It’s Free (and cheap) Stuff Thursday!

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with something a little different… Pimpy Thursday will now be known as Free Stuff Thursday! So, here’s the deal…

Scott is all about making sure his readers know about cool stuff and helping you get great deals on it. So each Thursday, not only will we be sharing the latest happenings and cool things that are going on, but we’ll be giving something away! To be entered, all you have to do is leave a comment on the post, and Scott will randomly choose a winner.

To kick things off, we’ve got a free ticket to…

Photo Pro Expo 2012
Let me just say right off the bat that this event looks crazy good, and it’s at a price that’s hard to beat… Photo Pro Expo 2012 is taking place February 2-5 in the Greater Cincinnati area and features instructors like Scott Kelby, Jerry Ghionis, Vincent Laforet, Joel Grimes, Syl Arena, and more. The regular price is $279 for the expo, but use the promo code PPESK12 when registering to sign up for just $149! And, if you stay an extra day through February 6, you can spend a full day with Jerry Ghionis for just $99!

There is a print competition on February 2, seminars February 3-5, and a big trade show on February 4-5. You can get the full schedule and register (if you’re not the lucky winner of the free ticket) at

January Blowout Sale!
Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to become even better at Photoshop, Lightroom, or photography? If so, we’ve got some killer prices on our best-selling books and DVDs on Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, HDR, and Wedding Photography from Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, RC Concepcion, Dave Cross, and David Ziser!

If you don’t have these books or DVDs, now’s the time because we’ve discounted these as much as 70% off! The sale ends January 31, 2012 or when supplies run out – whichever comes first. You can find it all over at

Clearance Stuff
We’ve put some of our DVDs on clearance for as low as $9.99. If you’d like to learn things like the importance of model releases, how to avoid business mistakes and other important facets of photography, you can do just that for a low price. It’s all over at

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE
Scott (and myself) are hitting the road again at the end of the month for the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Tour! On January 30, we’ll be in Austin, TX. On February 21, we’re heading to Dallas, TX, then over to Phoenix, AZ on February 22. You can get all the details and register at

That’s it for today. Make sure you leave a comment for your chance to win a pass to Photo Pro Expo!

  1. Hi, I am from ireland and I was NOT born on a Thursday – so that’s two reasons I should win – right?

    Much more to the point – when are you coming to Ireland to spread the word? (and madness – we are good at madness!)

  2. How about showing some love for a great city like Cinci!! It would be great to attend and learn quite a bit but the chance to see a town like Cincinnati that doesn’t get the respect it deserves, well that would be a double bonus.

  3. Hmmmm…..I’ll still refer to this as Pimpy Thursday, Brad. It just flows off the tongue better. Better yet, why not call it CAKB Thursday? 8)

    Don’t pick me for the prize package, as I wouldn’t be able to go. But I’m sure there will be other great prizes down the road!


  4. Hey Scott,
    I got online & registered for the Kelby Training Tour in OKC with Ben Wilmore (his tour in Arlington Tx in Dec. 2006 is the reason I joined NAPP & never looked back.)

    I saw your Dallas date & so wanted to go, but teach two classes on Tuesday. Darn, I can’t make it. One can’t do everything inn life. ;( However, I did tell a friend that lives in Ennis Tx about it. She really needs your class. :)
    See ya buddy,

  5. I Love you guys , not only do you give us great tips , Great blog ,and great shows now free give aways , you guys are truly appreciated thanks from the bottom on my heart , even if I don’t win because I never win anything you still great

  6. Attending the photoexpo would be great as my goal this year is greater emphasis on becoming a better Photographer. Not to mention I willl be purchasing a new camera in the near term to replace my aging D50 and having all that reasearch available in one place would be incredible.


  7. You guys are the best , thanks for taking time out your busy schedule to give us tips ,tuts ,and great blows , and now free stuff . I really appreciate Everything you guys do even if I don’t win because I never do lol , but I’m a winner already by bring able to access all your guys stuff on napp and all your blog thanks guys ,

  8. Man, for a fledging new photographer like me, getting a free opportunity to learn from Kelby & Co. is to tough to pass up. Now to only figure out how to become more random…

  9. I think this is a great idea!!! Lots of people would love to be given this opportunity. Would love to attend the upcoming Photo Pro Expo (especially since its going to be in my backyard). So I hope I get picked.

    >>Frantically waving my right arm in the air<<

  10. Hello Scott, have been following you since I first watched the second episode of DTownTV. Thanks for all you do for us photographers, I never miss watching a episode I keep them on my computer so I can replay them often. I would like free stuff if you pick me to win! Thanks again. Thomas Bero

  11. Good morning!
    Scott, will you be doing your light it, shoot it seminar in Tampa or Orlando? I would love to see you there. Kelby training is totally awesome. Thank you all so much for what you do. What a great group on instructors.

  12. Hi Scott, how do you manage to make the time to compile (and write about) many of your best photos on this site? Seems like the photos are almost up in ‘real time’ straight after you’ve shot them. Fantastic and clear images. Very impressive. Love to have a small interview with you sometime if you are interested. Thanks – Martin

  13. You guys have forever changed my world. Thanks for all the online training and all the laughs. If I never see you guys in person, I will still feel I know you, every time I see your online faces!

  14. What’s this change in the blog where we no longer get the full post in the RSS feed? Not good, my friends, not good. I much prefer your past way of keeping the full text of the post viewable in the RSS feed. It’s much easier to skip blog posts that don’t have a full feed, or annoying to have to click through to them.

  15. I’ve never had a chance to go visit my brother and sister in Ohio, this would be a great excuse. One in which the excuse might actually be better than the visit itself…

  16. Hey Scott, so cool seeing you give away tickets to the expo. I sure would love to go.
    I’ve seen how much these expo can help an upcoming photographer, and would be privelaged to be ble to attend. Who knows, could be lucky enough to go.

  17. How sweet would that be, I just got done saying how I wanted to tend something like that this year, but I have emu’s hatching and can’t get away at that time. Good luck to who ever wins……..maybe another time or event for me.

  18. Scott,

    I don’t know any other way to contact you, but my son is a big fan(as am I). He is featured in the student union column of the Feb issue of Shutterbug that hit the newsstands today. He would love to hear some feedback from you. If you would like to contact him, let me know and I will give you his info. Joe

  19. I’m in the Cincinnati area and would LOVE to come to this. I’m just starting to get my chops wet with a kelbytraining subscription for Christmas. This would be the perfect thing to keep me moving forward.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Just recently started monitoring, and was interested to see the change to “Pimpy Thursday”. I’ll eagerly follow the offerings (discounts and freebies) and pass the news on to members of the photo club for which I am webmaster.

  21. Hi my name is benedict and I am a photographer in the Philippines I never had any formal training in photography and most of the time done my learning through reading and watching tuts and you have been my one hero when it comes to teachining. Please if you have time vivist my page and advise me on how am I doing so far. Thanks! More Power!

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