How Twitter Evolved My Latest Online Class


So I’m in the middle of shooting the third in my new series of classes for Kelby Training Online called “Light It; Shoot It; Retouch It!” (I shot the image you see above during the class), and I go to Twitter while I’m on the set, and write, “Hey, I’m taping this class right now. Anybody got any suggestions?”

By the way, my “Light It; Shoot It; Retouch It” series is a new idea where I start with an empty studio, we (Brad and I) put together the whole lighting rig from scratch, explaining everything,  (I mean everything) as we go, then we do the shoot live (and you see everything explained there, too), and then finally once I get the shots I’m looking for, I take the images first over to Lightroom for editing, then to Photoshop for the final retouch You see the whole thing, every step, from start to finish.

Anyway, I did get some great suggestions and because of some of the ideas I got right then and there on Twitter, I was able to address something I hadn’t planned on (which was great). One of the request I got that day was to talk about how we do the make-up for shooting under studio lighting. Well, I was lucky enough to have our favorite local make-up artist there as part of the shoot, the wonderful Shelly Giard, and I was able to get her to do a cameo in the class where she explains her technique, and even shows part of it. It was awesome and it was straight from those suggestions off Twitter (you can follow me on Twitter by clicking right here).

I learned a while back how incredibly helpful it is to have a make-up artist involved for important shoots, and when you’ve found a good one—they are worth their weight in gold (and Shelly certainly is that—-we use her pretty much exclusively for all our Kelby Training classes, including Joe McNally’s classes). I’ve been also fortunate to work with some great Make-Up Artists up the Detroit area for some of my book projects including Lynn Golovich, Tammy Pore, and Renata Stojcevskia, (a fantastic MUA!).

Anyway, I thought you guys would like to know that your ideas make a big difference, and being able to get that type of instant feedback from Twitter makes everything I do that much more timely, and I wind up covering things I often hadn’t thought of.

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