Photoshop for Digital Photographers in Washington DC
On November 15, Scott Kelby will be bringing his Photoshop for Digital Photographers seminar to the nation’s capital, Washington DC! Check out the video above for all the details, and head over to to register now.

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Kelby Training Sales
Don't forget, you can still get 15% off all books and DVDs at the Kelby Training Store! All you have to do is use the promo code 15KTB for books or 15KTD for DVDs when you check out. And if you're buying a book/DVD bundle, either code will work.

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We’re just a month away from this year’s Help-Portrait event! On December 8, all around the world there will be groups of people gathering to give those in need the gift of a photograph. Head over to for more info on how you can be part of this movement.

The Grid with Pete & Brad
With Scott, Matt, and RC all out of town yesterday, Pete Collins and myself took over on The Grid! We talked about our experiences in photography, and shared tips on being an assistant and working with other photographers, plus told what we’re thankful for. You can check out this special “C-List” episode right here ;-)

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Always great tips.

  2. I’d love to win the book and video

  3. Winning a book and video would be excellent!

  4. would love to win a book or dvd. thanks!

  5. I’d like to win a book and a DVD!

  6. Hope I can someday get to a training seminar, but for now will opt to try my hand at scoring some gratis help by book and DVD.

  7. Love to attend the seminar

  8. Always enjoy the training Scott offers up. I have learned so much and would love to learn more.

  9. I would LOVE to win a free book and DVD! I attended the Seminar in Arlington, TX and learned so much! Thank you!

  10. Or u can send me to DC cuz its where i’ll want to be!

  11. A ticket in DC would be sweet!

  12. Free Scott Kelby book and DVD, if you please.

  13. Awesome…. always watching your tips all the way from Taipei, Taiwan…
    I need to get ur new book! Hope they sell it somewhere here…

  14. Would love a free book or dvd!

  15. Hello from France.
    Thanks to Scott Kelby too share all of his tricks and techniques
    You can choose me for a free book and DVD…YES YOU CAN !

  16. Hi guys! Would love the chance to win a book or a DVD. Thanks!

  17. Would love a book or DVD.

  18. Hi everyone. I have the day off from work and would love a ticket to the DC seminar!

  19. I would love to see you in DC, and I never turn down good books or dvds. We promise all the big, bad storms are out of the way!

  20. Thanks for the info. Can’t handle the ticket but the DVD would be wonderful.

  21. Just attended the Boston seminar and it was great. Although I filled out the eval, what I would like to also suggest is for folks to have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the day (similar to how it is done for The Grid). Scott is super about meeting and talking to people at the end of each hourly session which is awesome, but maybe the group would also benefit from hearing some of those individual questions/ answers. Attendees could ask or tweet their questions and someone could review them and pick a few to discuss live at the end of the day. It wouldn’t have to be long – 15 min to answer a few before Scott has to wrap up and make a mad dash to catch his flight ;)
    Oh yeah … Wouldn’t mind a book or dvd.

  22. That Help-Portrait event sounds like an awesome event. As a burgeoning portrait photographer, adding Scott’s LR4, CS6, and/or portrait retouch books to my collection would be great.

  23. I could always use a book and dvd especially one on CS6!! Thanks.

  24. Pick me , pick me , I want a free book and DVD …( I’m a poet and didn’t know it )

  25. Bummer about the reschedule – but great that I’m in town for the reschedule! I’d love to go to the DC training.

  26. Wow, I could sure use a good book! Time to get some education!

  27. I’ve been looking at Scott’s LR4 as my next book. Love his approach!!

  28. I read your blog everyday for inspiration

  29. I would love a chance to win Scott’s CS6 Book! Thanks!

  30. There once was a man from Nantucket who needed a book for his bucket.

  31. I would love to add another book to my Kelby library. I feel like Scott has been my private tutor for years :)

  32. Would love to get any of your books, hardcover or digital(im from a land far far away), Keep up the good work mister Kelby!

  33. I love Thursdays. Free stuff and the Grid in iTunes.You guys are awesome.

  34. Looking forward to seeing Scott in DC! Yay team!

  35. I’d love the book and DVD. Thanks.

  36. Free book and DVD would be awesome! Love you guys!

  37. T.G.I.T., never thought I would say that until today!

  38. I would love tickets to the DC conference!!

  39. It’s great to see things so busy at NAPP.

  40. Hope you will also make a DVD of this class for those of us unable to attend in person.

  41. I love free stuff Thursday! Book or DVD works for me (ha!).

  42. Brad’s the man! I know he wants to gift me a book :)

  43. Please put on me the list for the book and dvd. Thank you!

  44. I’d love the chance to see Scott next week at the rescheduled DC class.

  45. A local DC photographer would love a chance to win a free ticket to your Photoshop seminar!!

  46. DC Seminar works for me!

  47. Essential material for starting and professional photographers now offered with 15% off? I think I am gonna browse the webshop ….

  48. Would Love to win the free book

  49. I’m watching your photowalk with Jay Maisel right now…loving it and learning so much! And another of your DVDs wouldn’t hurt, either. Keep up your amazing work.

  50. Can’t make it to DC, but the book and DVD would be nice.

  51. Love you training videos, would love to win a book or DVD

  52. Thank you so much for putting all this information in common terms. I struggled for years trying to figure out what settings to use. I had your book for a week, devoured the web content, and it totally transformed my understanding and my work! Thank you. God Bless!

  53. Again, Thanks for all the useful help. I would love to win a book or dvd. My NAPP membership is one of the best things I have ever done to improve my images.

  54. As always, thanks for the information. I could surely use a Kelby Training book or DVD right now. I have not read a photography book for a few months and am going through withdrawal!!!

  55. I’d love to attend Scott’s seminar in DC on 15 Nov.

  56. Love reading your blog everyday!!!

  57. Love all Scott’s books and videos — and I appreciate this opportunity to maybe add to my collection. Thanks!

  58. I’m in DC and it’s the start of DC FotoWeek this Friday so I’d love to win a ticket.

  59. I love Scott’s books and dvd’s. would love a chance to get some

  60. I’d love to win a book or a dvd ;)

  61. Brad and Pete did a great job on the Grid this week. Go watch it.

    Bring Brad and Pete back for more shows.

  62. One word describes Scott, his seminars and books: AMAZING.

  63. New to this page but can’t wait!

  64. Thank you so much. This would be so good for me.

  65. Would love the book/dvd. Thanks!

  66. I watched the webcast “Down and dirty secrets” is the code giftfrom corey, When I join NAPP

    Kevin w

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