How Would I Edit Your Photo | The Grid Ep 573

How Would I Edit Your Photo | The Grid Ep 573

Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna are back with another episode of The Grid! This week they take viewer-submitted images and show how they would edit. Not only do they cover how to improve photos in post, but also show some of the latest features in Lightroom and Photoshop! Tune in to get tips on improving your photography and editing!

New KelbyOne Course: The Art of Black & White Post Processing with Mimo Meidany

See the world in B&W! There’s more to a B&W photograph than just removing the color. Join Mimo Meidany, a long exposure B&W photographer, as he teaches you how to take your B&W photographs to the next level by enhancing foregrounds, dealing with cloudless skies, creating depth, elevating reflections, adding separation between structures, and so much more! Using Lightroom Classic and a little Photoshop, Mimo takes you through a series of B&W edits demonstrating a range of techniques you can start putting into practice today.

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