I Hate to Admit This, But I Just Bought An Apple Watch. Again.

Scott, are you serious? After all the heat you took over:

(a) Buying your first Apple watch, and
(b) Then returning it for a full refund, you’re going to buy another one? Really?

Yes, really.

Here’s a quick Q&A on why:

Q. So, I thought your big problem with it was that you didn’t want to take your watch off each night to charge it? Isn’t the battery life still the same?
A. Yes, that was absolutely my main gripe — I like to wear my watch at night, but apparently that’s when it should be charging.

Q. So what changed your mind?
A. Apple releasing Watch OS2 (supposed to be tomorrow I believe). It has a new nightstand mode that lets you lay it on its side while charging on your nightstand – it flips the watch face sideways, and if you need to see the time in the middle of the night, you just tap the watch face.

Q. That’s not nearly as convenient as just wearing it though.
A. I know, but it’s at least a step in the right direction, so I’m willing to give it a try.

Q. Really, that’s all it took?
A. Well, quite honestly there are three other reasons:

  1. When I returned my original Apple watch for a full refund I went back to my Fossil watch, which never needs charging and looks pretty decent, but I hate the watch band like you cannot believe, and after having the Apple Watch, I realized that it’s a “dumb watch.” It just tells the time, looks nice and that’s about it. The Apple watch at least did cool stuff – it was lighter, and I liked being able to change the watch face on a whim.
  2. This article called “The thing with the Apple watch is everybody thought about it wrong” really made me see the Apple Watch in a whole new light, and it’s the best explanation of why the tech bloggers and writers just “don’t get it.”
  3. My old Fossil watch was heavy and I hated the strap (the end kept popping out of the two thin loops), whereas the Apple Watch is really lightweight (I didn’t realize how heavy my old watch felt, or how much I liked the Apple Watch strap until I put my old Fossil watch back on).

Q. When you returned your first watch, you said you actually liked the watch itself – it was just the charging thing. Is that still correct?
A. I must admit, though I still don’t like the charging, I actually missed the watch itself, which is another big motivating factor.

Q. But didn’t you get slammed for buying it in the first place, and then slammed again for returning it?
A. Oh man, did I ever. Here’s just one (of many) I received after returning my first Apple watch – the first line is referring to something I wrote in that post, so his words start with “What about…:

I really needed to know what time it was, and my iPhone was charging on the other side of the house, so I had to find my iPad just to know what time it was.”

What about the oven, microwave, television, computer, any number of other devices within steps of you inside your own home. Did you try glancing at any one of those you pathetic douchebag! This is the most absurd article I have ever read, and you should be ashamed of yourself for bitching about needing to buy a second watch because you are too [deleted super bad words] worthless and lazy to be bothered to get off your fat a@# and figure it out. Go [really bad word] yourself [bad]hole.”

[Note: I edited his last line by adding in  those @#’s in his naughty words. His original comment of course didn’t have those].

He wrote me that comment because I returned my first watch for a refund.

Q. Ouch! Why was he so mad that YOU returned YOUR watch? It’s not like you forced him to return HIS watch?
A. I know. Welcome to my world. I’ve learned that if you say anything positive or negative about Apple, there are a certain percentage of people who just absolutely freak out, and they pretty much fit into two groups: Apple apologists are people who can’t imagine Apple creating or doing anything that isn’t perfect, so if someone complains about their Apple product they immediately blame the user (me, in this case), because they can’t bring themselves to blame Apple. Apple haters on the other hand, are just haters, and just the mention of Apple’s name brings them out in droves. You’ll see them here in the comments, even though I just called them out. They just can’t help it — haters gotta hate.


Q. So which model did you get?
A. I got the Stainless Steel version this time rather than the aluminum Sport Watch (it was $150 more), after seeing them all in person at the Apple store yesterday (it’s the one in the center above, with the white band). I also bought a black band (yes, you have to buy them separately if you don’t want the one that came with your watch, and they ain’t cheap — $50 for their lowest priced one. The one I really wanted turned out to be $445. For just the watch band. Um…I passed on that one.). The bands just slide in/out surprisingly easy — you push a button on the back and they slide out. Very cleverly designed.


Q. What if it doesn’t work out this time? What if you don’t like the new nightstand mode?
A. I’ll know within just a few days how I like it, and of course I can return it for a full refund (within 14 days), but honestly, I don’t think I will this time because I realize that I actually miss having an Apple Watch, and with Watch OS2 it seems like it has more of what I liked about it in the first place. Plus, I’m tired of having a “dumb watch.” So, I’d be pretty surprised if I wound up returning it this time.

Q. But you could be wrong, right?
A. Right. Just ask anybody. ;-)

Q. But the Apple watch isn’t nearly as advanced as [insert the one you like better here]. Why’d you get that one instead of [insert the one you bought here]?
A. Read that article in Reason #2 above. That pretty much explains why.

Well, despite the fact that I decided to give the Apple Watch another try, I still hope you have a great Tuesday. :)



P.S. I’m also trying out a PC Laptop, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a set of Bose Headphones, so load your weapons. ;-)

  1. Actually, if we play Q&A, I’m wondering why you did not wait for the Apple Watch 2 which will probably be coming sooner rather than later.

    Also, can you remote trigger your camera with the watch?

    Good luck :)

    1. Well, if it was coming this year, they would have announced it, instead of the new Watch OS, and I didn’t want to wait until next September. As for triggering my camera – I have no idea, but I don’t even trigger my camera from my iPhone or iPad.

  2. Scott, your honesty & humility do you proud and speak volumes about you. Your critics need to reflect on what their negativity says about them. Win approval where it really matters in the bigger plan. Thanks for the post

  3. Thanks for going through all this for the rest of us! Haven’t gotten a Watch myself as yet, but feel I would go through a similar yes/no/hot/cold process as you describe.

    On a related note – I built a long exposure calculator for the Watch. It’s kind of your fault. I saw your tutorial video on LE photography some time back and started trying it afterwards and got a bit addicted, to the point of learning how to build my own app for it.

    Anyway – it lets you do the calculations hands free (or on the iPhone/iPad/iPod, if you don’t have the Watch), and kick off an exposure timer for the calculated time. I am in the process of moving it to WatchOS2 which should make it more responsive (as apps now run on the Watch) and will take advantage of the digital crown functions.

    The next version will also have a 10 sec ‘warning’ before the timer runs out, in case you get busy reading the news/emails whilst waiting for the exposure (something I think you mentioned yourself once as being a great additional feature for these sorts of apps).

    It’s called LongShot and you can read more about it here: http://www.samuelmcdowell.com/Apps

    If you are interested in giving it a shot, I can even send you a promo code to save the .99c! (Hey – it owes me at least some beer money after months of work!)

    Thanks again for the post, and for being an iGuineapig for some of us.

  4. You crack me up. I’m still on the fence myself. I’m sure I’ll eventually find a must-have reason at the same time I happen to have disposable income ;) But, I need to renew my KelbyOne membership first. How’s that for priorities?
    Thoughts on the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil? I’d love to see a review in the future that compares it to a Wacom tablet.
    Keep sharing your experiences. Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for taking the chance on being slammed. Please keep us updated. There are those that want to know how it works out in the real world. You seem to be fleshing that out for us.

    PC Laptop? Which one? I am thinking of doing tethered shoot next year and wondering what to get.

    Harley… I love those. Which did you get?

    Don’t leave us hanging.

    See you in Austin in December for the Reloaded tour. What happened to September :(.

  6. Great post Scott and glad to see that you are willing to give it another shot. I’m still loving mine. As far as seeing the time at night I like a projection clock that displays the time on the ceiling instead. I’m planning to petition Griifin Technologies to add this feature to their already Best in Class Apple Watch Stand http://amzn.to/1KnKNB4

  7. Glad you came to your senses. I usually have about 30 to 40% battery left at around 10 PM. I charge it at that time and then when I go to sleep around midnight it’s fully charged and I get to sleep with it. When I wake up it’s only lost about 7%
    Maybe that workflow will be good for you.

  8. Skip the watch, get a plane instead. Then you’ll be able to do more football, and more seminars in smaller markets. You’ll just wake up at night and won’t be able to see the watch because you’ll be on the wrong side anyway. The plane will have a clock.

  9. I have been testing beta watch os2 for about 2 months…

    1) The nightstand function is really good. I don’t use it but its beautiful. I like to sleep in a cave of darkness.

    2) I use mine a LOT, mostly for texts, meeting requests and activity tracking, and I’ve never run it out of juice. I am fairly certain that your first one was a dud – my first one decided it didn’t want to wake up on arm raise after about a month and a half, so these things aren’t perfect.

    3) Nobody knows what the watch os2 apps will do yet (even us beta testers), because they’re all still in beta with their individual developers, but the KILLER feature so far, is wifi hand off. It finally works with the final version of os9 and watch os2. You can leave your phone in your office, walk to a different part of the building, and as long as your connected (the phone) with wifi, you still have full functionality with your watch.

    4) You can certainly trigger your iphone camera from the watch. Its pretty neat. Great for group portraits.

    As for a watch stand… mine lives on this overnight (no joke):


    It took me about 3 weeks to finally “get” why I’d want the watch, and now I’ve become reliant on it. Give it a bit of time and you will find its use cases in your day to day activities. Or you can give it to BMV as an early Christmas present! :)

  10. hahaha I just love your humor. Well that was one vicious comment. Hopefully you don’t get more like that but I know… because haters. Hope this one works out for you. I generally like Apple smart devices a lot… their ease of use is really hard to beat. Have an apple phone, a mini ipad, but a PC computer. Go figure. lol Apple is simple and elegant. Looking forward to reading the report on Watch OS2.

  11. Not sure about the watch but I do love my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones. I have owned a number of studio grade noise canceling headphones in the past but none come close to the comfort, noise canceling, quality of sound as these. And sometimes if I am in a noisy environment such as Starbucks or at home with the kids and dog I just ware them to enjoy the quite time.

  12. The blogging comment world:
    (10%) (80%) (10%)

    I always find myself right of center! Go love your watch, play, pay, track, tell time; awesome. I’m waiting for iWatch2

      1. It’s one of Rob’s rules about people! Can be applied to just about anything: politics, food, cameras, etc. Never let the left 10% get you down and never just embrace the right 10% (each end is an echo chamber – not good).

      1. Way, yes! I’m keeping the Road King. Don’t need two motorcycles, but I do need a downpayment for a car so Lee can drive. You’d love this bike, Ken. It has a Stage IV engine and a Rinehart 2:1 pipe. Scares kids and cats when you go down the road.

    1. I’ve been a BMW fan for even longer, and you know what? They have particular models that I’m not the least bit interested in. Maybe I should go to the BMW forums and post that? That would be a really worthwhile comment, right? ;-)

  13. Did you even try the other companies? I have a Microsoft Band and has everything I needed with 3 days charge (overnight too with sleep tracking), recharges full in 2-3 hours and works on Microsoft, Google and Apple phones (not locked in). I’m sorry, I just don’t buy into Apple only system, but I have bought and currently use some of their products, but I would never buy Apple because it is Apple like people I know that only buy Mustangs or BMWs… they are just boring people.

  14. I appreciate your honesty. Bought an Apple Watch before I attended PSW in Vegas and absolutely love it; About a week ago, iPhone was downstairs; my watch “rang” and I was able to hold a conversation on my watch! That, in my opinion, made it all worthwhile!

  15. A good laugh this was!
    I’ve had the same problem, of buying a product, finding something that ticked me off, and then returned it, only to miss it and buy it AGAIN! What a hoot!
    Hey Scoot, as long as your jesting (jousting?) about Bose, their QuietComfort 15 and 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are just amazing! Expensive, but when you want to cancel out background noise, they cannot be beat.
    Flew from Paris to Toronto last Friday, watching movies and docs all the way. Never heard the jet engines, and the sound was terrific. Great for video recording with DSLR’s too, to really hear the nuances of the audio.
    Cheers from Montréal.

  16. all the ‘haters’ back and forth reminds me of a T-shirt I saw once on a pudgy sour-faced goth 15-year-old boy. The all black shirt had tiny white block letters across the front that said “your favorite band sucks”.

  17. Just a hint – the Apple Watch charges really fast. If you want to wear it at night, just hook it up to your computer when you’re at your desk in the daytime and you’ll get a fast recharge at possibly a more convenient time of day.

  18. I bought and returned the Apple Watch 2x. I thought Watch OS2 would correct some of the software issues. the 3rd party apps I wanted to use most wouldn’t start, crashed or took to long to load. Apple software worked great. Back to the store it went. I’ll wait for the 2nd gen.

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