Hey Gang, Brad here with a last-minute reminder that tonight is the SNAPP event with The Photoshop Guys! It’s like the NAPP-a-thon we did last year, but with a different name :)

You can register over at over at, then tell all your friends, family, and pets to tune in from 8:00-10:00pm tonight for two hours of tutorials, fun stuff, and even some great giveaways like Lexar memory cards!

The main reason for this is to show non-NAPP members what NAPP is all about, so if you love NAPP and want to share it with your friends, let them know to come check out the webinar!

  1. I am considering staying up and watching on iphone Skyfire browser in bed ……. be worth it for a possible lexar card prize ;) If you hear lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then I am sorry and have a great ‘show’ !!

  2. Tried to sign up for NAPP online, but it won’t allow me to complete the registration. It keeps telling me my email address is already in the system, and won’t let me proceed. Vicious cycle … not going through.

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