7 Tracks, Over 100 Classes at Photoshop World Vegas
To maximize your learning experience, the Photoshop World conference has been divided into 7 key tracks– Photoshop Skills, Graphic Design, Lighting, Business, Lightroom, Photography Techniques and Photoshop for Photographers. Since you don’t have to pre-register for any conference session, you can attend any session you choose and switch between tracks any time! You can even sign up for an in-depth Pre-Conference Workshop and spend an entire day learning just one thing, whether that’s Photoshop, Lightroom, portraiture, lighting, wedding photography, concert photography, or aerial photography!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a full-conference pass to Photoshop World Vegas!

An Expert Guide To Street Photography with Zack Arias
Street photography is about a moment; a slice of unscripted life. It's about getting in close and getting the shot. Join Zack Arias, an editorial and commercial photographer, on the streets of New York where he shares his tips and techniques for blending into the scene and candidly capturing the people and places around you in An Expert Guide To Street Photography. Even if street photography is not your thing, you can transfer the techniques and philosophy of street photography into any other genre of photography.

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Ben Willmore, or Matt Kloskowski? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
July 29 - Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 16 - San Antonio, TX
Aug 21 - Indianapolis, IN
Aug 27 - San Jose, CA

Photographic Artistry with Ben Willmore
July 22 - Cleveland, OH

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
July 31 - Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 7 - Charlotte, NC
Aug 9 - Pittsburgh, PA

Lightroom 5 with Matt Kloskowski
Aug 2 - Hartford, CT

Lots more dates have been added for the rest of the year, so head over to the Kelby Training Live site to get the full schedule! And leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

Tim Wallace Class Rental
– Alan

Dave Black Class Rental
– VWMoe

Photoshop World Ticket
– Mike Osborn

Kelby Training Live Ticket
– Terry

Adobe Photoshop CC: Classroom In A Book
– Cheryl Tadin

David Ziser Class Rental
– Tim Leahy

If you’re one of the lucky winners we’ll be in touch soon! Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I’ve already booked my plane ticket and hotel for Photoshop World! I would love to win a full conference pass!

  2. As I’m just starting out with street photography I’d love to have the insight of Zack and his teaching style.

  3. I’d love to win a conference pass for my husband

  4. I would love to win a conference pass…and a ticket to Midnight Madness…hint hint!

  5. I can’t come to a class as I live in Africa, but I’d love an online…ANYTHING!

  6. I hope to see a seminar come out to seattle/tacoma area

  7. When you are in San Antonio take the time to see the Mission Trail, blows away the Alamo.
    I could really use the Photoshop World pass. Thank You.

  8. I would love a chance to go to Photoshop World!

  9. As someone interested in getting into street photography, I’d love a chance for the rental of the Zack Arias class.

  10. Happy Vacation Brad! Would love to win Zack Arias’ course!

  11. Ya know Virginia Beach is pretty darn close to DC

  12. I’m a big fan of Zacks and would really like to win this drawing, put me in!

  13. Is there any plans for a follow up to beginning wildlife photography by Moose? I watched it on a 24 hour pass once and I would certainly be interested in renting a follow up.

  14. Would love to go Scott’s seminar in San Antonio! That would be awesome! ‘Preciate Free Stuff Thursdays!

  15. Would love to take a friend to Charlotte class with Joe!!

  16. I’d love to win the Street Photography class rental. Looks great!

  17. Would love to win Zack’s new class!! Cheers!

  18. I’d love to win the Shoot Like A Pro class in Boston.

  19. PSW pass? Yes, please!

  20. Would love to get back to Photoshop World.

  21. Photoshop World is “the bomb, ” what else is there to say?

  22. Vegas would be awesome!

  23. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

  24. would like to see scott in san antonio

  25. Would love to win the street photography class rental! It’s become my newest photography interest and would love to get more ideas from an expert!

  26. When do you pick the winners? I love watching your blog and reading what yo uare doing, but I can’t seem to ever comment quick enough.

  27. Yay! Zack and street. I want it free!

  28. Vegas would be fantastic!

  29. Would love to win a pass to Photoshop World! Thanks guys!

  30. If you are going to PS World, the Mandalay Bay web site has some package air (Southwest) & hotel specials that can save you some bucks for that time period. There is even an airport shuttle option.

  31. I would like to win the pass to Photoshopworld.

  32. I would LOVE to watch the expert guide to street photography!

  33. Vegas Baby! PSW would be fantastic! Thanks!

  34. PSW ticket please :)

  35. oh my god,oh my god,oh my god, please let me win the rental pass for Zach’s class, I have been waiting for ever for a class from him to show up on Kelby Training!!!

  36. I would love to win a rental of Zack’s class. He has a great no-BS approach that I can identify with.

    For his next class you should get him and Jay Maisel together walking the streets of NYC.

  37. Pick me for Photoshop World Ticket!!

  38. Scott, I love all of your tips, tricks, and your books that have made a huge difference in my photography and photoshop knowledge. I would love the opportunity to learn from Zack and given that I’m a starving artist and photography student a conference pass would be amazing and a great opportunity for growth! Please choose me :-)

  39. What a great surprise to find ticket in my email this morning to Ben Willmore in Cleveland. Thank you very much Kelby Training.

  40. I’m a starving photographer and would love to see Matt in Hartford, CT so I might be able to learn all the new techniques in LR5..and help me out with my photography…

  41. Would love to go to the Kelby Training in San Antonio, Texas on August 16th… Thank you very much!

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  45. Matt in CT would be sweet!

  46. Hi Guys,
    I would love to win the Photoshop World pass, but it would have to be for next year since I’m already paid off for this year’s conference. Or, the training with Scott in San Antonio would be killer too.
    See y’all soon,

  47. Free rental for Zack’s street photo class, please. Thanks.

  48. Would love to drive down to PSW again, did it a couple years ago and loved every minute of it!

  49. Your Free-Stuff-Thursday is a special treat for us followers to take our chances for your generous offers. Thanks Scott and crew!

  50. Had a ton of fun at PSW in Orlando and would love to repeat the madness… even at midnight!

  51. Photoshop World, please, please, please, please….

  52. I thought he already picked the winners?

  53. Please…One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
    I’m can attend either:
    July 31 – Virginia Beach, VA
    Aug 7 – Charlotte, NC

    Or I would love to go to PSW. Thanks guys, you are all awesome!!!!

  54. Street Photography with Zack sounds like my kind of tutorial.

  55. I would REALLY, REALLY LOVE to attend Photoshop World in VEGAS. My friend Marty Fox has won passes now 2 years in a row, I am sooo jealous!

  56. Would love to win a ticket for the San Jose event. Yes…I know the way. I am already attending & I would bring a friend. Thanks!!

  57. I would looooooove to attend photoshop world. Winning would be the only way I could ever afford to go on a teacher’s salary. =P

  58. Get your head in a clean spot by picking me for Zack’s new Street photography class. Please :)

    Please Brad pick me. I know it’s you who’s taking care of the giveaways.

  59. Scott in Race Car Indy – – – how cool. More coolness would be to win a TICKET to Scott’s Indy visit. Bring it on!
    Martin in Indiana an cyber-space!

  60. It would be great to see him in Indy. He needs to visit the IMS Museum on his visit to Indy.
    John Price 786143

  61. I would love to win the photoshop world conf. pass in Vegas. I’ve never attended one before.
    Thank you for the giveaway !

  62. Gosh I would love to win this! Never been to Vegas before and this would be a perfect excuse to go.

  63. I would love to go!

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