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We kick off every Photoshop World Conference with a movie that runs before the opening keynote, and it sets the tone for the rest of the conference. Creating these silly Photoshop-related mini movies is a tradition of ours, and with all the recent private space launches, we decided to go with a space launch theme (it didn’t hurt having Erik Kuna on the creative team). So without further ado, I present the Oscar-worthy acting, and James Cameron style production that is…the Photoshop World Opening Keynote Movie:

Hope that helped kick off your week right (or wrong?)



I did this interview a while back, but I had never actually seen it until I ran across it by accident earlier this past week, and the person interviewing me is Mubai-based Photoshop wizard (and super great guy all around) Unmesh Dinda.

He did such a great job in every aspect of this, from the production (just watch the first minute and you’ll see what I mean), to the questions he asked, to well…the whole thing. It was such a fun and different chat, and I give the credit to Unmesh – he is really, really good at this stuff and it was an honor to get the opportunity to chat with him.

If you get a sec, give it a listen (you can let it run in the background while you’re editing). :)

I’ve embedded the interview above, but I’m very grateful to Unmesh for his thoughtful questions, and for making the interview so much fun. He’s a very special guy, and we’ve been very fortunate to have him teach at the Photoshop World and to feature him in KelbyOne Online Courses.

Thanks for giving it a watch (or a listen in the background), and here’s wishing you a great weekend! :)


So I’m off from work this week – Just finished writing another book (and it was a big thick one), and all my prep work is done for the upcoming iPhone Photography Conference, so I’m taking this off to do some important things, like (in no particular order):

  1. Sleep very late
  2. Play Call of Duty Warzone
  3. Record music in my studio
  4. Eat foods I should probably avoid
  5. Complain that I ate foods I shouldn’t have eaten
  6. Hang out with the family a ton
  7. Order pizza delivery
  8. Probably not shave for a few days so I look like an old sea captain
  9. I’ll probably get my car washed but maybe not
  10. I’m going to spend some Amazon gift cards I got yesterday

Things I will not being doing:

  1. Attending Zoom meetings
  2. Attending Microsoft Team meetings
  3. Attending Google Meet meetings
  4. Attending anything
  5. Blogging
  6. Being on The Grid
  7. Going on The Grid
  8. Doing anything remotely work-related
  9. Making any youtube videos
  10. Tweeting (well, maybe just silly tweets)
  11. Reading the daily news

I did massive loads of laundry yesterday (to celebrate Father’s Day), and so I have nothing left to do but chill, vibe, and relax this week, and I cannot wait to just do really nothing in particular, which is awesome.

Dave will still be here tomorrow, because as you know he does not deserve a vacation because he’s British. We will have a guest blogger on Wednesday and the new class announcement and Grid Episode on Thursday, and on Friday when I would be writing here, I won’t be, so it will just be an empty space that says “insert Scott’s post here” but no one will insert one ’cause I will not have written one, so unless an AI version of me is installed by then, look for me a week from today.

Until then, I wish you a wonderful week, working or not (pizza delivery or not) and good health and happiness throughout.


P.S. Did I mention I’m off this week? Well, it’s true (just high-fived myself).

This one is from wonderful portrait and fashion photographer, Mary Bel. Check it out:

Thanks, Mary Bel! :) (and that’s something I’ve been preaching for years — it can all the difference, because “less is more.”

Here’s the official trailer from Mary Bel’s KelbyOne Online Class where she shows you how to take everyday objects, and how to work on a super tight DIY budget to create some really creative portraits.

Here’s the link to watch her class right now (you will love it!).

Disney’s Cruella is a Must-See!!!

OK, a bunch of us who are all vaccinated (close friends and family members) rented an entire AMC movie theater for a private screening of Cruella (it was only $240 for the whole huge theater [we all split the cost], and we could have up to 20 guests, and it was even a Saturday night), so we chose Disney’s new Cruella (as in Cruella Devlle of the 101 Dalmatians) as our show and it was OUTSTANDING!!!

First, just the fact that we were in a movie theater again was awesome on its own, not to mention the whole private screening (and being able to talk at regular volume during the movie), but the movie itself was just so good — way better than I was expecting, with some great storytelling about how a sweet young girl wound up becoming Cruella. Emma Stone was fantastic in the role, and her co-star Emma Thompson was brilliant. If nothing else, they will take the Oscar for Best Costume Design (and the soundtrack is awesome!). Anyway, check it out if you have a chance (I put the trailer below).

OK, I’ve gotta get back to work — today is the deadline for the current book I’m finishing up, and well…not sure I’ll have it done today. I might need another day. Or two. But I’m really close. Anyway, back to work for me. Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend! Go see Cruella and watch Mary Bel’s new class. :)


P.S. Don’t forget — at the end of this month it’s the iPhone Photography Conference. Two full days, two training tracks, and lots to learn from some incredible instructors. Here’s the link for tickets and more info.

OK, you remember that series called the “Great Create” that I was featured on where they pitted me against another photographer with a photography challenge? (even if you don’t remember it, it’s OK — stick with me for a sec). Anyway, I won that individual challenge (yay!), but now that all the episodes by different creators have aired (and they are pretty amazing), now it’s time for the public to vote on which of the “Great Creates” they like they best.

If mine episode wins the vote, the show will make a charitable donation to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya (very near and dear to my heart, and many who read this blog and helped build it from the ground up), so we really need your vote.

You can watch the episode right here, and that’s also where you vote (the whole episode is only like 15 minutes long and it’s really well done).

Thank you in advance for your vote, and for being awesome enough to help the orphanage. Last year was a really tough year for them (they had a major fire), and this could go a long way for them.

OK, go vote, and here’s wishing you your best week of the year so far!


P.S. Thanks to everyone who dropped me a kind note or comment about my friend John Swarce’s passing. Your words mean more than you know.

This week my buddy Terry let me know that there’s a new official entrant in the “Chicken Sandwich Wars” and it would potentially be a formidable one — Church’s Chicken (a real, honest-to-goodness yummy chicken place) has introduced their version of Popeye’s incredible chicken sandwich (the one that started the war in the first place). They offer it in both regular and spicy. So, yesterday I made the drive out to the nearest one (about 20+ minutes each way), But it was worth the drive. So here’s my quick review: 

It’s Actually Very Good, But….

It’s considerably better than McDonald’s new chicken sandwich (which is just an improvement on McDonald’s old chicken sandwich). It is almost on par with other top new chicken sandwiches from Burger King or KFC. The bun is really lovely; the chicken itself is crunchy and quite yummy. The pickles? Sublime! And their sauce is so good, and you could probably call it great. 

So, why is it only “Almost on par” with the others?

Taste-wise, it is actually is on par with the top picks, but the physical size of the chicken itself is much smaller. The sandwich I got looked nothing like that Church’s photo above from their website. It’s more like the size of a McDonald’s chicken sandwich, so it’s missing that awesome “bigness” that the KFC, Zaxby’s, Burger King, and of course Popeye’s all have in common. No chicken was sticking out the sides of the bun, and it was about half as tall as that photo above makes it look. If you want to go against Popeye’s, you gotta go big (like most of the other entrants did), but sadly, they didn’t.

There could be legit reasons for this

I could have just gotten a smaller chicken patty by the luck of the draw (they can’t be all the same size, right?), and the person right after me or before could have gotten a big ol’ honkin’ piece of chicken, but I can only go by what I was served. A friend suggested perhaps they’ve cut back on their size because of the chicken shortage. Still, I don’t think they’d let the size and quality of a new product drop like that — I think they’d rather say “we’re sold out” than “we’re shrinking the size to keep from running out” But, again, I could have just gotten a rare smaller piece, but I’m concerned that’s not the case, and that it is just a smaller sandwich overall.

So, in the context of the larger war, where does Church’s rank?

I’ve always liked Church’s chicken, and if the chicken in their chicken sandwich were bigger, I would rank it right up there — probably at least tied with Burger King and KFC, and with such a great sauce it might have even over-taken them (Church’s sauce is better than both KFCs and BKs). However, based on the sandwich I received, I would have to rank it below Burger King and KFC (with Zaxby’s still way on top, along with Popeyes), but above McDonald’s, and so far above Wendy’s that I can’t even include them in this with a straight face. I just don’t know what happened to Wendy’s in this war. (They brought a knife to a gunfight).

So, in short, Church’s has a solid entry into the war. That being said, I wouldn’t make the long drive there again, passing by Burger King’s and KFCs and Zaxby’s along the way. Note: just a friendly reminder: Chick-fil-a is NOT in the Chicken Sandwich war (they did not create a new sandwich to go against Popeyes, who started the war). Yes, we all love them, but it’s “its own thing” with its own unique taste (and small size, and no sauce unless you add it yourself, and just one pickle, etc.,) but for many people, that combination is magic, and I get it. So, no need to defend them or mention how “Chick-fil-a is the best” down in the comments (or, more likely, over on my Facebook page). If you’re drawn to defending it anyway, read this first. 

Next week, Join Us At The Outdoor Photography Conference

Here’s the official trailer (I haven’t had a chance to share this yet — hope you dig it).

It kicks off next Monday with a pre-conference session, and then it runs all Tuesday and Wednesday in two separate training tracks. Remember — you get full access to all these sessions for an entire year after the conference, so even if you can’t make it next week, you can watch it any time in the next full year, which is awesome.

Info and Tickets here. :)

Have a super great weekend everybody, and if you’ve got a Church’s Chicken near you, give their new sandwich a try and let me know what you think (and if your patty was as small as mine). LOL!!