The Photoshop Guys take a moment during “It’s A SNAPP” to look off to the side of the set and smile at something. Probably just a courtesy smile for something Larry said that he thought was funny ;)

If you weren’t able to catch It’s A SNAPP with The Photoshop Guys last night, you can catch the re-broadcast until 10:00pm Eastern tonight! It’s streaming constantly over at until then, and goes into the NAPP archives after that. If you’re a NAPP member (and we hope that you’ll become one if you watch the webinar), you’ll be able to watch it any time you want.

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  1. Brad:

    Re: the picture. Weren’t you over on that side of the set off-camera? Maybe they were admiring you. Did you get a cool new t-shirt or a haircut? 8)

    The SNAPP-a-thon-a-palooza was really good last night, even though it got off track a bit. It looked like everyone was having a lot of fun, although Larry looked a bit exhausted! Must have been a long day. Hope you guys had a lot of new member sign-ups.


  2. Scott, don’t forget to buy another chair for Pete! 8-)

  3. Oh SNAPP!! I’m gonna have to catch the re-broadcast, it’s been a busy week!

  4. Hey Scott- I recently traded in my Intuos3 for a new Intuos4 (partially due to your persuasive arguments for them) and I downloaded your tablet settings from the Wacom site. I noticed that they don’t seem to have any for LR3 (just LR2). Is there anywhere that I can download your settings (or Matt’s) for LR3? Thansk man! -brandon

  5. I really enjoyed the broadcast last night, especially when Scott read out my ‘edutainment’ Tweet!

    And RC’s tour of the Kelby Media work environment was a real treat – I’m very envious, guys!

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