After being rejected 5-times in a row by the App Store, it’s finally here—-issue number 2 of Light It Magazine, our how-to magazine on studio and hot shoe lighting (For the iPad. Only $2.99).

Even bigger news!
Since it came out so incredibly late, we have already submitted issues #3 and #4 to the App Store for approval, and the minute they are approved by Apple (which they should be within 5-days unless something goes horribly off track, which as we have learned can absolutely happen), we’re releasing them. That way, we’ll have released four entire issues of Light It by the end of the year.

Thanks to everybody who hung in their patiently (and even not patiently). After such a fantastic launch, and have three issues already in the bag at launch, the delays were really tough on us, but we made it through to the other side, and we’re excited about the coming year and expanding the magazine. (Note: if the magazine is the success we hope it will be, we’ll be looking at releasing it on Android tablets as well).

Where to get “Light it”
> If you’ve already downloaded the Light It App, you can buy the latest issue from right within the App itself
> If you haven’t downloaded the free Premiere issue App, you can download it from the App Store

One more thing
Perhaps the best thing about producing a digital App is the ability to make changes quickly, and I hope you’ll find our 2nd issue even more useful, helpful, inspiring, and fun. I can’t wait until you can read issues 3 and 4.



About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Sweet! My December is complete! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. :-)

  2. Tried to purchase from within the app with no success. Click on buy and it tells me I need to purchase the app itself in the store. Sorry to say that but no success

    • Uninstall app then reinstall, it will work fine.

    • the same thing happened to me and reinstalling did not help…

    • I’m getting “you’ve already purchased this in-app purchase but it hasn’t been downloaded”. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. (ipad1) I already had the first issue.

      • Make sure you download the Free update from the App store. :)

      • I did that first, as you mentioned it on the Grid :-)

      • that’s the same problem I am having… :(

      • Same here. I have update and even tried re-installing everything on the iPad. Is there a download queue somewhere that we should be looking for?

        I also sent an ticket through the support site.

      • Kelby & Co.
        It would be swell if you could include/embed link for “Light It Magazine” in about post.

      • I had a similar issue but for me I figured out that it was thanks to iCloud I now have two iTunes accounts. My original app was bought on the original iTunes account. But the in-App purchases from my iPad are linked to my iCloud account. You can’t make an in-App purchase on your iCloud account if your app was originally purchased under a different iTunes account. Although they both reside on the same device, Apple view them as separate and distinct.

        So, I had to delete the app from my iPad, rebuy it (thankfully free) under my iCloud account and then I could buy and download the new edition of the magazine. Thankfully this process didn’t lose the first edition. I only have the App once in iTunes but now Apple records I have purchased it under both accounts -I’ve purchased it twice.

        Unfortunately, the brains at Apple appear incapable of figuring out how to link multiple iTunes/iCloud accounts. They treat them separately and this makes updating apps purchased though iTunes problematic when updating directly from the iPad or making in-App purchases.

  3. YAY !
    It’s always worth the wait =)

  4. Ok figured I would delete the app and reinstall it and presto that worked. Dloaded the second issue and now I am all set for tomorrow. Awesome!

  5. Android? Android, you say?? That sentence will put a smile on a lot of faces, Scott, especially mine. Hope the app is a smash, then! Hope to check out the magazine in 2012 sometime. 8)


  6. Downloading now. This is one of the reasons I finally went with an iPad over an Android tablet. Though, if you ever supported Android… I am pretty sure I’d switch platforms in a heartbeat. It would be nice to be able to view it on my PC, though,not just the tablet.

  7. Thank you so much. I just downloaded it and am looking forward to reading it.

  8. Best photography ipad mag out there, something for everybody, congrats to the whole team. Merry Christmas from here in New Zealand.

  9. Halfway through issue two…no time for chit-chat!

    Strange, that we should be so passionate about light. I loved Joey Wright’s article on purchases of new gear we want but don’t [i]need [/i]. Good reminder.

  10. Ahhhhh very good! Fliped thru it this morning before work.
    At the first glance it looks greate.

  11. I wish it was $.99. I will wait for some kind of x-mas discount. :D

  12. Got it !
    Behind the lens video interview with Douglas Sonders
    Is superb !

  13. Now if I didn’t know better I’d say this was all planned so as to time perfectly for a Christmas peresent :)

    Way to go on getting through the Apple ‘sticking points’ … onward and upward from now!

    Right, I’m off to download the latest issue,
    Glyn :)

  14. Yeah! Just downloading the issue 2 now. Well timed Christmas bonus if issue 3 & 4 get through ok & become available so quickly.

    Any update a subscription option being available?

  15. Yay! Loved the first one…can’t to read the rest!

  16. Chirstmas already?? :D

    Thanks for all your hard work Scott!

  17. I don’t have an iPad yet, but I will eventually…
    My question is if I will be able to download past issues when I finaly use this app?
    Devoted fan with small budget

  18. Downloaded, that’s this evening fixed. And you’re fixing Christmas TV garbage too! What a hero

  19. Got it late last night & stayed up too late reading it. Well worth the fatigue, though–looks great!

  20. Another vote for an Android version!

  21. Great news, sure it (they!) will be worth the wait.

  22. When will this be available on the Kindle?

  23. When will the Android version be available?

  24. Hi Scott, just downloaded issue 2 of Light it. After a quick scan it looks like a good range of lighting styles by some great photogs. Looking forward to a closer look later today.



  25. Love the light it app – look forward to future issues.

  26. Why is this only available for tablets? Will it be available for a regular Mac computer at any point? I have no plans to buy an iPad or any other tablet any time soon, but would love to purchase these publications if they were accessible to me.

  27. Downloading now! I can’t wait to read through it today!

  28. Woo Hoo can’t wait to get home and read it (must will work day to go by faster.)

  29. I need to buy an iPad now. They don’t even cost as much as a SB910, you know! :)

    Congrats on the mag success, I can’t wait to get it!

  30. Lovely. I got the premier issue but can’t seem to be able to download the new one. It tells me that it’s been purchased but not downloaded yet. I get that message every time I click on it…. how do I download it then? I had no problem with the first issue…

  31. I agree with Gio…$2.99 is 2 much for a pretty emagazine. We’re paying a lot for the beautiful iPad rendition of content that is shared freely across the web every day of the week on millions of blogs. Read Anderson’s book Free…the future of radical price.

  32. Anyone here in predicting winning lottery numbers?
    Who gives me a winning combination gets a small percentage of whatever is left after buying myself an Ipad :-)
    Looks really cool this app, great job Scott and your team!!

  33. Great App adn Digital Mag. Easy to read and ton of info in 60 pages.

  34. Thanks for the magazine scott. I am enjoying it.

  35. To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed with the second edition. Found it to be too short and containing product information that is readily available over the Internet for free. Also found the articles to be a rather mixed lot; some very informative and some by the regulars that I hate to say it, were not worth paying for. Sadly, this second edition was devoid of any “wow” factor. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support this initiative and will definitely look at your next edition in the hope that it will rise above the lot. Still a fan.

  36. Well it is nice to know you are working out the problems on those apple products first. Looking forward to seeing this product on a Droid in 2012.

  37. Is the app available in Sweden at all? Can someone provide me with a link? Thanks.

  38. Whenever I reach the page with Larry Beckers article the app crashes. Help! Anyone else having this problem?

  39. Whenever I reach the Larry Becker article the app crashes on my iPad 2. Anyone else having this problem?

  40. $2.99 is the price per issue or for all the issues (past and future) ??
    If it is for just the current issue, then it is too much… a paper magazine will be just a little bit more expensive, but they have printing and shipping cost to cover.

  41. Scott same problem here. Updated the app download Still failed. Removed the app and reinstalled. Issue 1 dos loaded no problem. Issue 2 does not download. I get the message “you already purchased this app please download”
    Then nothing happens.
    Any suggestions?

  42. I loved the first issue but can’t get this one. I deleted the app then reinstalled but keep getting same message – when I tap buy I am told “in-app purchases not allowed” then “can’t connect to iTunes”

    I’ve linked it to my iTunes account but no luck …. Any advice?

  43. Same Problem hier, it says already purchased, click ok to Download but doesnt Happen anything. I waited so Long and now doesnt work. App is up to Date (no Updates showing up in the updates List). Suggestions?


  44. Loved the first issue, can’t download the second. I’ve updated the app, but the download just won’t start after purchasing. Please help.

  45. When can we see it on android tablets?

  46. Is the 2nd issue stable? I was never able to finish the 1st issue because it would force close after every couple of pages. Too bad, because it looked like it had some great articles.

    • You need to download the free update from the App store. That will fix it. :)

      • Hi all – ok so I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app. It opens, shows the new issues, but still wont let me buy them. Says – In- app purchases not allowed, then Cannot connect to iTunes store…

        there is no update notification in my iTunes so how do I update?


  47. I downloaded and installed the free app update from the app store, and I still can’t get edition #2 to download after purchase. This app is crap even after the update. Fix this please or arrange a refund.

  48. Same Problem hier, it says already purchased, click ok to Download but doesnt Happen anything.

  49. I hope somebody is working on this problem :( I didn’t even purchase the 3rd magazine….

  50. I see sept and oct … did they both get approved? did they have to approve each issue? it’s the same app isn’t it?

  51. Scott,
    Still issues with release number 2.
    I removed the app again, reboot, re installed the app.
    bought Issue 3 it downloaded OK
    download Issue 1 works fine
    Issue 2 still fails with you already bought this you want to download and then nothing happens.
    Any suggestions ?

  52. Updare – I restored my iPad2 to try that ( I must really want this…) any way same problem. Not able to download. Is it a regional thing? I’m in Australia.

  53. Same problem here. I download from Norway. Issue #2 can not be downloaded – #1 and #3 is no problem.

  54. Same problem here in Belgium, but in my case with issue 3. I bought the issue but it won’t download. I hope ther is a fix soon ;-)

  55. Hey Scott,
    I am having a similar problem. I was able to download issue #2 but when I open it it shows issue #3. I had purchased issue #3 as well and when it opens it shows issue #3 as it should. Currently, still enjoying all things Kelby though. I really appreciate all you have done to help educate all of us photo enthusiasts.


  56. Just picked up an iPad today, mainly for my daughter. I’m seeing the same issue with #2. Purchased but not downloaded.

  57. Thanks Scott – keen to get the new magazines

  58. Might have fixed it!

    I went into settings and enabled restrictions – even though in app purchases showed ON I enabled and turned in app purchases off then back on and bingo – it works!

  59. Hi, When are you producing and adriod app?
    It is on my wishlist :-)

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