Five Quick Things For Monday

Morning everybody, and welcome to “late post” Monday! Just a few quick things:

1. Quick Lightroom Skin Retouching Tip
Today I posted a quick tip on Skin Retouching in Lightroom over at, based on a question I was asked at my seminar in Hartford on Friday. Here’s the link to that tip, but if you want more pro-level stuff in Photoshop, check out Kristina Sherk’s just-released online class on “High-end Skin Retouching” over at our site (here’s the link to her class – it’s getting rave reviews!).

2. Why didn’t anybody tell me Van Halen released a new live Album with David Lee Roth?
I saw them in Tampa a year or so ago when they just kicked off their new tour, and they sounded great live (but the iTunes review comments are pretty mean all the way around. Ack! Anyway, I just previewed some of the songs and it sounds OK to me). I’m in that group of folks that feels like Van Halen isn’t “Van Halen” without David Lee Roth up front!

3. More Helpful Features from
My favorite online photo-storytelling site keeps getting better and better â” has added a new text-only feature for folks who want to have a story block without having to have an image to go with it. If you’ve got a sec, here’s a link to my photo stories over at exposure.

4. Very proud of RC!
Next Saturday he’ll be in NYC to see his work hanging in the Joshua Liner Gallery there – how cool is that! If you missed the whole story on Friday, here’s the link. Very cool stuff (and very proud and excited for RC!)

5. I’ve been trying out a new lens!
It’s just a loaner, so I only have it for a few more days, but Canon’s new 11-24mm is one of my favorite lenses ever! Super sharp all the way to the edges, and that super wideness is super awesome! Hope to have some test shots soon â” I’m working on two shoots where it would be awesome (my shoot in Hartford this past week fell through, so I’m onto something new). I will say this â” I’ve yet to shoot it anywhere near 24mm â” it’s all 11 to 15mm range stuff (mostly 11) as many of you know (link) that I’m not a fan of 24mm (I really like a much wider lens, but I’ve never had the opportunity until now to shoot a full frame body with 11mm super-wide, and let me tell you it is sweet!).

OK, gotta run – hope you all have a fairly decent to on the verge of awesome Monday, and we’ll see ya here tomorrow where I hope to actually have a proper post written and in place sometime late tonight. :)



P.S. When I mentioned retouching stuff earlier, I didn’t mention this but I’m teaching a class called “Retouching Faces” at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo coming up in August. You can see the full schedule of classes here. 

  1. Come to Vancouver BC already!!! Would love to take a workshop or seminar with any of the Kelby1Crew. Mcnallly or Kelby need to make a stop up here. I’ll even take Matt K :P

  2. $3K for the 11-24 is a bit out of my price bracket, but I’m loving my 16-35 that I bought used for $1K. I find I’m either at the 16 or 35 end pretty much 85% of the time.

  3. Ughh… I’m not sure that Van Halen should have done a live recording with DLR. He’s a showman and not really a good singer IMO. I loved VH with him and with Sammy, equally. Just two different sets of memories to go with those versions. I previewed it and just couldn’t now click “buy album”. Glad to see Eddie in awesome form, though.

  4. Scott, did you ever check out that Gun’s N Roses Album Chinese Democracy? I gave you a hard copy cd, artwork and all, at one of your seminars in Indianapolis a few years ago. The guitar playing is awesome on that record! Buckethead and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal tear it up man. I thought it was a great album. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’ve gotta check it out

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