. Scott! I’ve been trying to use the one for books with free shipping, but I always get the “invalid code” message. Is it a problem? Or is it not yet valid????

    1. Hi Cris – I just tried out the “FREESHIP” code and was able to get it to work. Did you have any luck? If not, try it again and it should go through now. Shouldn’t matter if it’s upper or lower case :-)

  5. I just tried to use CYBER60… Perhaps I misread what was being offered but at checkout it didn’t say anything about the magazine subscription. I am also not sure about the 3 extra months (whether that was included) but it wasn’t in the cart either. Any info there? Thanks!

    1. Hey Trent – Try this link, then go to the shopping cart at the top of the page and click “Check Out.” If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll ask customer service to help you out. The Photoshop User Magazine subscription is part of your NAPP membership, so it is automatically included.

    1. Hi Ken – I’ve forwarded your comment on to our customer service team so they can help you out. They are still incredibly busy today, so give them a day or two to get back to you. They’ll definitely be able to get everything straightened out for you!

  6. Hello Scott.

    I write here because when I send my message by the form at did not get an answer.

    I use the promotion on Friday mistakenly chose the “$ 40 off Annual Subscription for $ 159” instead of “NAPP & KelbyTraining.Com – Join Or Renew – Combine both for only $ 199”.

    I would like to cancel my payment and choose a package for $ 199 because I want to join to NAPP.

    If that is not possible, can I pay extra $ 40, and extend my package of NAPP membership?

    1. Hi Pawel – I’ve forwarded your request on to our customer service team. They’re still very busy today, so give them a couple of days to get back to you regarding this. No matter what, they’ll be able to change your order so you can get the special deal!

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