It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Crush The Composition DVD
Scott Kelby’s hugely popular Crush The Composition class is now available on DVD! Filmed under the stars in front of a live audience in Downtown Tampa, Scott shares the secrets to nailing your composition in a way no other photographer has done. Pick up your copy at the Kelby Training Store. Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy!

Jeremy Cowart’s LifeFinder Workshop in DC
The day after Photoshop World Washington DC, Tuesday March 27, Jeremy Cowart will be hosting his LifeFinder Workshop! In the workshop, he covers how he got started, his vision toolkit, his lighting, how he stays inspired, and lots more. $249 gets you and someone who needs a break into the workshop, plus his LifeFinder DVD. Get all the info and sign up right here.

Keep an eye out on his blog for more tour dates to be announced soon, and leave a comment for your chance to win one of three free tickets!
Tony Corbell’s Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers is the latest class on Kelby Training. Join Tony in the studio and on location as he walks you through the basics of softboxes, speedlights, and using ambient light to create great images!

Drew Gardner Australian Workshops
Drew Gardner is heading down under to teach a couple of two-day workshops in New South Wales and Victoria! He’ll cover how he plans for his shoots, the techniques he uses to pull them off, and managing the other people involved in the shoot. And (fingers crossed) he’s hoping to have some cool gear on hand for participants to get their hands on. You can get all the details and sign up right here.

And, Drew is giving away 10 free copies of his Location Lighting DVD to some lucky commenters, so leave a comment for your chance to snag one of these!

Photoshop Quiz Game from Dave Cross
For Photoshop users who want to test their knowledge of Photoshop CS5, Dave Cross has released the Photoshop Quiz Game. Modeled after an 80s game show, the game features 3 levels of difficulty and more than 600 True or False, Multiple Choice and “Name the Dialog” questions. The game, which will be available for the iPhone and iPad also includes brief explanations of the correct answer (so you might even learn a little something along the way). Available “any time now” in the iTunes Store.

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of three copies of this app!

Last Week’s Winner
The winner of last week’s giveaway of the 1-Year NAPP Membership and Fay Sirkis DVDs is… Brian Bushong. Congratulations Brian!

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday, and if you’re at Photoshop World, make sure you say hi!

  1. Ooo, freebies, lovely.

    Good luck with PSW this year guys. Wish I could have been there but I will see Scott for the tour in London next month. Hope you survive the British invasion headed up by my mates Glyn Dewis & Dave Clayton, they’re bringing a whole bunch of reprobates & ruffians with them ;)

  2. As always, some great giveaways, Brad!  Scott’s class on composition was great.

    Have a CAKB time in DC!  Hope you can get a few winks of sleep.  :-)


  3. Hello. Scott’s Crush the composition would be great, or Drew’s location lighting would be interesting. Thank you for the effort you put into this blog.
    All the best

  4. You guys make it awfully hard to stay focused on basketball when you keep posting all this cool stuff going on!  I would also love a copy of either Scott’s Crush the Competition or Drew Gardner’s Location Lighting DVD.  Thanks you guys!

  5. So many great prizes this week again! Does Scott have some sort of crazy Bag of Holding? Pull my name out of the bag for any of em! Note: I could really use some help with location lighting ;)

  6. There is almost nothing better than free; especially if it is really cool free stuff!
    The Location Lighting DVD or the LifeFinder Workshop would be great.

  7. Free DVD? What is in it for me? ;) I can’t wait to watch the latest Tim Wallace video this weekend and while I am at it will watch Tony Corbell’s Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers too!

  8. Lighting on Location is something I’ve seen done but not really tried myself. Would love to see what Drew has to say about it. I’m always interested in hearing about someone’s take on compositions as it has helped me open up to several new possibilities.

  9. I would LOVE a copy of the Location Lighting DVD by Drew Gardner – most of my portrait sessions are on location, so I’m always looking for ways to study the natural light around me and either make do with what’s available, or ways to augment natural light with a clever placement of a flash.  Or two. :-)

  10. I would LOVE the DVD.  I had a seat to the seminar but got the stomach flu that day.  I was so upset.  This would be the next best thing.  :) 

  11. Just finished watching Tony Corbell’s class on Kelbytraining.  Excellent class, a lot of easily digestable information in a short period of time.

    Between today’s blog and D-Town season finale, it’s a bumper giveaway Thursday!

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