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Hey guys, RC jumping in the line over here to just share out a couple of things that came across my Google plus feed.

Amazing Nikon D4 Video

WHY – Nikon D4 Release Video from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

I know many of you are interested in the Nikon D4 as much as we all are over here. That said, the biggest question that i’ve had on the brain is just how good will the video footage be coming out of the camera? Thankfully I didn’t have to plunk down the 6K in order to find out. Corey Rich has made a phenomenal video not only highlighting the features of the D4 from a video POV, but showcasing three amazing people in sports. I dont know about you guys, but the saving of the pennies has been on for me to land one of the pro level Nikon cameras for video. This one just makes me want to chomp at the bit even more!

Upcoming Notable – The Fuji X-Pro1 (RC’s Impressions)

This has interesting written all over it. The X100 definitely put Fuji on the radar in terms of Rangefinder type cameras with impressive optics, and while I may not have warmed up to it in the end, it cannot be denied that it certainly made a splash. One of the things that I couldn’t get out of my head was “a Fixed lens? Really? We havent heard that last of this one.. there’s GOT to be more to it.”

Well, say hello to other shoe dropping. It appears that Fuji will be dropping the new X-Pro1 cameera pretty soon (some say today!). Checking the Photorumors website, the X-Pro1 looks like an X100 on Steroids, giving you a 16MP APS-C sensor in a small rangefinder body – complete with interchangeable lenses. It’s also rumored that Fuji will be making an M-mount to fit Leica lenses onto this. Interesting indeed! Click on the link below to get more inffo on this:

Photorumors – All Details about the X-Pro1

Changing Metadata Copyright Information for 2012

With it being the new year and all, it goes without saying we need to start changing our copyright data in our Lightroom and Photoshop installs. I figured id make the requisite reminder video to make sure you guys had those changes all taken care of!

Wanted to thank Scott for letting me pitch in here! Should you want to follow more of what i’m doing, please feel free to visit me on my website at or circle me over at Google Plus

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  1. Whoa, a first… I’m first to comment! LOL

    Thanks for the info, RC.

    As a former Kodak employee (tax geek, circa ‘1995-1998), it saddens me to see them on the brink of total collapse. Meanwhile, Kodak’s former main competitor, Fuji, continues to reinvent themselves. Good for them, though… they didn’t rest on their laurels.

    Now, heading over to check out RC’s website…..

  2. I watched that video last week and was blown away by it. Not because it was shot on a D4, but because of the accomplishments of the athletes! I’m just left with questions after watching it:

    1) how does the guy get down from the top of the rock after climbing it?
    2) What happens if he falls without any protective gear? yikes!
    3) how does the kayaker get back to his car?
    4) how does a kayaker know if the ending after a waterfall is safe or deep enough for the plunge?
    5) how does the cyclist change her hairstyle and glasses mid ride? (ok, that one’s a joke)
    6) Lastly, I’m really serious and would love for someone to tell me: How does the climber get down from the top of the rock?

    1. Most rocks vary considerably in difficulty depending on which side you climb. It’s pretty common to have a difficult technical route on one side of a rock and simple walk on the other side. Since the climber here didn’t have any equipment, it seems likely that’s what happened in the video.

      Failing that, your choice is mostly between rapelling and down-climbing, with rapelling being (IME, but I don’t hang out with free-climbers) far more common. If you double your rope through the protection you’re rappelling from, you can rappel down and recover the rope from the bottom. You might have to leave one or two pieces of protection behind if there isn’t either a permanent bolt or some natural rappel point on the rock.

      Oh, and what happens if he falls? Mostly, he dies. An unprotected fall from 20 feet is pretty bad. From 30 feet or higher, it’s pretty commonly fatal. There’s a reason I don’t do that (not that my shoulders will really handle serious climbing at all any more).

      1. Thanks!
        I actually saw this comment from Corey Rich himself in the Vimeo Comments:
        “Corey Rich: Actually, in all seriousness, after we did the Heli shots we would remove the D4 and then do a second flight to grab Alex. He just hung off the bottom of the Heli. Mike Hagadorn is an amazing pilot!”

        …So they actually got him down from there with a helicopter. Nice. ;)

  3. Adobe launches Photoshop Lightroom 4 beta

    New Map and Book modules widen the photo tool’s range

    The beta showcases the upcoming version’s refined technology for shadow and highlight processing, enhanced support for DSLR video, the ability to create photo books, and send email from within the program.

    The software’s new tonal adjustment controls are designed to extract the entire dynamic range from cameras for shadow details and highlights. The upcoming Lightroom version features new local adjustment controls, including noise reduction, moire, and white balance.

    New native video support lets photographers play, trim, and extract frames from video clips shot on DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras, and smartphones. Many standard Lightroom image adjustment controls can also be applied to video clips and adjusted videos can be exported as H.264 files or published directly to Facebook or Flickr.

    In the Develop module, new soft proofing tools help photographers fine-tune images in the intended color space.

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