Guest Blog Wednesday: Proof: A Photo Short by RC

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Proof: A Short by RC
Hey gang, Brad here just to share the story behind how today’s guest blog came to be…
(click on the image to see it larger on the 500px website)

One day as I was browsing, I saw that RC Concepcion had posted this photo of his daughter at the piano. The next day, I came into the office and mentioned that I thought it was a nice shot of Sabine. He asked if I knew the full story behind the image, and, though I knew bits and pieces of it, I didn’t know the entirety of it.

Interesting Little Circles
He started to explain the significance of all the elements of the photograph, and that he was going to write a blog post about it over at his website. As he continued on about not only the significance of each element, but how everything was related to one another, I told him, “This isn’t a blog post… This is a video.” Then I asked if he would mind sharing it here, and he graciously agreed.

I think this can remind us of the importance of using photography to preserve the story of our families and heritage. Sometimes we can get caught up in only pulling out our camera when we’re “going out to shoot,” whether it’s a studio portrait, a sporting event, a birthday or holiday, or any other thing that we get excited about. But it’s easy to overlook the everyday moments like this that can end up being the most important and meaningful times that become the stories we tell our children and grandchildren.

So, thanks RC for sharing this on the blog today :)

  1. Wow RC – after all that has been going on in the UK this week its so nice to sit down and hear a heart warming and wonderful story such as yours. Its amazing being a father and you have a wonderful family. I hope one day my two girls get to meet and play with your adorable daughter. Thank you for sharing my friend.

  2. This short brings photography to life. As my dad said: often, the word is worth a thousand pictures.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope more photographers produce shorts. It would be nice to see what you used to put this together. Perhaps even a “short” kelby training course on the topic would be a welcome addition.

  3. WOW!!! The last time I sat glued to the screen like that was when I first watched Zack’s Transform Video.

    Wonderful story, wonderful video and a Wonderful Guy!

    Thanks RC for, as Dave C says above, bringing such a heart warming and lovely story to us all; you’re a good man!


  4. Well thank you for making me cry this morning before doing anything…the video is awesome and especially has meaning to me, as i was a dancer and now photographer…what a wonderful story, I must share this! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. RC,
    That video is absolutely wonderful. I am from NYC and understand your emotional connection to the courage of 9/11 and I too am connected forever to the events of that day. I cannot tel you how moving it was for me and certainly proved your point regarding the impact a photograph can have on someone’s life. All I can say is thank you for the video. Would love to see a follow up before each 9/11 anniversary.

  6. The story is touching. As a hearing-impaired individual, the music overshadows the dialogue. I am less interested in the music than the story. Unfortunately, it is a common challenge when photographers feel people won’t look if they cannot listen as well. So for some of us, we prefer to be able to read the story in print. Thanks for sharing more of the story in its entirety. I was already familiar with many of the parts.

  7. WOW, RC! What a heart felt video! What a blessed story … and what a blessed family! You, your wife and daughter are a picture perfect example of the family unit! May GOD always be with you and continue to bless you and family!


  8. RC and Jen…you are my dear friends. I am honored to know you, and to know that we have mutually touched each others’ hearts and lives. Sabine is a joy. Whether or not she becomes a dancer like Jen, in her own way she will fly…..

    I love all three of you….Joe

  9. Wow RC,
    What a way to start a day. This story you & you wife tell is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. This should be included at Photohsop World during the “Art of Digital Photography” It would fit right in.

  10. Wow RC!! That was something else! Beautiful story, loved the way it all linked, and what a great gesture by Joe and the subsequent final images he and you produced, fantastic.
    God bless you and your lovely family.Thanks for sharing this, and thanks Brad recognising that this would make a great video to share.

  11. RC that is one beautiful short. It really brought tears to my eyes because it truly conveyed your love for your family, and the love and passion you have for your photography. I am truly grateful and honored to have witnessed these beautiful moments in your life. Keep on shooting and enriching those many lives around you, many of them you may never get to meet. Denzil E

  12. Wow, RC…. Very moving video. Like a couple of the others said I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but seeing your video made me smile and get out of my funk!

    Thanks for sharing with us,

  13. (deep sigh) … Thank you. Gave peace in mind on a stressful day. Just what I needed. Can swear, just for a moment, I felt the close presence of you, RC, in the room. The soothing voice, the calm music, the beautiful story. Ho everything come together, as it was meant to be.

    Thank you.

  14. WOW Thanks Brad for posting this. I’ve always said RC was one of the best storytellers ever and this proves it. What a gift to your family RC – and what a gift to us. How can we repay such a gift? I don’t think we can. Amazing work my friend.

  15. That was a heartfelt presentation demonstrating the emotional connectivity between RC and his ladies but also the similar linkage he feels for another photographer sharing the common passion for creating storytelling through imaging. It was a true pleasure to view this short video presentation. Exceptionally well done, thank you.

  16. I’ve been a long time fan of both RC and Joe and to see how the picture and the story evolved has convinced me that the human spirit is a good one. I was caught up in the rioting here in the UK last night and had my car trashed (whilst in it)… Taking time out today to clam down and to reflect, I started browsing my favourite blogs, etc. and came across this. Thanks guys, next to spending time with you, this is is the next best thing and has given me the motivation to move forward and not dwell on how bad things can be.

  17. RC, thanks so much for sharing this. This is an absolutely beautiful story. Drew, thanks so much for recognising the potential for this as a video. Wow. you guys really hit it out of the park today. Time for me to sit back and just think about my life a little bit before getting on with the rest of my day.

  18. I am so glad I clicked on the video for the whole story. So many times I will just glance at an image and think that I understand. This is such a wonderful and touching story behind the image.

  19. Great job RC. Especially relevant to me because my girls danced for 16 years. I have made a photograph similar to the one with your wife on point and your daughter in ballet shoes. It is eerily similar……

  20. This is by far the most elegant post I have ever seen on this site and I have been following it from its inception. RC, you make me want to meet you if only to bask in your deep love of life, family and craft. I wish you and your family great happiness, health and success. You and your family deserve it. No better example of “paying it forward” than this. David

  21. What a great story and so beautifully presented. Brad was right about this being more than a written story and needing to be a video. This needs to have much broader exposure because it is so inspiring. It really conveys how the story behind a picture is usually so much more than is apparent to the viewer. We are very blessed today to have learned the story behind this one. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. I meant to watch this last night. Thankfully Scott Bourne reminded me of it with his tweet. Man, I hope you gave Brad a hug or at least bought him lunch for the recognition it needed done. Thanks to all involved, for Proof the Internet can be used for good!

  23. Beautiful!

    With all the *&(@ going on at the moment, it was good to see something this peaceful and inspiring.

    If only I had the slightest amount of passion, talent, and knowledge that you and Joe have!!

    Many thanks for sharing this personal story!

  24. What an incredibly moving and beautiful story! Thank you for sharing the circles of your life that make up your story and how blessed and insightful you were to bring it all together in ‘the picture’. Truly inspiration and moving. Beautiful!

  25. That was the most powerful Guest Blog to date. I loved how you pulled the whole story together and for those of us that follow you guys like you are family, it was very special.

  26. WOW, that video had me in tears this morning. I totally understand the dedication that it takes for a dancer to reach their potential. I’ve shown my fiance, who’s been dancing her whole life, that same picture that Joe made and she agreed. It takes a special understanding of the art to know the power of that image.

    The story of RC and his wife, and their young daughter, is so moving. It’s an amazing feeling when one find’s their soulmate.

  27. Moving and very well-told story.

    Little note: the end titles (yes, I let it run out) omit your (RC’s) contact details. It says “See more of RC Conception:” and then nothing. Your details deserve to be there!-)

  28. I, too, am moved to happy tears over this. And THANK YOU for reminding me of the importance of pictures in my life. And thanks for Brad for seeing the need that this story deserved his special videographic skills!

  29. Rc…

    Doubt I’ll be able to write anything unique here. But I too was having a bad day today. Then popped here as I often do – read Brad’s intro – watched your video. Bitter sweet as I can relate to your story, a different outcome for me; However, was reminded of the power of Love and magic of photography. And my “moment” has been pushed in a positive direction. ;-)

    So, now I’ve cleared my eye and must thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! I’ve seen Joe’s shot of the ballerina’s feet a number of times and think it’s so great how it has come full circle in your life. (Love the shot Joe took of Jenn, Love the shot you took of Sabine looking up at Jenn).

    Thank you for sharing! You’re a good man RC!



  30. Thank you RC for sharing this video. I have loved the picture of Sabine & Jenn since I first saw it and the way you pulled all of this together is awesome.
    Brad – great idea for a Wednesday post!

  31. Beautifully and magnificiently told through photos and video!!! Doesn’t get any better than that!!! I have heard that life’s journey is a “Dance” with taking each step and living each moment with faith and passion even though we never know exactly where it will lead!!! I thought of this as I watched this video and read this story of you and your family. Beautiful! Touching! Inspiring!

  32. W O W a tough 63 year old dust eating rodeo photographer isn’t supposed to get emotional, but that little short got me misty. GREAT family video clip. RC, is there anything photographic you CAN’T do? On a lighter note, I enjoyed the crazy Grid today that brought me to view this. Jock

  33. Joe’s picture of Jenn is, of course, perfect. Your picture of Sabine looking up at Jenn is brilliant.

    Of all the pictures I’ve seen on the blogs I follow and books I own that Sabine picture is my far and away favorite.

    Great job and thanks for telling us the back story.

    PS Thanks to Jenn for that “moment I knew” comment. I had a similar moment in the early days with my wife. It brought back a wonderful memory.

  34. absolutely beautiful! and I love both photos as well.

    (maybe I just missed it, or maybe someone has already mentioned it) looks like you have included Joe McNally’s website, but not RC’s, after the credits.)

  35. Thanks RC & Jenn for sharing. That day I lost my eldest son, my rock. Years later that day – beautiful Sabine.
    Photograpy has been my ‘therapy’. I have learned that every moment & every image should be cherished.

  36. Wow! Thanks Scott for sharing with us. And thanks so much RC and Jenn, what a great story. For a long time I’ve loved that photo of Sabine and Jenn, before I even ‘knew’ RC. Great stuff guys, and I’ve shared this as much as I can. Everyone needs to watch this. :)

  37. Thanks to the Concepcion family for sharing their intimacy. There is a lot more to gain than to loose when we open our hearts and today we all have been blessed by your generosity.
    RC again, thank you – a Great story, beautifully told!

  38. All I can say is “WOW” !! What a tribute to Joe, a tribute to your wife, and a tribute to 9/11 all in one video. I have always said that what makes a great photographer is to be a great human being. Joe and RC are great examples…………Thank you for sharing

  39. RC, I echo the wows. This story was incredibly moving and powerful. You’ve done what so many can’t do, and stepped outside yourself and captured the essence of your family unit. I think I have found a new photographic idol.

  40. I finally took a moment to catch up on blogs. it’s been a rough week, but this made me feel peaceful again

    Wow RC what a lovely way of sharing such a wonderful story.
    Thank you :)

  41. Thanks for posting this Scott and such an inspirational story by RC and Jenn. Sabine is blessed to have two very talented, dedicated and loving parents. The power of this story fuels the passion I have for creating and capturing moments one click at a time!

  42. Wow. Then speechless for a few minutes. Wonderful. Tender. Compelling. Soulful. Full of Love. So well done! Thanks for sharing and proving that stills are not dead! Great mixing of media. Kudos RC to your family and Joe and your team!

  43. Just saw this video, as I’ve been away. This was so well done, RC. Sabine is blessed to have such wonderfully talented parents. This is a video that she will treasure for all of her life, I’m sure. It beautifully captures the magic of photography. Thanks for sharing it with us!! :)


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