The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes
It’s here!! Scott’s newest book, The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes, has started shipping and hitting bookstore shelves. I know he talked about it here the other day, but today we’re going to give away FIVE FREE COPIES to some lucky commenters! Just leave a comment letting us know you want the book and why, and we’ll pick five of you next week.

Photographing Motion Outdoors with Joe McNally
This class is all about different ways of capturing motion with a still camera. Join Joe McNally for a day of on-location shooting as he demonstrates different techniques for showing the world in motion. From capturing a moving cyclist on a wooded trail to showing the motion of flowing fabric and hair to creating a complex scene with a moving ambulance, Joe steps you through the process of pulling all of the pieces together and then modifying them on the fly to meet real world conditions. Every shoot has its challenges and you get a front row seat watching a master draw on years of experience to make the adjustments needed to get the shot.

Leave a comment for your chance to watch this class for free!

KelbyOne Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Corey Barker, Matt Kloskowski, or Ben Willmore? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Aug 26 - St. Louis, MO
Aug 28 - Kansas City, MO
Sept 26 - Houston, TX

The Power of One Flash with Joe McNally
Sept 24 - Cleveland, OH

Photoshop Down & Dirty Master FX with Corey Barker
Aug 1 - Miami, FL
Aug 13 - Austin, TX
Oct 3 – New Orleans, LA

The Lightroom LIVE Tour with Matt Kloskowski
Sept 29 - Livonia, MI

The Photoshop Creativity Tour with Ben Willmore
Sept 22 - Arlington, TX

You can check out the full schedule for seminars through August, and we'll be updating it with more dates soon! Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

Digital Photo Workshops Hangout: The Joys of Landscape Photography
TONIGHT at 8pm ET, join Randy Van Duinen, Rob Sylvan, Brian Matiash, and Nicole S. Young for a free hangout to talk about landscape photography and get some great tips! They’ll also be giving away two free passes to a future workshop, so find out more info here and join the hangout right here.

Last Week’s Winners
KelbyOne Class Rentals
– Joel T
– Daniel Baer

KelbyOne Live Ticket
– Luis P

If you're one of the lucky winners, we'll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Ooh! I’d like the book :)

  2. The book will be helpful! A major career shift to photography has been nagging the past years. :)

  3. I would love a copy because I still have so much to learn about photography!

  4. As reference for improving my photography skills, Scott Kelby’s books have been very helpful. So I have no doubt this book will do the same for me.

  5. Would love the book, it would complete me… well, um, yeah, it would complete one of my two sets of the series at least… can only say it might help me make better pictures! :)

  6. Scotts other books saved my life. Depression had a hold on me after my wife’s cancer and my job loss. Long story short I picked up book one and found my way back to normal. I never want to feel that way again so the need to better my skills keeps me going.

  7. I have the other four; why wouldn’t I want this one, too?

  8. Would love the book, all Scott’s other books I have bought have been the reason I keep on improving and getting better. This book can only help me get even better on this journey of photography. Besides, his humorous chapter openers are worth the read alone :)

  9. Would love the new Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes. But can not buy anything just yet because we just bought a new vehicle and one our children’s birthdays is next week.

  10. I’m from Italy and I need the book to shoot better photo on my next holiday in USA. If international shopping si a problem I Have a dear friend in Phoenix ;)

  11. All of Scott’s books just kick butt and so I could really do with having a copy of this one.

    As for Joe McNally…I know he just had his 40th (lol!) birthday, but I love his photos, techniques, teaching style and overall character… Actually he is just absolutely amazing… If only I could find someone like him to be my mentor…

  12. Hi Scott! Everything I know about photography is because of your books. So I would like the copy of the book to improve myself and also I cant wait until the book arrives to Hungarian bookstore shelves :-) Thanks, huge fan from Budapest, Hungary.

  13. Hi Scott. I would love a copy of your new book. I quite enjoy your chapter preambles, it’s almost like you are inside my head at times.

  14. Scott’s Ditial Photography Books 1-4 are great, as well as Joe McNally’s classes over at are all fantastic incl. Photographing motion outdoors. They are both phenomenal photographer.

  15. Scott, I would love a copy of your book to improve my selfies!!

  16. I would love to improve my photography skills with this book.

  17. OH MY GOSH!!! I would LOVE a copy of the book!!! And the virtual classes would be AWESOME!! WHOOT!!!

  18. Dear Scott, That is is an awsome offer of your book, a wannahave !

  19. Joe McNally is one of the best, really like to have this tutorial, hopefully my photography will be more moving in the future…:-)

  20. Would love to win a copy of Scott’s new book!

  21. I would love a copy! The other books are great, I learned so much from them!

  22. Been looking forward to your next book in this series. wouldn’t say know to a free copy either :)

  23. So exciting! I’d love to win Scott’s new book because his first books in the series taught me so much, making a major impact on my journey as a photographer and I think that this new one is going to be the best of all. Congratulations on the new release Scott!

  24. These books from kelby made me much more enthusiastic about photography that I want this book to learn even more about it. Keep up the good work Scott

  25. Great to see, that part V of the Digital Photography book is now available. This will certainly be a collectors item, due to the, ehm .. special picture, Scott decided just HAD to be in the book
    :-)) anyway, this will complete the line of Books on the shelf, vol 1 through 4 is already in place

  26. Scott, I have really enjoyed your first 4 books. If I get a free copy of The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes , I promise to color in the rest of that photo. You know the one I am talking about. :-) Keep up the good work!

  27. Hi Scott, would love to have the book! So many great pics are online nowadays but it would be great to see how they are made!

  28. I got book 4. Like to win the part 5 book. Thank you.

  29. Hi Scott, I have your other books and would love to have this one as well

  30. already ordered the book, would pass a free one to another newbie i know.

  31. Would love the new DP5 book. It still has net been released over here in good old blighty, so would love to be the ‘first kid on the block’!

  32. Your other books are awesome! They were the first photography books I ordered when I got my first DSLR. Can’t wait get the new one to add to my set!

  33. “You want to complete my collection with book 5” (que Jedi hand-wave).

  34. Pick me!! I love this book series!

  35. Totally in for the book! The missing one in my shelves now!!! :-)

  36. It would be nice to complete my set of DP books with Scott’s new release. I turn to his books all the time for solutions. Thanks for sharing your expertise Scott!

  37. Years ago I borrowed Part 1 in my local library. That’s how I found KelbyTV and KelbyTraining in the first place. I’ve since got the whole series and will definitely read Part 5. I hope I’ll win it.

  38. Like the inverted airplane stamp mistake so coveted by collectors I
    would like to add Scott’s selective color “mistake” to my photography
    book collection. Mistake or not I am sure I will get a lot of good info from the book as well as a collectors item.

  39. FYI some of Scott’s & Ben’s tour locations are off. Scott is going to Houston in Sept not Ben.

  40. Scott’s books just get better and better and I would love to win his new part 5 book which I feel I would learn so much from.

  41. I would love to win Scott’s book. Kelby Training has been awesome and entertaining.

  42. Brad, would love to win a book to give out at our photo club (250 strong), and it would be a great promo for it. I got mine yesterday, love the teaching styles in it. It will make a great reference book for shots I don’t do offen!

  43. I learn a lot from Scott’s books and this one would be a handy carry along reference for me. Even better would be a iBook copy!


  44. I would love a copy of your new book because plain and simple, things are just better when they are free. Take for instance, walking into a pizza parlor and ordering a pizza, only to find out your are they 1,000,000 visitor and your pizza is free. It will taste better. Take my word for it. Free is always better.

  45. Scott’s books are very interesting and informative. I have his first four and would love this latest book to complete my collection.

  46. I’ve read just about every book Scott’s written and have learned so much. This would be a great addition to my Kelby library.

    I still go back to the 7 points book and reread parts.

  47. I have purchased many of Scott’s books and the best book is a recipe book. It puts all the ingredients together. I have the light recipe course and helped so much. Now all of the information makes sense and can be applied immediately.

  48. Would love a copy of Scott’s new book. Can’t wait for this year’s photowalk!

  49. I enjoyed the effective yet simple recipes to produce ‘complicated’ but clean shots in the first 3 books

  50. I would love to win Scott’s book!

  51. A Scott Kelby book? Why, of course, I would love one!!!!

  52. I would love to win Scott’s book! We have the first 4 (2 copies of each actually between the fiance and I) and we recommend them to everyone who is looking to learn their camera better and learn to take better photographs!

  53. Here I sit at my computer with The Digital Photography Book Part 2 sitting on my desk… it’s lonely… it needs a friend… what it really needs is a brother to spend time with and share recipes and techniques! Please help me to keep the family together one volume at a time!

  54. I’d love to win the book. Part One started me on my photographic journey and I quickly added the other three volumes as they became available. These books should be required reading for anyone interested in photography.


  55. The book would help me get into SELECTIVE colour Thanks

  56. Why? Because I want to be a better photographer

  57. Let’s get to the point here. I’ve got several other Ps CS and Lr books for digital photographers in addition to Kelby 1. All have changed my workflow for the best. PLEEEEASE send me a copy of the new book.

  58. I’d love a copy of the book, because I have some of the previous and love them too! I’d also love to have a chance to attend Scott’s St. Louis workshop.

  59. I would love your new book. I have the other books for this series and think this one would help give me some new photographic ideas. I get a lot out of following the blog and everything at KelbyOne.

  60. Scott – you’re the best! I’d be thrilled to win a copy of the new book!

  61. I already own your first books of this serie. What I prefer is the way it is written by providing “recipes” for a lot of different kind of photos. We could easily practice those recipes and learn so much very fast. thanks

  62. Just started reading the other book so this would be great to get number 5

  63. I’d love to have the book but I live in Australia; so pick me if you’ve accidentally printed one upside down!

  64. Why do I want the book? 1.It’s Scott’s book! 2.It will look good on my bookshelf with the rest of Scott’s books when I finish reading it. 3.The recipes make it quick & easy to try out and learn new things. Thanks!

  65. Would love to win Scott’s new book…. I’m 5 foot something, there’s 5 people live my house, eat my 5 a day fruit & veg, its currently one thirthy FIVE pm, etc. Can never have enough 5’s in your life :)

  66. The recipes edition would be great to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I would love to win!

  68. I would greatly enjoy the new book.

  69. I’d love to have the Photo Recipes book because I learned so much from the other books in this series. While I’ve been focused on learning Photoshop (not an easy task from someone who started back in film days), I’ve hit a stalemate in my actual photography and need some inspiration for a kickstart! Please pick me!!!

  70. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of a great book by a great author. Keep up the great work Scott.

  71. I would love to win this since I am the amateur photographer of choice for many of my friend’s events and though I do it for fun and for free, I am still vain enough to compare my pictures to those I see taken by pros!

  72. I have books 1-4. Daddy needs a copy of 5!

  73. Love to get a copy of Scott’s new Digital Photography book. Learned tons from the others. Lots of info in bite sized packaging. I’m the kind who likes to be shown just enough to get me going (new technique or an answer to a nagging question) and then I’m off and running and doing my own thing. Scott’s other books and recipes have been great at that.

  74. The photo book would sure help me! Thanks Scott!

  75. Scott, I’d love a copy of the book. I bought your first book of this series eons ago when I first decided to get more serious with photography and love your humorous writing style and have recommended your book to others. I most recently picked up your updated version of Book I but this newest one would be a welcomed addition and will be dog eared and worn out in no time! Fingers crossed!

  76. I’d take Scott’s book any day!

  77. love all of Scott’s books and this book will be a great addition to the first 4 books I have and re-read regularly!

  78. I would like a copy of the book b/c tomorrow is my birthday!

  79. I will buy a copy of the book if I do not win it, but, hey why not try

  80. The book would be awesome because of its increased value based on the selective color image and I would like to make it a prize for our local photography club.

  81. I would love to add Scott new book to my reading library he has been such a help on my photography journey.

  82. I would like to win The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes because I have the other four books and they’re so good!

  83. I’m not convinced… I have been reading, practicing, loving the other four books in this series, but I’m on the fence as to whether Scott is the greatest thing to happen to my photography skills… Maybe a copy of this book will tip the scales in his favor…

    totally kidding, You rock Scott!

  84. Scott’s books are always the best, reasonably priced and a treasure house of useful practical tips.

  85. Would love to add to my collection of books 1-4 but the real reason why I want Book 5 in the series is to help me with my selective color technique!!

  86. I would like to complete my collection

  87. I want to give it to a friend who is starting photography. I’ve already ordered mine!

  88. Would love a free copy of Scott’s new photography book. I’ve had to replace my #1 3 times and #2 twice (I keep giving mine away!) Luckily, I guess, once they’ve read them, they buy their own #3 and #4!

  89. Love to win a copy of Scott’s new book, will look extra good in my collection of his work.

  90. I would certainly appreciate a copy of this book. Job, kids, life has sidetracked my photography and I would enjoy the inspiration from this book to get back on track with my camera.

  91. Been looking forward to this book for a long time.

  92. Would love to win this book! I find myself shooting in a lot of different random situations at the spur of the moment for work. A reference like this would be invaluable.

  93. Would love a copy of the new book.

  94. I already have a copy, but everyone needs another one!

  95. it would be awesome to win Scott’s book! His first four were so informative, easy and fun to read.

  96. I would love to win a copy of The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes to round out my collection of the earlier four editions. It would be a great help to me when I’m helping members of the Halifax-based Maritime Camera Club. Cheers.

  97. If it’s half as good as the rest of his books, everyone needs this. Thanks Scott!

  98. Maybe do another travel + post processing video like you did with Paris, but with an emphasis on landscapes in….Banff National Park? Ill go with you!

  99. Not a coincidence that Scott is one of my favorite shooters/instructors and 5 is my favorite number. Hopefully that makes me a winner of book #5 in Scott’s series! Thanks for the contest.

  100. I would love to have a copy of Scott’s new book … mainly because I need the help so badly!

  101. That book looks awesome! Great show yesterday by the way!

  102. Have the rest of the series, need some motivation/inspiration to pick up the camera. It’s been awhile!

  103. I’d totally dig in to a copy of Scott’s new book! I haven’t had access to the previous volumes so I’m curious to learn how he fashions a shoot into a “recipe”. Is it full of cooking puns?

  104. I already purchased the book (Kindle version) and it’s great. I’ve read the first chapter two times already and it is packed with great info. I would love to have a copy to give to my granddaugher who is very interested in photography. She’s 12 and we have already shot some great soccer games together. Either way….the book is great.

  105. Would love the book. Books 1-4 would be lonely without it.

  106. I want to know how to do selective colour. Please send me a copy.

  107. My high school students love doing selective color projects, and what better way to learn than a recipe from one of the masters? But, then again, I may just stick it in a glass case, so it stays in pristine condition. ;)

  108. as a lucky gourmet, i hope i will receive the “photo recipes” !

  109. books are awesome, i’d have the complete collection :)

  110. this is me leaving a comment.

  111. I’d like to win Scotts new Photography Book 5 so I can give it to my Grandaughter who is an aspiring photographer.

  112. I’d love to win scotts new book, mostly because I love his writing style – makes me giggle – and I have learned so much from his other books

  113. Scott is a very gifted teacher and I’d be thrilled to get this book.

  114. Having a hard copy of the book would be great to go along with digital version.

  115. Winning Scott’s fifth book in the series would force me to buy the other one I don’t already own, #4. Every photog should have a complete set of the Digital Photography Book series. Now let’s go out and shoot something.

  116. I’m excited about 2 things. This new book is one, the other is my ability to comment here. For the last 2 weeks or so The comment part of your page wouldn’t populate no matter what browser I used on multiple computers. Whatever you guys did to fix it, THANK YOU!!!!

  117. I’d love to win Scott’s new book because the other books in the series (all of Scott’s books, actually) are terrific. Congrats Scott on the new book!

  118. Hi Scott:

    I hope you give me the book for two reasons. First, I have all your four books. And second, I live in Ghana, West Africa, with no access to good photography books. Your book will really help me.

    P.S: am trying to put together a Ghana team for the photography Walk.

    Who ever wins, I am sure they will be pleased.

    All the best with the book!


    (Am registered as but forgot my pass wroed :-( )

  119. Congrats on your new book. I would love to own this 5th one. I own all the previous ones and they were all great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  120. FIVE COPIES??? Woo Hoo…let me have one….

  121. I could sure use some new recipes for my photography!

  122. I would love to have book 5 as books 1-4 are lonely in spite of being so well used…

  123. I’d love to win a copy of Scott’s new book!

  124. I’d love to recieve a

  125. Scott, your tips as well as the interviews on your podcast “The Grid” has increased my confidence as a photographer 100 fold. If I were to win your new book would be a plus but following your tried and true techniques is already a big win for me. Thank you for all of your contributions to the photography community.

  126. Id lover to recieve a copy. I have all the rest of the series. Great tips and insight. Thanks for all you guys do at KelbyOne.. Im just starting to get a little income from photograpy and the more knowledge the better. Thanks

  127. I have all your other books in this series and they are so packed with great info. I can’t even imagine what is left that you haven’t covered.

  128. Looking forward very much to the St. Louis program on 8/26. Need to pick up some more tips for a vacation this Fall.

  129. I’d love a copy of the book to be able to share it around with the camera club I lead. I have bought copies in the past and it has gone over well and would like to continue this tradition.

  130. I’d like to add this book to my Scott Kelby collection. Thanks for the chance!

  131. I’d like a copy of #5. It seems like a good list of project assignments for learning techniques.

  132. Hi, I love the free stuff, so please give to me :D Regards from Argentina

  133. I’d like a copy of your new book since I have the rest of the set.

  134. I would like a copy of Vol 5 so I can tell my mama that I’m just like Scott Kelby!

  135. It just so happens that my real name is “lucky winners”.

  136. Need this copy of Scott’s new book to both complete my set and to show that EVERYONE sometimes goofs up… (My Kindle copy has the fix.) ;-)

  137. I’d love to win the book… I Always try to find something to learn from!

  138. The 5th book would make my collection complete. I’d love to have a copy.

  139. I need this book. I have so many other Kelby books that my wife has put me on a budget and banned me from going to book stores!

  140. I’d love a copy of Scott’s new book please!

  141. Looking forward to reading #5. I’ve found the other four very informative

  142. I’d love Scott’s book to add to my knowledge of digital photography (everything I know about this subject I owe to Scott). But one book will suffice, please give the other four to my good friends on this blog!

  143. I’d love a copy of Scott’s 5th book!

  144. It would be great to have all those recipes in one place with the added information.

  145. I would like your book Scott, because it would go nicely with the other four that I have :)

  146. I love the other 4 books and need to complete my collection.

  147. Scott, I want the book. My wife says we need to budget; it would be great to avoid another heartfelt discussion about priorities!

  148. I’m new to the photography world. I just finished my first class on using my DSLR and am currently using another one of Scott’s books to teach myself Photoshop. I am all for diving on in to new adventures, and this book would be a great addition to my growing library of resources. Thanks!

  149. Could really use a recipe book for photography!!

  150. I’d like to have the book because I learned so much from your books and Kelby training and would love to learn more!

  151. I’d love an autographed copy, last time I met him I had him autograph the first one from the library I brought along with! (don’t worry, I’ve since bought the other 4

  152. Along with great advice from a friend and mentor, your books have helped me a great deal in getting better at the craft of photography. (I have Part 1-4 of your series), and sure would be glad to have # 5.

  153. Love to have the book

  154. Would looove to win your new book. thanks for the chance

  155. Scott’s books have gotten me through so many brain f&#ts, I can’t imagine not adding this book to my collection. But to get a free copy, and maybe even signed (I can dream can’t I). That would be the cat’s meow! Love your books, Scott! Love everything Scott Kelby

  156. I’d love to win Scott’s new book. I’ve read all the others, and love his style and all that I learn from him! Thanks!!

  157. a recipe book from a master chef!!! priceless !

  158. I’d love to have the new book to expand on some of the ideas I have read from the previous books!

  159. I need this book. The future depends on it. Last night, Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t own a copy of your book, that he’d melt my brain.

  160. I saw the other books at a Joe McNally workshop last week, and will be buying them in the future.

  161. The book looks great and I know i will learn so much.

  162. I’d love to win Scott’s newest book! Why you ask? Because it’s summer and the perfect time to catch up on reading and my photography skills. Thanks for the chance.

  163. Can’t wait to check out the new book. I have the full set and will be adding this one. Getting a free copy would be a bonus!

  164. I’d like to win the book. I’m a single guy and only survive by having recipes given to me by well meaning people – seems to fit the book content (?).

    Congrats on your book release btw, you do a really nice job on them.

  165. Just bought your LR5 book, love to add another book to my collection!

  166. Hi Scott,
    I would love your book because living in New Zealand makes it a little difficult getting to your seminars and workshops… Keep up the good work you and your team are always inspirational.

  167. I have some of the other ones. I need to complete my set!

  168. I need a copy of this one to complete the Scott Kelby section of my bookshelf…I think I’ve got almost all of them! Oh, and I hear there’s a great tutorial on Selective Color in this one. ;-)

  169. . . . because I neeeed it.

  170. Long time fan! Would love a copy of your book as attending your workshops and seminars is a distant dream till you decide to show up in this part of the world, i.e. India. Have learnt a lot from your online training and would love a copy of this book as capturing motion has always fascinated me. Cheers!

  171. I watch Scott’s work for a long time and all I can say is that I have never met anyone so passionate in transmitting his knowledge to other people in a style so pleasant.
    I can only say that both educative book, signed by him would be great to get here in the land of Dracula, where Scott failed to reach his journey on the Danube and missed the opportunity to see the beauty of Danube Delta.

  172. You can’t just get enough of Joe! He is the man.
    btw..Pick me for the book plz ✋

  173. When cooking for a large event with your camera, it’s always good to be able to pull a few recipes out of your back pocket.

  174. I have a shelf almost full of Scott’s books, and there’s -just- enough room to fit another one into… ;-)

  175. I purchased the complete set for some time now and still go back for reference constantly. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, I’d like to add this volume to my collection. Keep up the good work.

  176. i want the Digital Photography book because I want the Digital Photography book

  177. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to know. Scott’s books and videos have helped immensely, and his new book can only help us take our craft even further.

  178. I’d too would love to win Scott’s new book. It would complete my set as I have all the others and then some. They remain in my reference library and are in use often. I’ve learned a lot from them and the others I have of his.

  179. I’d like to win the book to round out my collection of Scott’s great books.

  180. Can’t wait to see what you have added to this book. The others have been great. I use them as gifts for my kids as they try to hone their photography skills. Keep up the great work.

  181. i would love this book to finish my collection for most of your books to date and be the first person in wales to have one !!!

  182. It would be great to win a copy of Scott’s new book! Why? Because I love to learn!

  183. I want the book! I have the other four in the series and need it to make my life complete. You complete me Scott, you complete me. :D

  184. I would love to win this book to see how a pro photographer stays current and active in the industry using the latest tools and tricks.

  185. This book looks great as usual

  186. Why wouldn’t you want to give it to me? That’s just crazy talk. I would love and cherish till death do I part with the book.

  187. Hello Scott. Thanks for the kind offer of your new book. I have the others in the series, and would be nice to have this latest in the series. Appreciate all you have done for the photographer in us.

  188. Totally, Totally would love to win this book. It would be an awesome opportunity to be be able to have this hardcopy on hand because everyone needs some new inspiration right? :)

  189. Thank You Scott for always being such a positive influence for photography.

  190. I’d love to win Scott’s new book — to go long with the other four! Thanks, Scott!

  191. I will buy it if I not win it. Great books!

  192. This book would look awesome on my shelf… because 4+1 is far better than 4+0… unless you’re counting speeding tickets or other unpleasant things of course.

  193. Thanks for the chance to win the book. I have the others and love them!

  194. The first four books are on my bookshelf and they desperately want their new sibling to join them!

  195. This book sounds amazing!

  196. I would really love this book to sit by the first 4 in the series that are already on my shelf.

  197. Hope it is not too late to get in for the drawing.
    I have enjoyed and benefited from all the previous books.

  198. Point 1): The addition of “thought process” and “post-process” sections for each image in this book are the most educational and rewarding resources for me.
    Point 2): I have yet to own a “Scott Kelby”.
    Point 3): Winning this would make it first of many more to add in my library.

    Looking forward to the first dose of Scott Kelby.
    Your kindness of this offer is highly appreciated.

    The ‘artist’ at Q Gallery | art

  199. I have the first 4 books as a box set and this would be a welcome addition! They are by far the most user friendly photography books on the market and are my go-to resource whenever I’m faced with a particular situation.

  200. Would love to get a copy of that book :)

  201. Just received your latest “Digital Photography Book” Part 5. This is the best ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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