I’m Doing a Free Live Online Lightroom 3 Workshop for Everyone Participating in My World Wide Photo Walk


If you’re taking part in my World Wide Photo Walk this Saturday, after the walk you’ll be getting a private email invite from me to attend a special free, live online workshop I’ll be doing for walkers on post processing the images from your walk using Adobe’s new Lightroom 3.

I thought this would be a fun way for us to reconnect after the walk, and you’ll see exactly how I edit the images I take during my walk in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and the workflow I use to make the process quick and easy. If you don’t have Lightroom 3 yet, you can download a free trial version from Adobe at this link right here.

I’ll be taking your questions live during workshop, and I may grab a few of “The Photoshop Guys” here at NAPP HQ to help out as well, so it should be a lot of fun.

I’ll give some of the details on my blog (date, time, etc.), probably next week here on the blog, but the actual workshop link, password to attend the online workshop, and stuff like that will be sent to you in an email (NOTE: This workshop will only be open to people registered for the Photo Walk).

Also, if you can’t make the live workshop broadcast, don’t worry—-I’ll re-post the entire workshop online so you can watch the class on your schedule—all for free, as my way of saying thanks for being part of my 3rd annual worldwide Photo Walk.

  1. Scott,

    I hope you don’t mind some honest feedback on your blog, and in the spirit of offering constructive feedback, here goes.

    I miss the old Scott Kelby blog. Maybe it’s just this recent run, but every entry of late has been more like an advertisement or endorsement of some product, service or event. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place and a need for that, we all have to make a living, but I am sensing something is being lost, that once made your blog such a joy to wake up every morning to read. Sadly, yours is no longer my first read of the day.

    I suspect this comment will provoke an interesting debate. As an avid reader and follower of all things Kelby, please don’t forget how this all started and what makes a great blog a great blog.


    1. Paul,
      I am an avid reader and keep up with “all things SK” too. I do not have any other affiliation with him except as a NAPP member, daily commenting, and friend.
      I believe Scott will respond to your comment.

      In my opinion I have noticed in the last year or so a shift of some of Scott’s blog content to his other sites such as dtowntv.com (since its digital now, not Nikon) and PSusertv. I think much of what used to be here is now on SKtraining.com. I also remember Scott saying some time back that Brad was running this his Blog (or maybe part of it). I think he does a great job!

      In an attempt to help save us some money, Scott has been posting specials and deals on his blog, but he as always stated that he does not recieve compensation for this. I believe he is one Hell of a busy guy.

      That all said, I am interested to see what he says. I personally wish all commenters would put their websites in so I can view their work.

      I can say that this is the first blog I read in the morning and several times a day to see commenter’s remarks. My photography has improved so much since I became a NAPP member that its unreal!!

    2. Paul – I know what you’re saying and have thought about it myself once in a while… but I’ve reconciled my own thoughts as I noticed the blog and content type seems to go in waves – the man is running a business with it’s own peak activity cycles which understandably have to take priority to pay the bills so he has time to be so generous the rest of the time. LOL.

      Clearly the blog is an (indirect) marketing tool for his company and its services related graphic tool sets, so it’s pretty understandable how events and release cycles will overtake the ad hoc community sharing style of blogging from time to time. I think an excellent balance is maintained personally.

      I seldom read this blog (or Matt’s LR killertips either) that I don’t come away with some free piece of advice or exposure to tool/events of interest.

      I love the guest bloggers feature myself and look forward to those.

      Thanks (Scott/Brad – and whoever else is behind the scenes) for the wonderful sharing via these blogs.


  2. If you’re interested in this and haven’t checked out KelbyTraining.com before you should head over there now for a look.

    After giving up on Aperture 3 due to performance issues, I was able to get up to speed on Lightroom 2 in a few hours (and subsequently Lightroom 3, once released). All the other classes I’ve viewed there have been extremely helpful too. All for a reasonable fee.

  3. I just picked up your Lightroom 3 book and on the first page in the first paragraph you have a typo… Now I do enjoy heavy metal from time to time, but I don’t think that’s what you meant when you wrote “so you probably don’t need a metal break quite yet”
    Hahaha, just had to give you a hard time, thank you for all you do.

  4. Tried to sign up for photowalk in Houston but on the first day of sign up all were filled. So I walk alone or with my husband. But no Live Lightroom 3 …………………

  5. Hi Scott,

    My internet speed is very poor and I might not be able to watch the live session. I’d like to ask you if there will be any chance to download your webminar or see it later?

    I’m sure that photowalk will be a blast! :)

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