I’m Having a Weird Friday

Any day where you have to go buy a cowbell, is a weird day.

But that’s part of what I’m doing today, as I head to Lakeland, Florida (where I was born and raised) to play drums at rehearsal with the band Phoenix, which was my first “real” band back when I was 16-years-old in high school.

We reunited the original members around 10 years ago for a fun gig up in Georgia, and then we played five years ago for our High School reunion (well, technically it was the guitar player, bass player and keyboard player’s reunion. They were Seniors and I was a junior so they graduated a year ahead of me and the lead singer, which is why to this day my wife refers to this gig as “Not my Reunion.”).

It’s great seeing the guys again and playing a song that absolutely requires cowbell but yet is not BOC’s “The Reaper.” (The first person to guess which 70s/80s song it is, wins a free copy of my Photoshop CS6 Book for Digital Photographers). Our set list includes songs from Frampton, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers, Skynyrd, The Eagles, and even a Hendrix tune.

The actual gig is Saturday night and I’m trying to coax pro-concert photographer Brad Moore into coming and shooting the gig, but he’s used to big concerts and this surely is not, but if not, Kalebra will have some shots from her “Trusty iPhone” and I’ll share those next week.

I’ll be in Nashville on Monday with my Photoshop for photographers tour, and if you make the trip out to meet “the drummer of the band Phoenix” I hope you’ll come up and say hi. Hope you all have a rocking’ weekend!

\m/ \m/

      1. Nighttrain

        Fleetwood Mac’s Hold Me
        Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies
        Look for Love
        Hair of the dog by Nazareth
        Killing In The Name
        Play That Funky Music

  1. Unless we’re confined to ”
    set list includes songs from Frampton, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers, Skynyrd, The Eagles, and even a Hendrix tune ” then Hendrix: Stone Free

  2. Oh man! After all that research and I wind up not being the first! GFR “We’re an American Band”. With all the songs of that era that had a cowbell, it’s the only song I see you playing. Have fun!

  3. I read the post on Twitter, and my first reaction was that it is weird to be looking for a cowbell at 12:30 at night. As soon as I come over to the post and saw the drum kit, it made sense. I was worried about you for a minute there. :-)

  4. Nighttrain
    Fleetwood Mac’s Hold Me
    Look for Love
    Hair of the dog by Nazareth
    Killing In The Name
    Play That Funky Music

    Ok , cowbelled out!
    Have a great time ringing cowbells with old friends!

  5. Hi Scott -Here are my guesses

    War “Low Rider”

    Rolling Stones – “Honky Tonk Woman”

    Wild Cherry – “Play that Funky Music”

    Bad Brains – “Pay to Cum”

    Sweet – “Little Willy”

    Funk – “ We’re an American Band”

    Beastie Boys -“Hey Ladies”

    Tone Loc – “Funky Cold Medina”Hopefully I win your book. Keep up the good work and play your ass off this weekend and have fun….

  6. Heart – Crazy On You

    Deep Purple – Child In Time

    War – Low Rider

    Sweet – Little Willy

    B52’s – June Bug

    April wine – Oowattanite

    Luis Morales
    DLWS 2005 – Acadia NP

    1. Dave, you have to be right.  If Old MacDonald doesn’t have a cowbell, what else could?  :)  I got the CS6 book in the mail yesterday, and will look at every page this morning.  I’m very excited about this book because this new Photoshop release ROCKS!

  7. When you said you were buying a cowbell, all I could thin of was “Oh no, we are in serious trouble this Monday in Nashville”.  Scott, I’ve been to see Ben Wilmore and Dave Cross the last 2 years here in Nashville, finally I get to meet the other Scott!  See ya on Monday, I’ll be the bald guy that says Howdy!

  8. Nazareth – Hair of the Dog
    Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Woman
    Van Halen – beats workin
    Creedence Clearwater – down on the corner
    Police – Roxanne
    Queen – Bo Rhapsody
    Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
    Inxs – Wild Life
    ACDC – Thunderstruck
    Blood Sweat and Tears- Spinning Wheel
    BTO- Aint Seen nuthin Yet
    Free- Alright Now
    Iggy-Raw Power
    Jimi H – Stone Free
    Kiss- Rock and Roll
    Led Zep – Moby Dick
    Motley- Dr Fellgood
    Mountain – Missisipi Queen
    Ramones – Suzi
    Pretenders – Brass in Pocket
    Santana – Evil Ways
    Steely Dan – Do it Again
    Yardbirsd – For your love
    Steelers Wheel – stuck in the middle
    Bruce S – Born to run
    Jimi- Purple Haze
    Fleetwood – Gold Dust woman

    Hey Im really showing my age here!

    How many guesses do I get – I really want that book!!!!!!

  9. War “Low Rider”  Prince – “U Got the Look”
    Rolling Stones – “Honky Tonk Woman”
    Wild Cherry – “Play that Funky Music”
    Sweet – “Little Willy”
    Tone Loc – “Funky Cold Medina”
    Grand Funk – “We re an American Band”

  10. Don’t forget Scott, you’d be doing yourself a disservice, and every member of this band, if you didn’t perform the h**l out of this cowbell ;)

    And Are you sure it’s not BOC’s (don’t fear) the reaper?? Hahahah!

  11. If you’re in Nashville, you should head down to Starkville, Mississippi, home of the awesome Mississippi State University, where you can find any cowbell you need! They’re a staple for our football games, we’ve been ringing them since the 1940’s, long before The Eagles, Skynyrd, and the rest!

  12. Scott, I’m sure someone has guessed the song by now (I didn’t realize how prevalent the cow bell was in classic rock songs!), so I won’t venture a guess.

    Will you be bringing this brand spankin’ new cow bell to Vegas with Big Electric Cat? :-)

    Have an awesome time this weekend.  Pull an “Office Space” on Brad….tell him, “Yeah, I’m going to need you to work this Saturday….”


  13. Since only a few people are guessing The Doobie Brothers, I’ll shotgun their Greatest Hits songs:
    China Grove
    Long Train Runnin’
    Takin’ It to the Streets
    Listen to the Music
    Black Water
    Rockin’ Down the Highway
    Jesus is Just Alright
    It Keep You Runnin’
    Take Me in Your Arms
    Without You

  14. My guess would have to be B52’s Love Shack!! Cosmic thing album.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys here in Nashvegas on Monday!

     Lakeland? Me too! though it was probubly a little while (read as a long while) after you…

  15. For the people who are correcting Scott on the Blue Öyster Cult song title:  The correct title of the song is “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”.

    1. I really hope you were not reffering to me.  Looking back, it can be interpreted that way, but what I meant to say was : Are you sure it (the song you’re gonna play)’s not …

      If it wasn’t intended to me, disregard this comment ;)

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