Photoshop World
Photoshop World Vegas is less than two weeks away! I can almost see Joe McNally’s speedlights firing, hear Alan Hess’s shutter clicking as Big Electric Cat rocks his pre-con, and hear Jay Maisel dropping f-bombs as he wows the crowd with his beautiful work and sharp sense of humor… Don’t miss this opportunity to hang out with the instructors you love!

This will be your last chance to win a full-conference pass from Free Stuff Thursdays, so leave a comment for your chance to be the lucky winner!

Kelby Training Live
All three of the Kelby Training Live tours are on the road this coming week!

First up is the Lightroom 4 Live seminar with Matt Kloskowski TOMORROW, August 24 in Seattle! It’s not too late to register, which you can do right here.

Then, Joe McNally is bringing his One Light, Two Light tour to Portland on Monday, August 27.

And last but certainly not least, is Scott Kelby’s Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Tour on Wednesday, August 29 in Denver!

You can get all the details for these and upcoming dates at
Head over to Kelby Training to check out the latest class from Rick Sammon, LIGHT: The Main Element in Every Photograph! In this class, Rick discusses the importance of knowing light and using it to make the most impact in your photographs. He even discusses how our cameras and lenses react to and record light, then talks about controlling light in our images.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a 1-month Kelby Training subscription!

Last Week’s Winners
One Light, Two Light Seminar
– David Pino

Photoshop World Pre-Conference Workshop
– rjhoughton

Photoshop CS6 Seminar
– Gordon

We’ll be in touch soon regarding your prizes. And keep scrolling down to the next post for an announcement/guest post from Bill Fortney!

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  1. Awesome, I’m laying here now wishing there was a new class to watch on my iPad KelbyTraining app, see ya…

  2. I’d love to attend Photoshop world!! If not this year, then hopefully next year.

  3. excited for the new Jay Maisel class to be posted on Kelby Training! Wish I could have attended today’s session in Sacramento, but had to sit in a windowless office…

  4. One day you will want to come to New Zealand to shoot and share. Meanwhile us Kiwi’s will watch and learn from afar.  Thank God for the internet!

  5. Either would be great!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity to win such cool stuff! i would love to win the full PSW conference pass!

  7. How about a reward for the “starving student” who found the largest pot of coffee, for Kalebra, while driving on the interstate?  Actually, would love to catch the McNally tour, but school is starting soon and absorbing my bank account’s attention.

  8. I haven’t been to Vegas since WPPI in February so it’s definitely time for anothertrip.  Happy Thursday everyone!!

  9. It is so great that you give great prizes away each week. I hope to make it to Photoshop World in the near future. Keep up the amazing work that you and the rest of the Kelby clan are doing…

  10. :-) PSW pass is what I reeally would love, I need the vacation!! XD

  11. I would love to win a pass to PSW, would be great to attend again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. With the Photoshop guys rockin’ CS6 at Photoshop World, it is going to be spectacular! Would love the chance to go!

  13. Would love Kelby Training subscription

  14. PSW is the best! I would love to win a pass!

  15. Would love to win a full-conference pass to PSW!

  16.  I’m fully into this free stuff :)

  17. Please please please please let me get that PSW pass!!

  18. Please please please please let me get that PSW pass!!

  19. Sure would be nice surrounded by so many people sharing the same interest and learning all the new toys from Adobe. But my college class starts this week and I just don’t have money to permit me to go.
    Plus I have a Service dog to consider.

  20. I would make the most of a Kelby Training subscription. I would enjoy to win the one month subscription.

  21. Was able to catch the Grid live for the first time today, wonderful show.

  22. Even though the PSW conference pass may be free, the whole trip won’t be.  However, I’ll gladly sacrifice if selected!  (PICK ME!! PICK ME!!)

  23. Would love a photoshop world pass!

  24. I’d love to have enough time to watch all the training videos!

  25. KelbyTraining subscription would be great! I’ve tried a day pass and loved it. :-)

  26. Just moved to the us and would bepychedto meet you all at my first ps world after following you all this time!

  27. Brad, I currently have a Kelby Training subscription through 2013.  If chosen, can I extend by one month.  Have gotten way more than my money’s worth.  Can’t wait for PSW Vegas 2012.

  28. I love the shows and watch omy Ipad regularly, would love a chance to a month long subscription. That would be a good day ! Greetings from Rotterdam.

  29. Oh yes please! Well I’m not able to travel around the world just like that, but a 1- month subscription – oh, yes please!!

  30. Would love to win the 1-month subscription!

  31. Would love the 1-month KT subscription!!

  32. My Kelbytraining subscription expires in November, so a month extension would be most welcome.  Then I can convince my wife to buy me another year for Christmas :)

  33. Hi!
    I’d love to win 1 month subscription to Kelby Training.
    Thanks! :)

  34. THanka for making all these fantastic opportunities available to us!

  35. I would love to win a 1-month Kelby Training subscription.

  36. I love Kelby Training and have been to a couple of sessions here in Phoenix. I would love to win tickets to Photoshop World Vegas. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. Having just been convinced to upgrade to CS6, a 1-month Kelby Training subscription would be perfect.

  38. I would love a kelby training membership!

  39. excited for kelby training live in Hartford

  40. Please throw my name in the hat for the one-month of Kelby Training. Sounds awesome.

  41. Thank you as always!

  42. I’d love to have a free month of Kelby training!

  43. here is my wish and hope to win a Photoshop World pass. 

  44. “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try
    again.” Like last week, I would love to win the one month membership to the
    super awesome Kelby Training.

  45.  Would <3 to win a full-conference pass from Free Stuff Thursdays!! 

  46. Would really love to win the 1month Kelby Training Subscription. Took a test drive recently and looooved it but am too broke to sign up…

    …strange why won’t it save my account info? trying again…

  47. leaving a comment and hoping for a month:)

  48. trying again… ah, now it seems to have worked.

    1mo Kelby Training, please, pretty please ;) ;) ;)

  49. Hey Brad! … So .. did you get the Mac with no Kensington Security Cable lock .. or what? !
    I’m sure that with ‘krazy glue’, a couple of eyelets and some 130 lb fishing line that Mac can be just as secure as the old ones. (Hehehe !!!) (hmm sounds like a ‘Larry’s Cheap Shots’ kind of solution is needed)
    Hope to see you at PSW (if I win), with the answer

  50. Ahh, the sound of Jay Maisel in the morning…It would be great to win a full conference pass to PSW!

  51. I would like to win the full conference pass to PSW!  thanks

  52. Love Kelby Training wouldn’t mind my membership being extended, or better yet a PSW pass.

  53. I will give it a go. Thanks Scott.

  54. PSW pass would be great! Vegas here I come?! :) Of course I can always use a month pass to

  55. I really want that conference pass. Please send it my way!

  56. I read PI every morning. A pass to PW would be a great way to start the day! See you tomorrow!

  57. Looking forward to the new class

  58. I would love to have this……….Thank you

  59. I would LOVE to have this month free! Thanks for all the great info you post for us.

  60. I’ve already packed my bags….I have no desire to unpack!!!!

  61. I’ll see you all in LV , this will be my 3rd year,I love going to LV but photoshop world even make it better.

  62. Would love the subscription.  I feel like I’m so out of the loop since I couldn’t make it to PSW this past spring.

  63. Thanks a Lot for the great stuff you bring to the World Mister Kelby…in other words gimme that month of KelbyTraining… j/k j/k…but seriously would love that subscription test drive…

  64. I love Kelby Training
    I love Rick Sammon
    I’d love to win a month for free

  65. Good luck everyone! Photoshop World in Las Vegas would be epic!

  66. Would love to get a free month on KlebyTraining!

  67. I look at your photos and know I NEED a month!

  68. I would love to get a free month on Kelby Training! Can only lead me to good things.

  69. Man, I’ve been dying for a chance to go to PSW.  PLEEEEEASE send me…  Does that sound too over the top? 

  70. I will be in Las Vegas on those days visiting my sister. I would love a chance to attend.

  71. Going to Photoshop World would be amazing! Would love to win that pass.

  72. Kelby Training Rocks!  (and so does free stuff!)

  73. I would love the one month Kelby Training subscription. I promise I would give it a good home. I would hug it, and love it, but I wouldn’t call it George. That would just be crazy.

  74. Enjoy the process as much as the image?

  75. I would love to try Kelby Training for a month! Come on Scott!! Help a brother out!

  76. 1 month of Kelby training?  How could I say no to that?!?

    Seriously, so sad I couldn’t make it to vegas, but I guess I’ll have to wait until next year!  I’ll just enjoy it that much more when I finally get to go! :D

  77. I need a vacation

  78. PWC… I would love to be there.. 

  79. Would love to win either of the contests!

  80. Thanks for another “free stuff” Thursday!

  81. I’d love to win the one month Kelby training subscription!

  82. It is always a great educational experience to watch the classes.  I try to sign up as often as I can.  It is always worth it.

  83. A free month of Kelby Training! Thank you Scott!

  84. Contests are a great way to gain engagement.

  85. Would love to finally get to Photoshop world!

  86. It’s always nice to hear free once in a while in this world.

  87. My son just moved to Vegas yesterday for dental school. Give me a reason to visit him.

  88. Just attended Joe’s One Light/Two Light seminar in Miami. Got lots of good tips. I would love to be the winner of the of the full conference pass to Vegas Show. As a starving flight instructor and NAPP member devotee, please pick me as the winner!

  89. Thursdays are cool!
    Please select me for a free month of training.
    Martin in Indiana and cyberspace

  90. I was at Joe McNally’s class in Miami last week.  It really got me fired up for Vegas, I’ve got the time off from my job for Vegas, but sadly, can’t afford Vegas unless a guardian angel appeared and offered me a full conference pass.  The clouds would part, the sun would shine, the trumpets would roar, and most importantly you’d give the greatest gift of all: knowledge!

  91. I would greatly enjoy the 1-month KelbyTraining subscription.

  92. Wow – amazing pile of free stuf this Thursday.

  93. I would love a free trip to photoshop

  94. Would love to win the 1 month Kelby Training prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. Scott/Brad,
    I’m anxiously awaiting your discussion  on the backup storage system you have found to replace the Drobo-see Scotts blog of July 27 where he promised this with 2 weeks. Did I miss something?

  96. I’d love a month of Kelby training!!

  97. Yeah, I like free stuff, especially Kelby free stuff! :-)

  98. Kelbytraining for a month would be great!

  99. Free month of Kelby training would be AWESOME!!

  100. I am so ready to go to PSW. Just one problem…need that ticket! Hope I win so I can personally thank you.

  101. I’ve been to the east coast Photoshop World so many times I’ve lost count (seven or eight times, I THINK), but I’d love to go to Vegas to see it at least once. No interest in gambling, but plenty of city lights to shoot at night!

  102. Just got back from Scott’s Sacramento seminar. Took my stepdaughter who is just getting into photography. Already have my ticket to PSW, but would love to bring a friend…..

  103. I’m already going, I’m psyched about it, but a free conference pass to PSW would be the topper!

  104. Never been to PSW…sure couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

  105. A free month of kelbytraining would be awesome, and maybe I’ll learn enough to convince my wife that the annual price is worth it!

  106. I’ll take a free month of Kelby Training any day.  

  107. Free month of Kelby Training will be awesome.

  108. Intrigued by Kelby Training, but haven’t purchased a month, yet. Would love to win a month to explore. Thanks!

  109. About that pass to PSW…maybe it’s the word “FREE”, but having attended past PSW’s it should really be all about the terrific three days of learning and the enjoyment of being around true professionals.

  110. Free Stuff Thursday is amazing…how generous! 

  111. A free pass to Photoshop world would be great.

  112. I’d love to go to Photoshop World!

  113. Enjoy your blog daily but would really love a free pass to PSW!

  114. Thanks, for a shot at the full conference pass. Here’s to speedlights and f-bombs…

  115. Photoshop World?  Yes, please

  116. Yay for free stuff Thursdays. Also pumped for the WWPW on October 13th. 

  117. One month subscription would be awesome!

  118. I want to be there and I need to be there…Photoshop World.  I have already booked my flight and room early to save money, but fell short of reaching my financial goal and could not purchase a conference pass this year.  So why am I still going? The Photoshop World Expo has amazing amount of great classes and opportunities for me to learn. I think just networking with all the other great NAPP members is worth the trip.  Thank you for posting a possible chance to win a conference pass. 

  119. I want to be there and I need to be there…Photoshop World.  I have already booked my flight and room early to save money, but fell short of reaching my financial goal and could not purchase a conference pass this year.  So why am I still going? The Photoshop World Expo has amazing amount of great classes and opportunities for me to learn. I think just networking with all the other great NAPP members is worth the trip.  Thank you for posting a possible chance to win a conference pass. 

  120. Throwing my name into the hat but also want to thank you for your regular updates and willing to share the expertise of you and many of your peers.  Thanks, Scott.

  121. first time I tried Free Thurs.Don’t have lots of time to read everything out there. I enjoy KT and please do the same offer on cyberMonday as last year. The stinking economy once again prevents a trip to vegas, maybe next year. I just don’t know how people can go 4-5 years in a row unless they live close to the city. Hawaii economy really sucks. Get your H’cane kits up to date and don’t forget your high water britches and sandals. Hold on to your roof.  (I’ve been through several H’canes.) Jock
       I see (on google earth) your back door opens to a water ski venue. I went to cypress gardens as a kid, and Sanibel island before it was cool. Maybe about 1963?

  122. Id love to go to Photoshop World, first timer! Good luck to everyone! Shouldnt last years winner of your Tampa photowalk get an extra entry or something!

  123. One month kelby training would be great!

  124. I’d love the one-month subscription to Kelby Training.  That’d be amazing… Thanks!

  125. A one-month subscription to Kelby Training would be nice :)

  126. I could really, really use the 1 month subscription :) Love all the stuff you guys offer on the site

  127. I can always use another month of Kelby Training

  128. I would love to go to photoshop world, someday I will get there.  I’m a member of Kelby Training would love to get a free month.

  129. This will be my first trip to Photoshop World.  I too didn’t have it my budget to purchase a conference pass, but, I will be there at the Expo.

  130. Loved the Tour stop yesterday in Sacramento (Scott’s CS6 for photographers) and would dearly love the one month of free training!  Keep ’em coming!

  131. A free month of Kelby training would be awesome; I will get to know what everyone else is raving about.

  132. At least three day trip to Vegas sounds really great. I just packed my photography equipment.

  133. I’d dearly love to go to Photoshop World Vegas, but the budget doesn’t permit this year. Go to all the ‘Live’ Training classes here in Minneapolis. Caught Matt’s Lightroom stop and looking forward to RC coming this fall. 

  134. Nothing beats a month of the best training available!

  135. A month of free training would be great!!

  136. I would love to win the Photoshop world ticket!!! 

  137. I would really like to win this for my wife – she would be soooo surprised and happy.

  138. I would love to be at Photoshop World in VEGAS this year, or even orlando next year!  I am in canada and attending as many seminars available to me here, I have been to 3 so far two in Toronto and one in ottawa, waiting patiently for the next two to come !  I love the seminars and have learned so much already!  I own practically all of your books now!  Love all the seminars, you have a great team working with you Scott!!
    LCJ’S Photography Studio Kingston Ontario Canada.

  139. I’d love to win a subscription! :)

  140. Awesome. 1 month subscription would be good!!

  141. Photoshop World is 3 days of great training and networking.

  142. I’d love the 1 month trial.

  143. I’d love to win a pass to PSW!

  144. A free month of Kelby Traing would be phenominal! (as RC would say…)

  145. Will attend Photoshop conference one of these days… Would love to get Kelby training classes for a month!

  146. I went to your CS5 conference in Boston like a year back and learned a lot. So thanks for that. I’ve been reading your blog for years. I’m not so interested winning anything but was wondering if you could provide some advice for my career; but don’t know how to contact you.

  147. You guys stay busy busy busy. Haha. I’d love to win a subscription!

  148. PSW pass still available?

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