Here's a compilation of Group Photos from around the world, sent to me by group leaders and photographers who participated in my World Wide Photo Walk this past Saturday.

I have to tell you, I get such a big smile when I see each and every one of these. I try to imagine what their walk was like, and how much fun it would have been to be at that walk I'm looking at. Everybody looks so happy in these group shots and it just really tickles me each time I see one.

You can see them larger over at my Google+ page. Here's the link:

If you have a group photo, and haven't sent it to me (or I somehow missed it), I keep updating this Google+ album as they come in. I hope you'll send in yours because I already know it'll make me smile. :)

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  1. Great day, I really enjoyed it!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable day with a great bunch of people; some of whom had travelled several hours to take part in this history making worldwide event.

    My only complaint…the slight chaffing from wearing…hold on…think I’ll stop there and say no more :)


  3. Where can I get the official photowalk logo to add to my group picture?

  4. I hope I am ready for a local walk next year.

  5. Looks like a great time. Have to make a better effort to get out next year and meet some new local photogs.

  6. Hi Scott,

    I had a great time on this years event in Brugge, Belgium.
    This walk was my 3th participation and I hope many will follow.
    A few years back you let us move to Flickr to upload our photo’s, something I did and still want to do….So where is this official 2012 Flickr Group?
    I respect your choice for g+ but please don’t expect the same from all your worldwide Photo walkers to do the same…
    Thanks for reading!

  7. The Delray Beach, Fl group is not shown. Please add if you find it.

  8. ttps:// plaese put the groupphoto from spain,arroyodel la miel into the side .thanks

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