It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Stay Where The Instructors Stay at Photoshop World Vegas!
If you’re coming to Photoshop World Vegas, make sure you book your room at Mandalay Bay before tomorrow, August 9 to get the special rate of $142/night and stay where the instructors stay! You can also spring for THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay for an extra $20/night.

You can find all the info right here, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to the conference!

Photoshop World Photo Contest
Want to win a free pass to Photoshop World, a Kelby Training & NAPP memberships? Check out the Photoshop World Photo Contest! If you share your pictures for the Viewbug contest, the grand prize winner can get their shot published in Photoshop User Magazine AND a ticket to Photoshop World! All you have to do is submit up to three images that best represent great use of Photoshop before August 20, and the best image will be chosen by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski!

The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers
Now that Scott’s latest book, The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers, is shipping, let’s celebrate by giving away FIVE copies to some lucky commenters here on the blog! You can go ahead and order your copy if you want a guarantee that you’ll get one, or leave a comment if you’re feeling lucky!

How To Photograph Car Interiors with Tim Wallace
Have you ever wondered how to light the inside of a car when you hardly have any room to move? Wonder no more and learn from the best in the business! Join Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby as they show you step-by step how to light and shoot a car's interior in How To Photograph Car Interiors. The key to lighting is all about the angles, and once you get the lighting right it frees you up to just focus on nailing the best composition. You'll get to see every step in the process through Tim's eyes as he shares his secrets for setting up the lights, highlighting the important details, and finding the right camera angle to make each automobile look its very best.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free rental of this class!

Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby or Joe McNally? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Aug 16 - San Antonio, TX
Aug 21 - Indianapolis, IN
Aug 27 - San Jose, CA
Sep 13 – Miami Beach, FL

One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally
Aug 9 - Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 10 – St. Louis, MO
Sep 12 – Kansas City, MO

Lots more dates have been added for the rest of the year, so head over to the Kelby Training Live site to get the full schedule! And leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1 at Barnes & Noble
The latest edition of The Digital Photography Book, Part 1 is currently being featured on the “Humorous, Helpful, and Odd” table in many Barnes & Noble stores across the country until August 15th! If you haven’t already picked up your copy, head down to Barnes & Noble and pick one up.

If you don’t make it to B&N in time, we’ll give away a couple of copies to two lucky commenters here on the blog next week!

Photoshop World Ticket
– Lizzypat

Peter Read Miller Class Rental
- AvishaIF

Kelby Training Live Ticket
– em

Brian Smith Book
– El Conde

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll be in touch soon! A bit off topic, but if you’re looking for some music to listen to today, I’d like to recommend my (Brad’s) buddy Matt Hires‘ new album that’s streaming over at USA Today ahead of its release this coming Tuesday. Have a great Thursday!

  1. A light room 5 book to go with the other 4 and the kelby training class provides the complete learning/ training tools.Just may make me an expert on LR5.

  2. and yes, I could definitely take a crack at this new book. Since Lightroom seems to be where it’s at, I’d love to hear Scott’s take on this!

  3. I’ve already got my ticket to Scott’s tour stop in Boston, but I’d love a copy of the new Lightroom book! I’ve been wondering when Tim’s new class would be out. I’ll check it out this weekend.


  4. I watched Tim’s class yesterday. I’ve worked in a commercial photography studio for some time and photographed/retouched a lot of vehicles. Primarily large trucks and vans. It’s always interesting to see how each artist interprets the subject differently. I noticed Tim is usually hand holding his camera. I’m pretty much straight up tripod when it comes to subjects with so many variables. Still a great class though!

  5. Attended your first “Shoot Like A Pro” in CO. It was the best time spent for me as a photographer. A lot of great insights which made the light come on for me.

  6. I just upgraded to Lightroom 5 a week ago. So far so good but the book would reveal things I am probably missing out on. Please enter me for the Lightroom book giveaway. Thanks

  7. I love the comment you left… It’s like your Clint Eastwood and using his famous quote “Well you feel in lucky punk” Well I am and I would love a copy of your newly released Lightroom 5 book..

  8. As a 1 product subscriber to the CC, Adobe included me in a 3rd party survey. I continued my polite rant on a LR / PS bundle. See you in Vegas and don’t forget any Mandalay / Southwest air-hotel travel offer at the Mandalay site. Hope “someone’s” wife had a great birthday yesterday.

  9. Great stuff Scott. I would love a chance at winning the lightroom 5 book. I am trying to gobble up every bit of info on the new lightroom, it is simply amazing. I really wish I could attend PSW in vegas but just can’t make it to many things going on right now. Once it is settled down my first goal is a Kelby Training and NAPP membership. Keep up the great work Scott and Conrats to all the previous winners.

  10. As a graphic designer, I’m sad to say that Photoshop is one of my weak points. I would cherish the opportunity to learn more and become better at working in Photoshop.

  11. Been following your work for years and attending a conference like this would be dream come true for me. Posting my comment and keeping fingers crossed :)

  12. Scott Kelby – you are unquestionably AWESOME to be giving away all the FREE passes to Photoshop World! (You’d be even more awesome, if that’s possible, if I was the lucky one to run away with the ticket!!) Thanks for all you do…

  13. I already bought my ticket, so probably won’t win, but would definitely LOVE to win nonetheless. I mean, I saved up all year to go to this! Imagine the additional gear I could buy if the ticket to attend was FREE. Anyway, always grateful for the incredible opportunities that the Kelby Media Group provide for us all.

  14. I would love to attend Photoshop World. I hear its the best! Got my NAPP membership yesterday while attending the Joe McNally One Light Two Light seminar in Charlotte. It was amazing! Thanks, Scott, for all you do to help us become better photographers!

  15. I would love to attend Photoshop World. I hear its the best! Got my NAPP membership yesterday while attending the Joe McNally One Flash Two Flash seminar in Charlotte. It was amazing! Thanks, Scott, for all you do to help us become better photographers!




  16. I would like to go, so I can teach you hoe we are using Lightroom 5. I have searched high and low and I cannot find anyone who is using it the way we are

  17. I’m gonna be real honest here. Very cool offer and I’d love to go to Vegas for this, but you would have to hook me up with a plane ticket & the hotel as well because Vegas is far faaaaaaar away from the Netherlands. ;-)

  18. Hi Scott,

    I attended your seminar in Denver last year. Had a blast! You are a great instructor and a great person! I would love to join you in Vegas so that I can continue to learn and grow as a photographer. Thanks, Ilene Meyers

  19. Hi Scott, thank you for the opportunity to possibly attend Photoshop World this year. I have always heard from others that have been fortunate to go that it is fantastic! I have always wanted to go, but just never had the means to attend, but am hopeful with your offer here that it might be possible. Thanks for all you do, you have inspired me greatly over the years.

  20. Thanks for the opportunity to win a PSW conference pass… I’ve got my fingers crossed. It’ll be a totally awesome experience to get some of the deep knowledge and networking that PSW offers.

  21. I LOVE the Lightroom 5 book by Scott and if I was lucky enough to win this ticket I could then easily get my wife to approve this Las Vegas trip. It would be like me heading to Oz. Please let me be lucky.

  22. Afternoon Scott! Wishing you a Happy Thursday and a very successful (which it always is) 2013 Photoshop World in Vegas!
    Would love to attend this year. Hoping I could learn lots of new stuff
    to help me create stunning “Show Dog Advertising”. Look forward to hearing from you. Lisa

  23. My 2 photo buddies are going, I can’t afford the ticket to PSW, but going to Vegas with them anyway. Would love to win! Trip is booked…just need that darn ticket :)

  24. Scott posted that he was surprised that his LR5 book made the NYT top 100 because that is usually reserved for self-help, etc.

    What better self-help is there than enabling people to express their creativity?

    And yes, I would love to attend Photoshop world.

  25. I’m a 61 year old beginner photographer with dreams of becoming a knowledgeable photographer. I’ve been following you since I decided to get serious about photography and actually met you at a training seminar you held in Chicago this past May. A free pass to PSW 2013 would be awesome!!!. Scott Kelby and Staff – Keep up the Good Work.

  26. I’ve been to Vegas for a number of reasons but in 2006, I was fortunate to have attended Photoshop World ~ and to date, that has been one of my most productive visits to Vegas. Fast forward 7 years and 5 Creative Suite Versions, am pretty sure a lot of things have changed in both areas but guaranteed, Photoshop World will once again change my life I’m able to attend :-)

  27. Hi Scott, I’ll see you next week in San Antonio at your Shoot Like a Pro tour. Would love the free pass to Photoshop World. If you want, just bring it with you to San Antonio and I’ll pick it up there.

  28. Going to Photoshop World will be amazing! Someday I’ll get to go. (Unless you pick me, in which case it will be this year, and I’ll get to see an old high school friend too.)

    In the meantime, looks like I have a new Lightroom book I need to get. Thanks!

  29. As a big fan of Kelby Training for the last 2 years, I will LOVE to attend the Photoshop World in Vegas and meet Mr. Kelby and all the gang! Also it will be my perfect Birthday present since I will became 37 on september! So please pick me….

    In Scott we trust…..!!! And thanks for all your hard work and passion to teach us to became better photographers :)

  30. Photoshop World has always been a great place to meet fellow photoshoppers and photographers and learn great new things. Similarly the books from Scott and Company are great for newbies as well as for experienced professionals to learn the new tricks those are usually not published by Adobe.

  31. What would really be awesome is to bundle all of Tims videos together and call it the a-z of auto photography. Or Car photography repair from A to Z.

  32. Going to photoshop World would be my Disney world! please Scott I need a getaway! and No I am not the Celebrity Photographer Brian Smith by the way. LOL

  33. I would love to go to this. Was laid off back in April, so I have the time to go (and this is the only year I may have the time to go) but don’t have the money for registration. Am a NAPP member and a working concert photographer, and would kill to take the concert photography class with Alan Hess.

  34. Scott – I always wished I could attend – I feel I would learn so much from this event. From what I’ve read it’s worth it everytime you guys have it.

  35. Scott, love that you do the how-to as well as the ‘art’ of photography. Re-watched the Jay Maisel videos over at Kelby training recently. Very inspiring! Would love a copy of your new LR5 book

  36. I will get up early to go to work everyday, will tidy my gigabites of images, will try to get rid of few kilos, will buy flowers for Mimi more often… I will, I promise! Can I pack my bags now? ;-)

    Would be amazing, thanks for the chance, Scott!

  37. Jay Maizel says pick me …Seriously before I joined Kelby Training I thought Jay Maisel was the QB of the Texas A&M. I need more photoshop help

  38. I’m an aspiring photographer with a lot of enthusiasm, hunger, and a desire to learn and create and this opportunity would be life altering! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  39. Would love to go to Photoshop World. Every year I tell myself, ‘next year,’ but man, at this point I’ve been saying it since three Creative Suites ago.

    Also, feel free to nudge Joe McNally back towards Phoenix on his tour. I got sick last time he was here, but you know, our weather is perfect come October. :^)

  40. I would love to win a ticket to Joe’s One Light, Two Light tomorrow in Pittsburgh!!! Probably not exactly ideal with the timing and all. lol.

  41. Would really like to run into you at Photoshop World and a free ticket would probably get me off my tired old rear end and start shooting again…..

  42. Congratulations on your book making it to the top but then again all the Kelby instructors are tops in my world! Would love to win the pass but alas I wouldn’t be able to go if I won.Just stopping by just to say hey

  43. If the Lightroom 5 book is anywhere as good as the Lightroom 4 book we are all in for a real treat. Will you be offering a spiral edition? Thanks! Bob Halligan

  44. I know that attending Photoshop World in Vegas would take my photography to the next level Scott! The inspiration I get from Kelby TV is great but I am sure it does not compare to what transpires in Vegas!

  45. I really would love to go. Have used Creative Cloud for a year already just because I wanted to learn Premiere Pro in addition to using photoshop. Would love to hang out and learn more from the masters.

  46. Hey Scott! Your Shoot Like a Pro class was fantabulistic last last week! Congrats on the LR5 book going to the top! Any chance I could be entered into the lucky 5 drawing for a copy of the LR5 book?

  47. Photoshop World!! I’m looking forward to adding to my photoshop, photography, and business skills – not to mention meeting a new group of people…

  48. I’d love to win a copy of Scott’s The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers. I’ve got an earlier edition, and it’s dog-eared from constant use! Thanks.

  49. I’d love to win a copy of Scott’s The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers. I’ve got an earlier edition, and it’s dog-eared from constant use! Thanks.

  50. Im from Argentina, love to win The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers
    because there is nothing here for learning stuff like this! Thanks for all that you guys do with Kelbytraining, Kelby Tv and specially with the Light It Magazine and Lightroom Magazine for Ipad to… love them and learn a lot!

  51. I got the Lightroom 4 book and loved it! would love to attend to Photoshop World and of course would love to have a copy of the new book :)

  52. I have LR5 – and although I suffer from some performance issues, I would love get a chance to win your book. Already have your DSLR series – and they helped :-)

  53. I’m reading the Lightroom 4 book now and am getting ready to upgrade to Lightroom 5. I should have that done by the time the LIghtroom 5 is delivered :-)

  54. Love your books… so helpful for all levels of expertise. Guessing it’s time to get caught up on LR5 and a new book to guide me sure would help.

  55. Can’t make it to Photoshop World conference but would *LOVE* to have a copy of the new Lightroom 5 book as I have just upgraded. Scott, your training is amazing!!!

  56. Scott, if your new “The Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers” book is anything like your previous works, then it has to be a 5-star winner. I know, as I have a good number of your previous works on all digital photography topics.

  57. Desde Puerto Rico. Thanks Scott for ur support. I’ve learn and still learning with your advice amd tng aid. just brought LR5 and wow love it. Thanks again.

  58. Hi, i hope one book makes its way to Kosovo, Europe.
    And it will be the first time that some one from Kosovo won some more knowledge from Scott.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  59. Hope to catch you again this year at Photoshop World. Enjoyed your portrait seminar last time. Got lots of compliments on my high key portraits since.

  60. I’m not even sure when the event is but if its after Aug 30th I’m good because that’s my last day as an industrial engineer with Siemens. I’m leaving it all behind to pursue photography full time and I’m freak in’ out A LOT! “Leap and the net will appear” huh? I don’t know who said it… but I sure do hope it’s true.

  61. Scott Kelby’s books are so well written. I need to learn more about Lightroom 5. Please enter me for the Lightroom 5 book give away. Thanks.

  62. I’m a part-time photographer (full-time dad) nowadays that has not yet transitioned from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5. Would love a copy of this Lightroom 5 book to smooth out any bumps, all the while I’m trying to wrangle my daughter from using my CF cards as crackers or frisbees. Thanks, Scott!

  63. Wow!! I would love to win a copy of your book.. I just got LR & am not very efficient at it. It would be even more amazing to get to go to Vegas!!

  64. I’m not surprised that the book made it to the top 100. Scott’s an amazing instructor and speaker and it translates to his books. Have have several but not all!

  65. I have read a good many of Scott’s books, the Lightroom books for the last few releases in particular. I spend many days educating my clients in applications related to mechanical design and 3D CAD – I wish those manuals were half as well written and engaging as Scott’s books are. Fantastic work Scott (And the Team) – Keep up the good work.

  66. Your books are such great reads. I just got Lightroom 5. It’s my first time using Lightroom and I’m lost. Not just a little but a LOT. :o) I’d love a copy of your book. Thanks for doing what you do.

  67. I’ve been subscribed to Kelbytraining for a few years now it helped me so much with my photography!! I can never get enough of Kelby’s tips and tricks! I want to add his new book to my collection….:) Getting a copy would be xmas in August!

  68. Here we are, once again trying to get free stuff from you, Scott… you will need to talk to Brad about it, he is to generous! Thanks Brad. No joking now: all you do is great for this profession. Thanks

  69. Scott, I got The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers this week and am using it to introduce me to Lightroom. I really appreciate the conversational and humorous presentation of your very practical approach to the software. It’s insightful, and had me using Lightroom practically in minutes. Thanks.

  70. I just purchased your Digital Photography Books Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Lightroom 5 book would be a great addition. I trying to learn how to take the perfect picture of my grandson.

  71. Hey Scott stop picking on Brad (kidding of course) lol he’s a nice guy. Look at the bright side had he offered your camera body you’d be somewhat safe… some of us are Canon shooters :D

  72. who doesn’t love free stuff? But this would be a perfect addition to my collection of your books! I have all the CS for Digital Photographers books and all but this Lightroom book.

  73. These shows are awesome! So glad I joined NAPP all those years ago!

    I will NOT be able to attend Photoshop World, but a free book (I own the first 4 of Lightroom) would be awesome!

  74. I just finished volume 4 of your digital photography series and I want more! I purchased LR5 so I would have to buy your LR5 book to continue reading things you’ve written. Somehow I don’t think this is how its supposed to work. Maybe you should be giving Adobe a percentage!

  75. Just upgraded to LR5 last night and am already impressed! Here is my first before and after edit with it. Don’t look too close or be too critical. It was my first try and it was 2am. I’m sure I would do better if I had the LR5 book (hint hint, wink wink)…

  76. Right or wrong… Reading your books is the most adult conversation I have in my day sometimes! 3 kids and a hubby who works late, a gal could use some of your humor! A book would be lovely to win. :). Thanks to all (ESP. Brad for bring so generous with your stuff Scott!)

  77. One of these years, I may make it to Photoshop world! I love all of your books/videos. As I am planning on getting LR 5 soon, I would love to have your book to teach and inspire me!

    Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom! ( and some of your mistakes, too)

  78. Boy do I ever need this book! I am struggling with trying to teach myself! I am just starting to shoot high school senior portraits for the first time! This sure would help!

  79. I’m leaving a comment so that I’ll have a shot at winning, but I’m already a devoted fan, so if I don’t win, I’ll buy it anyway. My NAPP membership and subscription to are gifts that just keep on giving.

  80. I saw Scott Kelby once- filming in Manhattan, back in Sept. 2009. My husband even took a picture of him, just because…tourists :) Guess what- we both didn’t know who he was :) Then, one day, maybe an year and a half later, far away in Eastern Europe, we bought The Digital Photography featuring Mr. Kelby’s smiley face on the back cover of the book. “I know this guy from somewhere” my husband said. Thanks to his good memory he solved the quiz very fast. We’re still giggling about this story and we still have that picture from NYC. :) Oh, and we have almost all his books. Lightroom 5 book will be great gift for my husband. We’re real fans! ;)

  81. Your book sounds great. I will probably just order it since there are so many already in line to win a copy. Either way, I will have my own. I am building a library of your reference books!

  82. Would certainly like to have Lightroom 5 Book to my addition of photography books, especially when it is free :) Hope I am not too late..

  83. Yes! Went to Kelby’s last two seminars here in Los Angeles, and learned more in those single days than I did on my own in years. Can only imagine what’s in this Lightroom 5 book…I wanna i wanna i wanna.

  84. Thanks Scott for all you do. Just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated by us novice would be photographers. Enjoyed watching, reading, and attending all the content that you and your wonderful staff put out there (mostly for free, i might add). If any of you have not attended PS World, you don’t know what you are missing.

  85. What I would give to me able to attend Photoshop World. Do you guys ever think of bringing your tour down under to Australia. In the meantime, I guess I have to suffice myself with your blog, The Grid episodes and Kelby Training membership. Keep up the good work. PS: I would love to win Scott’s LR5 book to add to my collection.

  86. I’ve ordered my light room 5 book from amazon… I hope I’ll be selected to get another copy from the draw, so I’ll be able to sell it and get another title of Scott photography book… (Singapore)

  87. Although I would give my right arm to win a full conference pass to next months Photoshop World Conference in Vegas….Not a Hope in HELL would I ever have, as I live in Ireland. Recession or no recession I haven’t a hope in HELL, of Ever getting there…… But…. I would LOVE to win the LR5 book!….. That way I could pretend Scott himself was sitting by my side whispering his step by step instructions and making it so easy to follow along …..

    ps Scott, I’m also your num 1 fan of your intro Chapters, “Probably the only one who actually reads them” LOL…. see, I even appreciate a good joke :) ……. Keep up the great work ! …Mags

  88. I have to say, the $149 annual subscription at Kilbytraining has made more difference in my photography than my $3000 camera! I expect nothing less from the new Lightroom 5 book! – Of course, it’s gonna be even more awesome if it’s a free copy!! ; ) Thank you!!

  89. Lightroom 5 is my complete go-to photo processor! I would love to win Scott’s new book! And going to Photoshop World in Vegas is a dream….

  90. Hey Scott! Hope to see you in San Jose later this month if I can get the time off from my day job!! :-) Would love to win anything at this point!! It’s been a while. Maybe 5 years or so at one of the many NAPP Live Seminars, so I’m overdue I think, don’t you?

  91. All cool stuff. I’d love to learn how to shoot vehicle interiors. I’d like to get the LR5 book as I have ye olde Light Room 2 book and there’s quite a few changes. For what its worth – LOVED One Light, Two Light with Joe McNally when he was here in Calgary.

  92. Hey Scott, saw your post on G+. Did brad forget to tell you that he actually did offer up your D800–and a new Nikon 800mm lens too!

    But if someone else wins that, a conference pass to PSW would be great. :-)

  93. Scott, I would love a copy of your Lightroom 5 book! I would also love a camera body if you end up giving one away, just make sure it’s a Nikon! Lol

    But seriously, I would really like the book on Lightroom 5 as I am eye-balling your photoshop books as well!!

  94. I attended Scott’s conference last time he was in DC. Amazing information and such a great instructor. Thanks Scott for all you do for the photographic community!

  95. oh hell yea mr kelby! would love to get my hands on one of your books. trying to get into lightroom 5 and this would be the perfect way to develop some good habits. Cheers!

  96. I would love to win your LR5 book. I just signed up for Adobe Cloud and now have Lightroom but have no idea how to use it. You book would be the perfect tool to launch me into Lightroom. Thank you for offering up this give away!!

  97. Should I be so lucky as to win the lightroom book, I think I’ll revert to my Moon Zappa Valley Girl imitation. It’s quite hilarious, for all the wrong reasons!

  98. I would LOVE to get a copy of your Lightroom 5 book. I have used Photoshop for years and now I am trying to learn Lightroom and this book would be invaluable! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  99. Was trying to decide between a physical copy vs an e-Book of Lightroom 5 book. But I can’t believe that eBook can have a half decent image quality, if the full size is just under 90Mb (Kindle) for 545 pages giving a mere 150Kb per page. Anyone has experience?

  100. 2 months ago I was told I had a tumor that was cancerous! The tumor was removed from my kidney successfully. After being couped up in the house for 2 1/2 months and 2 surgeries with a cathter as my best friend… I want anything you have to offer!! I love The Grid, your Kelby training videos and RC! LOL

  101. Please, please, please pick me. I have owned every issue of Lightroom and every one of Scott’s books + many of his other terrific book. Would love to have the Lightroom 5 book now also.

  102. Hi Scott! I don’t have your new book yet…. and haven’t gotten the ticket for PSW yet… I keep hearing a voice whispering “don’t buy… Scott will give you a gift soon” ……. =)

  103. Well I think the new LR5 book should stretch its legs and head over to the UK not enough time is spent in this country of mine so if a piece of Kelby training can make it to these shores its all good

  104. I would love a copy of Scotts book, signed of course :)
    I will be teaching with my students all getting this book in Sept, so I will need it ASAP myself

  105. Found my way here from your posting on Google+ Scott Kelby. Would love to win a free full conference ticket to come learn from the masters, especially RC !

  106. Leaving a comment… ha! Seriously though- when are you coming back to DC? If you’re not coming to my “neighborhood” any time soon, perhaps your book could tide me over. ;) Thanks for all you do!

  107. In circus parlance there’s “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “May All Your Days Be Circus Days”.Your books are the Greatest Photo Information books available on earth. So, May all your days be filled with Scott info! Look forward to reading my new “free” book with some popcorn and cotton candy.

  108. Thanks for writing all the books on Photoshop and Lightroom. I learned so much from you over the years. And the videos…… Between you and Ben I can do all kinds of stuff I didn’t know I could do. Thank You. I would love to go to Photoshop World, it’s just a short plane ride away.

  109. I accidentally stumbled across your Digital Photography books when looking for a present for my daughter-in-law and after reading it myself had to get a copy for my Kindle for myself – love the style of writing and I recommend the series to any photographer friends. Would love to have your Lightroom 5 book – why wouldn’t I?

  110. Hi Scott, would love to have your new LR book. When are you next in the UK – don’t mind where I’ll travel to wherever you are! Many thanks Kate

  111. Here in Finland I would like to get the new LR5 book, since I upgraded the Lightroom, but not the book yet. LR4 book has been read and studied from cover to cover 100 times!

  112. Scott,I love to read your books on my holidays, sitting next to the beach with a “sangría” in one hand, your book in the other, the sun raising from the sea and my camera prepared to shoot… I’m going to buy you new Lightroom 5 book for the my holidays, but it will be perfect if I receive the book as a gift!! Regards from Madrid!

  113. What wonderful prizes – Photoshop World tickets or the Lightroom 5 book from an EXTREMELY talented guy!! I would love to win either. Pick me, pick me. :)

  114. Scott, I can’t go to Photoshop world and missed your Shoot LIke A Pro tour here in Colorado. I have been looking at getting your LR5 book here soon and hope to win it.

    Keep up the great work around Kelby training as it is an excellent site.

  115. I would love love love to win this. As a newbie graphic artist I think I would have so much to learn here. It would be amazing to network with everyone and hear from some of the brightest in this field.

  116. I’d be very happy to win a copy of your LR5 book. I gave several copies of your photography books to my brother, and when I browsed through them realized I should have gotten copies for myself at the same time.

  117. Just joined a Photowalk :) Hadn’t finished reading your superb LR4 Book and Adobe brought out LR5! :) Need to get your LR5 book now (and a stronger bookcase!).

  118. just purchased my first copy of lightroom when 5 came out. trying to push my photography up a level or 2. thanks for the chance to win your book.

  119. Scott, since I lost my job this would be the only way I can go to PSW this year, please pick me. I need my yearly PS guys fix and to see all my friends from around the US.

  120. Jusupgraded from LR3 to LR5 and have some catching up to do. I would love you LR5 book to get me up to speed. Also thinking about a photowalk but have never done anything like this before.

  121. I’d love to win a copy of the Lightroom 5 Book or the Digital Photography Book, Vol. 1. Thank you for the great information on your blog and training sites.

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