Yet Another 100 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

It’s a tradition of mine each year to list some of the things I’m thankful for during the year, and while I usually post this on Thanksgiving Day, I got a bit behind (with all the food and well…food), but I’m thankful that you’ll forgive me for being late.

I recently saw a thing online where you were supposed to describe yourself in three words, and when I thought about what my three words would be, the first word that came to mind was “grateful.” I know what a blessed and charmed life I’ve led, and I’m so aware of it and genuinely thankful every day (in case you were wondering, the other two words would have been “Cheese” and “Cheese.”). I’m also thankful I have this blog to put my feelings down on paper (well, in words anyway), and today I’m grateful I get to share another 100 things I’m thankful for with you.

I’m thankful….

  1. anytime the refs actually get the call right.

2. that the 2nd season of Ted Lasso was nearly as good as the first (and I’m thankful that there’s a Season 3 coming next year)

3. for the Arnold Bread Company’s line of KETO bread, hamburger and hot dog buns. They are so good and so low in carbs. Game changer taste-wise

4. for the bird-house looking device that stopped our dogs from barking at our neighbors, or a squirrel, or a leaf, or anything and everything.

5. for Saturday afternoons where we all gather around the TV to watch Alabama football (and I’m thankful that they’re in the hunt for the National Championship once again)

6. that we finally live in an area that gets Amazon same-day delivery

7. that our family has managed to stay healthy through this pandemic

8. for my wife’s mac and cheese recipe (and I know it flies in the face of my whole KETO thing, but sometimes you veer off just a bit, but then you get right back on track).

9. that a new Call of Duty War Zone map is just a couple of weeks away.

10. for this dance/music video, which I’ve watched dozens of times – it always brings tears of joy to my eyes when each of them hug at the end.

11. that not only would I never consider writing “100 things I’m angry about,” I could never complete it.

12. for my wife’s wonderful sense of humor. She makes me laugh every day.

13. for Christmas music and that we’re already filling our home with it

14. for Thanksgiving leftovers (and in particular, my sister-in-laws baked potato casserole)

15. that Burger King now has something on their menu that I actually like (their spicy chicken sandwich is the best thing I’ve ever had at Burger King)

16. for all the masking stuff Adobe added to Lightroom. It’s made using Lightroom that much more fun. 

17. the Pecan Silk pie from Village Inn (it’s like their awesome French Silk, but with Pecans on top). It’s next level.

18. for my wife’s beautiful smile each morning.

19. that the Bucs are having a great year, and setting ourselves up for the playoffs. This is a rare feeling for a Bucs fan (well, if you don’t count last year is sure is)

20. that somehow, at just the right time, Tom Brady will call Julian Edelman and convince him to come out of retirement for the Buc’s Super Bowl run. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. 

21. for the wonderful Florida weather this time of year

22. that I got to play with my band again this year, and see Russ and Tony and Rob.

23. that the new Call of Duty Vanguard is so great. The last one was…well…it wasn’t Vanguard.

24. that I no longer read the national news (just local news about events and sports and tech news). My life is so much better. So much!

25. for the latest round of Apple screen savers. They are stunning. 

26. for my Overloud TH-U guitar plug-in. It literally rocks!

27. that our Christmas Tree is already up

28. that we have so many family dinners together. There’s so much laughter and love all around. 

29. that my wifey got me a new Apple watch for our 31st anniversary

30. that I had a 31st anniversary with the girl of my dreams

31. for the success Erik Kuna is having with his photography

32. for all the awesome people who attended our online conferences this year.

33. that my daughter got my wife’s sense of humor. She cracks me up (and she’s so much fun to be around).

34. that Seinfeld reruns are back on again.

35. for Sola’s low-carb granola. It’s so good, so low in carbs, and it helps offset the spicy chicken sandwich from Zaxby’s I’m going to chow on for lunch (I know that’s not really how it works, but we can pretend, can’t we?)

36. for Apple’s Home App. It’s made my life easier and more fun. Super digging it.

37. for the pillow my wife found for me that stays cool all night. I love it!

38. that I can foresee a day when our dogs shed less than they are right now.

39. for the days where I pick up my daughter from school and she tells me about her day, class by class, in great detail, and the fact that she has a great friend group, and really enjoys her day. It warms my heart. 

40. for that glorious first cup in the morning.

41. for my son’s help with anything any time I need him.

42. for Phillips Hue colored lights in my music studio. I love it when I can paint the room in color – it puts me in a creative mood.

43. for all the little things. 

44. that I wake up nearly every morning with a song in my heart (and I wind up singing it during breakfast, which probably drives my family nuts, but I’m thankful they don’t tell me so).

45. for and all the awesome stuff on there (and that I can sell my stuff on there, too).

46. that Juan Alfonso has worked with us for 14 years now. He is so talented and such a pleasure to work with. One of the best people anywhere. 

47. for cheese that comes in a can with a blue cap.

48. for every time someone has stuck up for me on social. I appreciate it more than you know.

49. for the fence that keeps our doggos from eating people that walk by or bring deliveries.

50. for the sound of my son’s truck pulling in the driveway.

51. for any time we get an Amazon delivery and the dogs didn’t realize they were at the door. 

52. for the players I have on my Fantasy Football team this year. Last year I got slaughtered. This year I’m tied for first. 

53. for my Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature model, tuned down 1/2 step.

54. That I get to work with Kim and Jess on my books. Truly a blessing. 

55. for our doggos, and how much joy they bring our family.

56. for you.

57. for when good things happen to my friends and I can share in their joy. 

58. that I recognize how many people have helped me along the way in my life, and how grateful I am for them.

59. I get to work Jason Stevens. What an awesome guy all the way around. 

60. for gaffer’s tape. It’s one of life’s little miracles.

61. that cheese doesn’t have a lot of carbs

62. that no one has found a way to out pizza the hut. 

63. that my buddy Maxx finally got the guitar he’s always wanted (and that he’ll cover me while I’m reloading while we’re on Warzone).

64. that each day starts with the warmest big hug from my wonderful wifey

65. I have a written way to show the people I love how much I care.

66. that I can forgive

67. that we hired Christina Sauer. We got really lucky that day. 

68. for timers, reminders, and alarms on my iPhone. I need them often and all of them at the same time.

69. that I got to work with Brad Moore for so many years. 

70. for all the musicians and their tutorials and play-throughs on youtube that helped me out this year. 

71. for every “dad joke” that my friend Ted texted me. 

72. that I still get to write books and that I still love writing them

73. for the trip I got to take this year to the Oshkosh airshow. It felt so…regular. I loved it!

74. for my buddy Paul (Hey, Paul!) and his awful taste in music.

75. I still get to work with Larry Becker. He’s one of a kind. 

76. yummy cookies.

77. there’s not a Dairy Queen closer to my house

78. for all the people who care for the sick

79. for a mother and father who made sure I knew, every single day, that they loved me, and always wanted the best for me. 

80. I got to see Dave Clayton and have a wonderful dinner with him this year, once they opened the US to International visitors again. He’s a top man. 

81. to have a lifelong friend like Terry.

82. Ior the cozy chair in my wife’s art studio, and the little table beside it that’s just the right size and height for my drink and a power cable. 

83. I get to work with Julio Aguilar on shoots. 

84. I get to see my son being in love with such a wonderful girl, and that she’s such an important part of our family

85. for the vastly improved Apple TV remote. 

86. that Maxx is a part of all our family holiday traditions and always has been.

87. for the new restaurants we’ve discovered this year.

88. for the way my wife really listens. It’s a gift. 

89. that I keep simplifying my life

90. for Rick Sammon. What a lad! 

91. For Propel Grape-flavored water.

92. for the sounds of the doggos paws as they scamper around the house

93. that clothes companies keep making black shirts with logos on them

94. that although I’m getting older, my mind is still stuck at me being in my mid to late 30s. 

95. that I get to work with such talented, creative, and fun people every day in my job. 

96. that Erik Kuna does all the heavy lifting.

97. that my car keeps getting new features while I sleep.

98. that I didn’t fall on stage when I was wearing those KISS boots. It would have lived forever on YouTube.

99. to all my friends who drop me a text or email just to say hi. 

100. for God, and His Son Jesus Christ, for leading me to the woman of my dreams, for blessing us with such amazing children, for allowing me to make a living doing something I truly love, for always being there when I need Him, for blessing me with a wonderful, fulfilling, and happy life and such a warm, loving family to share it with.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Holiday weekend, filled with yummy leftovers, pie, and lots of football (unless you’re an Auburn fan, in which case, I’m sorry but you knew how this was going to go). #Rolltide! #GoBucs!


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