“Howdy” From Holland!

Hi gang: Greetings from here in The Netherlands
Got here yesterday and spent the day with my buddy, fashion photographer, lighting wizard, and awesome instructor, Frank Doorhof (that’s a copy of the Czech translation of Frank’s bestselling “Mastering The Model Shoot” I saw displayed when touring Frank’s cool new studios in a town outside Amsterdam).

We went to go shooting yesterday, but by the time I took my “jetlag avoidance nap” the rain had moved in, so we didn’t get any shooting done, but today we’ve got permission for what could potentially be a cool indoor shoot, and if I get anything I’ll post it over on my Facebook page.  (we did visit a town today called Urk that was really just adorable! Wish it hadn’t been chilly, rainy and gray â” I can’t imagine how awesome it would be warm, bright and sunny!).

In other news…
We’re planning a free live travel photography Webcast next Thursday evening about my trip to Dubai (along with RC who was leaving Dubai as I was just arriving, and Brad Moore who was along with me on the trip).  We’ll be talking about travel photography, along with shooting tips (including tips on night photography), and post processing stuff, and we’ll be doing some awesome giveaways — a fun night all around and I hope you can join us.

I’ll have all the details here on Monday for you, including a link where you can sign up for the free Webinar.

Well, wish me luck today — hoping to get what could be a pretty cool shot (fingers crossed). Hope you all have a very awesome weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


Diggin’ the Dutch

  1. I must confess, I have a bit of a Dutch crush myself. I really enjoyed the canals around the Anne Frank museum. It was very photogenic at sunrise. The World Trade Centre makes for a nice contrast too.

    Looking forward to the travel photography podcast.

  2. Sounds like you’re having a cool time, Scott. I got to spend some time talking to Frank at the Photoshop World conference a couple of years ago during the Meet-up. What a great guy! He had us all laughing as he was sharing some stories.

    Speaking of PSW, I’ll be coming to the conference again this year in Vegas. I was on the fence, but finally decided to go. I’ll be going with my friend, and I’ll be bringing my youngest son (he’s 21) along with me, too! It will be my fourth time going, and I’m sure it will be the best one yet.

    Safe travels,

    1. Ray:

      After you login at KelbyOne, scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and click on “Community”. On the new page, there’s a “Help” tab. Good luck!


  3. Off Topic: Scott in your next Lightroom Killer tips, can you show how you make pavement seem to be wet. I saw you do it once and can’t remember how you did it, it was really cool effect! Thanks!

    1. I’ve looked for that too and can’t seem to get it through google’s mind exactly what I meant it to find… :( from memory – adjustment brush – crank up clarity and contrast (and maybe saturation) – paint over the textured areas of your pavement. He did it to a sloped street up toward a magazine stand in some european old town type setting…

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