Hey gang, Brad Moore here with some more free stuff for ya:

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! Wrapping Up
We’re nearing the end of Scott Kelby’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! Tour, with only three more dates left. We’re in Atlanta on March 9, then wrapping up the US tour in Tampa on March 13 at Tampa Theatre (a really cool venue was built in 1926 as one of the country’s “most elaborate movie palaces”).

And the grand finale is in London on April 28! We’ll be meeting up with our buddies Glyn Dewis (yesterday’s guest blogger) and Dave Clayton (next week’s guest blogger), which I’m sure will take things to a whole other level. Maybe not a higher level, but another one altogether ;)

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free pass to one of these seminars (make sure you let us know which one you want to attend)!

Win a Copy of the iPhone 5/e Book by Scott Kelby & Terry White
If you’re looking for a book that focuses on just the most important, most useful, and most fun stuff about your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS – you’ve found it.

Scott teams up once again with gadget guru and leading iPhone authority Terry White to put together a book that is an awful lot like the iPhone itself–simple to use and fun to learn. The book’s layout is brilliant, with each page covering just one single topic, so finding the information you need is quick and easy, with a large full-color photo on each page so you can see exactly how it works. As always, if you’re not one of the lucky winners, you can buy it here – at a kick butt price too, we might add!

Leave a comment if you’re interested in The iPhone Book – Fifth Edition and we’ll draw for 2 lucky winners next Wednesday!

The latest addition to the Kelby Training library is Environmental Sports Portraiture: Action Sports Photography from veteran Sports Illustrated photographer Bill Frakes! Go on location with Bill and see his style of athletic environmental portraiture as he captures creative portraits of athletes of all varieties.

Dave Black on The Grid
Yesterday’s episode featured very special guest Dave Black with RC Concepcion and Matt Kloskowski! I didn’t actually see the show since I was moving lights around on stage with Scott in Phoenix, but I can’t imagine anything with Dave being less than extraordinary and insightful. It’ll be up on KelbyTV.com sometime later today, so make sure you swing by and check it out.

That’s it for today. Leave a comment for your chance to win one of these giveaways!

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  1. Hope i’m lucky!!!!!!!

  2. Visiting London is always great. Seeing Scott & crew AND the two mad Brits will make it perfect.

  3. I saw a penny on the floor this morning, didn’t pick it up for good luck though as I’m hoping someone else out there needs the luck more than I do – but can I have some luck to win for London please? ;-)

  4. I would love to win the book for my lovely wife who last week just got an iPhone 4.

  5. Thursday again good luck everyone fingers crossed

  6. Would be cool to win the book.

  7. Would be cool to win the book.

  8. Keep up the great work Scott.  Any plans for a trip to Australia?  A Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! … on the Gold Coast, Qld, perhaps?

  9. Keep up the great work Scott.  Any plans for a trip to Australia?  A Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! … on the Gold Coast, Qld, perhaps?

  10. So looking forward to Dave’s Guest Post; Great guy, Great friend…Definitely one of life’s Good Guys!

  11. So looking forward to Dave’s Guest Post; Great guy, Great friend…Definitely one of life’s Good Guys!

  12. How about coming to New Zealand.  We’d love to see you guys here.  The blogs are great I learn something everytime.

  13. Loving the book Scot and have referenced it loads already. Sorry to have missed the tour but i hope it’s been a huge success for you.

  14. Pretty excited that you’re bringing the shooting match to the UK.  Plan to see you there (by luck or paying hard cash). 

    Our currency may even have devalued enough for you to buy most of the town and set up shop over here.

  15.  Expand Visiting London AND checking out your show would be fab. Really enjoyed Glyn’s excellent posting yesterday, and would looke forward to seeing what he brings to your partyRegardsStuart

  16. Great news that you’re coming to the UK. Shame it’s not Manchester though, maybe next time?

  17. You are a wonderful human being

  18. I have downloaded all Scotts photoshop books to my Ipad, Brilliant, would love to attend the London event.

  19. Would love to attend the Tampa event. I’m a new photographer hitting the streets and would love some insight to better my photography.

  20. My wife said I have enough 3/4 read books I don’t need another!  I didn’t say anything about needed an I-phone book.  I said I want the I-phone book.  I not sure but I think I still lost the battle.  I really really want the I-phone book.

  21. Very cool Scott, great that you’re making it to London… I’d love to see the tour stop in Atlanta though, if I win!

  22. If Scott can produce such photographs on India just think what he could do in the UK given the time and privacy!

  23. Whoops — sorry for last comment.  Error when signing into Twitter!

  24. Went to the Dallas show really good stuff , learned a lot!

  25. Would love to attend the London finale. This series looks very cool!

  26. Great !! Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It, is very useful !

  27. Looking forward to seeing Scott in London :)) 

    Im interested in iphone book :)))

  28. I’d love to win the book

  29. Hi! Would love to attend Tampa!

  30. Really tempted at the London Light it , Shoot it ….

  31. I’m glad you are bringing the tour home. I’d love to go to the Tampa seminar & the Tampa Theater is an awesome venue.

  32. I would love to attend in atlanta. Honestly, I would rather attend in London, but my budget disagrees.

  33. Would love to win the book!

  34. Would love to win a pass to the London show

  35. I saw Mr. Kelby in Philly recently at a LISIRI seminar. Outstanding stuff for sure. I wish I could be a part of the Kelby training team since that’s what I do. :-) Congrats on the tour winding down and great job hands down. You are the man and kelbytraining.com is the bomb!

  36. Hello Brad, would be nice if Scot and yourself would come and visit us up north in Green Bay home of the Packers hall of Fame!

  37. Please enter me for a free pass for London. I’d love to see you for the third time (even though you are coming on the last day of the football season!)….

  38. The book’s layout is brilliant like all books of Scott !Beautiful large full-color photos !! Great : Like to win one ;-) !!

  39. I’m registered for Tampa but a free pass would be great for my friend to go too.

  40. Nice, looking dorward to it.

  41. I wasn’t able to go when you were in Orlando.  Would love to be able to attend in Tampa.

  42. Always a pleasure watching your shows, though not live. Greetings from Sweden

  43. I would love to win a pass to the Tampa seminar.  I love that old theater!  :)

  44. Don’t pick me, I don’t like free stuff!

  45. Would love to attend the Tampa show! Great stuff guys…

  46. Would love a copy of the iPhone book.  Getting my first iPhone this Friday, book would be perfect!

  47. I would like the iPhone Book. I read a previous version, really great and helpful to learn the iPhone.

  48. Let me check my calendar. What do you know, I’m free March 9th in Atlanta.

  49. I’m from Poland and I wasn’t able to participate last year in seminar in Cologne or Amsterdam, because they were held on weekdays. Now it is on Saturday, so most likely I will attend. Free pass would be additional motivation to plan a visit in London.

  50.  Would love to attend your seminar in London !! and welcome to London….

  51. I would love to make it to Atlanta! As someone that is just starting out, I feel there is a lot I can learn from this course! Hope to see everyone there

  52. Welcome to London. Would love a free pass to see you first time after reading most of your books.

  53. Hey Scott, love the new blog layout. Would sure like to get the new iPhone book. The previous version was very helpful. Thanks, Dennis

  54. March 9 in Atlanta!!!

  55. Recently migrated to IPhone from another brand. Book would be great to help the transition.

  56.   I’m in for the iPhone book giveaway.

  57. The Dallas seminar was GREAT! I didnt know ANYTHING about studio lighting before I went there, and now I’m putting a kidney on ebay so I can set up my own studio! SO INSPIRING! Thanks Scott and crew!

  58. It LOVE a copy of ‘Light … It”! Being here in the belly buttom (or armpit) of the Midwest, we don’t get the big guns like Scott Kelby or Joe McNalley and their big city educational tours. Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It would really help me learn some of the finer points of lighting.

  59. Would love to go to the seminar in Atlanta!

  60. Great to hear the road show is coming to London. Thanks to Glyn and Dave for helping that happen. Oh, a free ticket would be nice…

    Until then it good old Focus exhibition

  61. I recently brought an iPhone 4… would love the book to go with it! :)

  62. Count me in on the iphone book drawing my wife has one and I am sure she would like to be able to use her phone better. I also love reading this blog each morning.

  63. Would love to win the Iphone book.  My 4s has suddenly starting showing apps in only the top quarter of the screen!

    Also, watch yesterday’s episode of “The Grid”, it was well worth viewing.  When Dave Black talks, you just got to listen, the man’s a natural leader.

  64. My husband just bought me the first in a series of you Digital Photography Books for my 61 birthday.  I am having fun.

  65. Hi Scott,

    I have just heard about your gig in London and would just love to attend. Your books and kelby training website inspired me to learn about the art of photography about 4 years ago and I’m just loving the fact that I’m now earning a living doing something i so enjoy. I just recently purchased your light it, shoot it, retouch it book as well as professional retouch and have been lucky enough to shoot my first model session using your incredible techniques. Thanks for the invaluable resource and inspiration. Jude

  66. Would have loved to have attended but not in my area – YES, PLEASE – SIGN ME UP for your  iPhone 4 Book by Scott Kelby & Terry White – we all know winning free stuff makes the stuff even more awesome.  

  67. I would love to win a prize. Great blog.

  68. Scott, we’d love to have you up here in Knoxville sometime! You and Bill Fortney can do a power session!

  69. I am always looking for more knowledge so it would be
    awesome to win The iPhone Book – Fifth Edition

  70. I would LOVE to attend the Atlanta session of LI, SI, RI! I was debating if i could afford it but for a free pass i think i could make it happen… i think i have some reward points around here somewhere for a hotel …

  71. I’d love to win a prize! Thanks for all you do!

  72. A conference in Tampa would be outstanding

  73. Can pack my bag pretty quick if I get a chance to attend the Atlanta seminar.  Thanks for the opportunity! 

  74. Loved the Light It seminar in Orlando. It would be great to attend the seminar in Tampa since there is so much information presented. It would be awesome!

  75. I’m too far away for the seminar, but I’d love to have Vol 4. Thanks.

  76. Scott,

    You keep spending my money. I’ve bought your books, I subscribe to KelbyTraining, I’m a member of NAPP and I’ve gone to two of your seminars and bought stuff from vendors.  Your cohorts are no better. I’m having fun with compositing and RC’s building a web site is next.

    Now you have another book (just downloaded to my laptop Kindle Reader).

    Don’t stop. The books are always fun to read and informative, the training is wide ranging and helpful, NAPP pays me back every year via the discounts. 

    I’m about 30 minutes from boarding a flight to Orlando (work and pleasure). I’ll be reading the iPhone book right after the let us turn on the electronics. 

  77. Glad you’ve added some talented photogs to your stable, like Dave Black and Bill Frakes.  Top notch.


  78. Brad, it’s funny, give something away or talk about HDR and you get a ton of comments! :-)
    I would love to have the iPhone book. I can’t wait to see the Dave Black episode, I still have his speech from the PSW wrap up in my head, so touching, love the guy!!

  79. Hey! Thanks for the Free Thursday stuff and updates! I’d love to win a ticket to Scott’s Atlanta show on March 9 … just a short drive up-state for me. Or, a copy of the new iphone book would be great too! :)

  80. Terry and Scott a great tag team, I would love a chance at the iPhone Book!

    Thanks Guys!

  81. Just registered for Atlanta show!!! I phone book will be great so I can learn how to work the darn thing!!!

  82. Thanks for a chance at the iPhone book.

  83. I would really love to receive tickets to attend the London event. If only I we’re so lucky?

  84. Would love to win a ticket for March 13th in Tampa. Yesterday’s Grid with Dave Black was awesome Brad     I’m sure you will enjoy it.
    Thank you for “Free Stuff Thursday’s”, oh and wouldn’t mind being entered into the drawing for the iPhone book too as that’s my next phone in a few months.
    Have a great weekend,

  85. Since my wife and I just got the new Iphone 4S.  We would love to win a copy of that new book.

  86. Environmental Sports Portraiture! Yes!! I must have this! (please)

  87. I would like to attend the Atlanta session.

  88. I’d love to win the iPhone Book.  Looking forward to seeing you in DC next month – my first Photoshop World.

  89. Sure would be nice to get the new IPhone book as I know just enough to be dangerous.

  90. Sure would be nice to get the new IPhone book as I know just enough to be dangerous.

  91. Thanks for a chance to get free stuff. Can’t beat free :P

  92. If I can score a ticket to ATL on March 9th, I’m there for sure!! I also love anything by the “Kelby/White” team up of books, so the Iphone book would be great! 

  93. I just got the new iPhone and would live this book!!!!

  94. Thanks for all the information you show us. Anything to do with Apple products is a wonderful thing. 

  95. I would love to win an Atlanta ticket to see Scott!

  96. Scott and Terry’s book is perfect for me. I am an idiot and would love a chance to get that book free!

  97. Good Morning Brad,

    Can you tell us who won the Jay Maisel DVD’s?

  98. Would love a chance to win the book. Thanks

  99. I’d love to win a copy of the book, even though it sounded for a minute like it covered the iPhone 5.

  100. I would love to attend the Tampa event on March 13th!

  101. I would love to score the free iphone book! Thanks!

  102. Thanks for the latest blog entry. I would love to attend your show in Atlanta on March 9th!

  103. Count me in on the book drawing! Thanks!

  104. The team in London taaaan! Just waiting for pay day to get my ticket.

  105. Can’t believe my luck…I will be in the Tampa area on March 13th and would love to win the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live!……:-)

  106. I wan to take that workshop, Are you coming to NY?

  107. Thanks for more free stuff, any book would be awesome.

  108. Looking forward to Dave’s blog – helluva nice chap :)!

  109. Scott or Matt and even RC you guys rock on The Grid

  110. Would absolutely love to come and meet you in London.

  111. Really enjoyed Glyn’s post yesterday. Insightful and inspirational. Was good also to know that NAPP’s influence spreads to these and other shores beyond the USA. I was at Scott’s Lightroom presentation in London when he was last over. It was fantastic. Completely sold me the power and effectiveness of LR and now I use it all the time. Would certainly love to have the opportunity of meeting him once again.

  112. Ooohhh! Pick me for the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. pass for Atlanta.

  113. I’m a new iPhone user and this book would help me decipher the confusing bits .

  114. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge (and yourself) with the rest of us! I’m inspired and educated EVERY TIME I click on my “Scott Kelby’s Blog” bookmark! Thanks again!

  115. I would love the iphone book!!

  116. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this one!!

  117. Would love to win a spot to the Atlanta class of Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It!

  118. I ALWAYS enjoy your blog.  Thanks for taking the time!!!

  119. Would love an iPhone book, which seems to be the only thing missing from this unbelievable product.
    When you buy the phone they don’t tell you much.

  120. An excellent book and reference guide Scott – as per all your books, reads and flows really well and has allowed me to really push my photography and achieve some fantastic shots, particularly of my baby daughter and wife.

    Would be fantastic to get to the UK seminar, to meet and see the book really come to life.

    Thanks. And, great blog by the way – read it almost everyday and just can’t wait to get the camera out right away :-)

  121. Brad, I was at Light It, Shoot It yesterday in Phoenix. This was one of the most energenic seminars I have been to. What you bring to it along with Scott. Thank you so much for an amazing day.

  122. The second coming (to London) and I’ll be away again – bummer.

  123. Hi Brad, what about the winners from  last week, when will they be announced?

  124. I’ve already booked my ticket for Scott’s Seminar in London….maybe I can still win my pass ;-)

  125. Really looking forward to seeing you in London on the 28th! I have plenty of other photog friends who would love a pass if one wings it my way :)

  126. An Iphone book would be great as Apple doesn’t give you a lot of info in their books.

  127. I can’t wait to see the new iPhone book by Scott & Terry. 

  128. Swinging London for me! Trying to get a group from work to go!

  129. Made the pilgrimage from the UK to PSW Vegas last year but can not get to DC this year – so a free pass to the London Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! finale would be awesome.

  130. Great class from a great photographer at Kelbytraining. I hope there will be more of Bill Frakes stuff @kelbytraining.

  131. Hey Scott. Having followed you for quite sometime now, I was wondering if you had determined what your “Klout” score was. I think I speak for many of us to see where you would fall in the Klout scheme of things. Let us know. We love you.

  132.  I can’t wait to see the new iPhone book by Scott & Terry.

  133. I’d love a pass to the Tampa seminar…I already have the day off and everything!

  134. Count me in for Tampa

  135. Hi Scott, How I would love to come to London on your Light it shoot it tour. Last year I couldnt attend the Amsterdam session because of my holiday in Croatia. So i would have a blast goiing to London. (dispite the fact that my wife is expecting our third boy the beginning of March…;-)
    Anyway keep up your amazing work. I love everything you do for the business.

  136. I’d love to see you in Atlanta

  137. Can’t wait to see the new Iphone book!

  138. iPhone book would be a great addition to my wife’s new phone!

  139. Thanks for the update. I am planning to take this workshop in Atlanta in a few weeks. Hope to see you there.

  140. Greetings Scott and Brad! I’d love the iPhone book. I’m planning to get the phone real soon!

  141. I would very much like to win the Iphone 5 book!  

  142. I’d like to win that iPhone 5 book, my Dad could very much use it!

  143. would love to go to the London event :)

  144. The iPhone Book – Fifth Edition – It will be a good read while on the train

  145. Yep, time to upgrade the phone, and the knowledge.

  146. After a long time away, I’m back to checking in everyday.  Enjoy the stuff.

  147. Would love to win a copy of your book. Every book I’ve purchased from you has been a great addition to my library.

  148. Got a new iPhone 4S… sign me up for that book! Can’t wait to see all you guys at PSW!

  149. Iphone book would be awesome especially coming from u guys.

  150. Always read the blog. Like your books too. ffm

  151. I’d enjoy seeing you guys in Tampa.

  152. Hey there. Would love to win a free pass to London! Funnily enough just going through my lovely old copy of “The Photoshop Channels Book” from back in the day, and thinking that I really need to update my reference material! But it’s still so useful ;-)

  153. Oh well, a little late on this comment for the contest but I did want to say I have the “Light It.  Shoot It.  Retouch It.” book and it is such an awesome resource for generating ideas and starting points when you’re not real sure where to begin.  I’d love to make the tour in Atlanta but if I don’t perhaps you’ll be doing a workshop over at Dave Cross Workshops this summer and I can make a trip down there.  Keep up the inspiring work.

  154. Would love to come to London,

  155. I’d love to win a pass to the London workshop in April.  Thanks

  156. Is it too late to enter for the iPhone book giveaway? If it’s anything like the other iPhone/iPod books, then I gotta have it!

  157. I’d like to enter for the iPhone Book – Fifth Edition if it is not too late. 
    Thanks for the great site! 

  158. Looking forward to your london visit

  159. Planning to get an iPhone soon. Love to have the book!

  160. I’ve heard so many great things about the iPhone book. Would love to win a copy!

  161. You need to give the iPhone book or else (I have to buy it!)

  162. Who wouldn’t want to win? Count me in.

  163. Love Scotts photography books and now that I have an iphone I would love the book to go along with it!!

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