Hey everyone, it’s time for the second ever Free Stuff Thursday! Brad Moore here to let you know about some discounts and give away a free pass to…

The Digital Photo Workshops
The Digital Photo Workshops are kicking off in Death Valley with Rick Sammon, February 23-26! These 3-day, weekend workshops are designed to sharpen your skills behind the camera and in the digital darkroom through hands-on, one-on-one training to photographers and hobbyists who want to become better digital photographers. Just leave a comment here for your chance to win a free pass!

You can register over at TheDigitalPhotoWorkshops.com (NAPP members get $100 off!), and check the schedule for more workshops with Joe McNally, Dave Black, and Ben Willmore.

70% Off David Ziser DVD From Kelby Training
If you’re a wedding photographer or thinking of becoming one, here’s a kick butt deal! David Ziser’s Wedding Photography Rapid-Fire Tips & Tricks DVD is 70% off at the KelbyTraining.com book and DVD store. Renowned wedding photographer David Ziser has over 25 years of experience – and a lot of his best practices are in this DVD. Grab a copy today and put his experience to work for you. Only $14.99 while supplies last.

Photoshop Elements 10 for Digital Photographers
In case you haven’t heard, Scott & Matt’s new Photoshop Elements 10 Book for Digital Photographers will be here soon and we’re taking pre-orders. Reserve your copy here!

NAPP Renewal = Scott Kelby Extra Mega Bundle!
If you’re a member of NAPP, you can get the Scott Kelby Extra Mega Bundle free if you renew your membership before 1-13-12 at noon ET. Check out the January edition of Newswire for details.

Kelby Training Live
Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished with Ben Willmore is coming to Oklahoma City on January 25!

Just a couple days later, Dave Cross is bringing The Photographers Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour to Covington, KY on January 27.

And then on January 30, Scott Kelby will be in Austin, TX with his Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live Tour!

You can find more info, and sign up for these seminars and more over at KelbyTraining.com.

Last Week’s Winner
And, lastly… The winner of the free ticket to Photo Pro Expo in Cincinnati on February 2-5 is… Todd Boone! Congratulations Todd, you were the person the random number generator picked :)

Leave a comment for your chance to win this week’s giveaway, a free pass to The Digital Photo Workshop in Death Valley with Rick Sammon February 23-26!

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  1. I don’t have a comment but always in for a win!

  2. I love Rick Sammon? His posts are always so encouraging.

  3. Im close to Death Valley I would love to go out there and shoot may even take my bike out and go riding before the workshop

  4. what a great prize to be giving away – good luck everyone!

  5. I thought I’d be the first, but being second is ok. Always looking for ways to make my photography go BOOM, or jump off the page. Been doing it for 37 years, and I’m willing to follow the pros at their art..

  6. The last episode of ‘The Grid’ with Jerry Ghionis was great!

  7. Sending me to Death Valley would make my wife very happy. I can hear her rustling the papers looking to update my last will and testament! Love your programs!!

  8. YAY! I’d sooo love to go photograph there. Count me in!

  9. YAY! I’d soooo like to go photograph there. Count me in!

  10. Death Valley, February, Rick Sammon! Sounds like an awesome experience!

  11. This would be awesome to win!!!

  12. Wow! Rick Sammon and a place much warmer than where I am today (expecting 2-4 inches of snow), I’m in!

  13. Death Valley with Rick Sammon!!! Thatz like christmas in February

  14. I have a lot to learn. What a great place to start. Thank you.

  15. Would love to, but a bit far from Sweden ;)

  16. Hi Guys,
    Y’all never cease to amaze me at all you do for us. I would love a chance at the Grand Canyon with Rick Sammon.

  17. I am in. Great Blog!

  18. Way to go Brad!!!

  19. Random Comment Generator says: Cool

  20. I enjoy reading the blog, Thanks for all the great info.

  21. Love this site! First place I visit every morning to learn something new!

    Thanks for all you do,


  22. Great opportunity.

  23. Death Valley is beautiful this time of year. With winter deciding to finally arrive, it would be a great place to go hide from it for a few days.


  24. I love your workshops and would love to go to this one.

  25. Me and my wife haven’t been in Vegas for over two years, This could be great excuse to go there again. :-) Our Birthdays are coming up in two weeks (day apart) maybe we can treat us to the trip there… Thank you for all the good info you provide us with.

  26. Free stuff from Kelby’s World? I’m in!

  27. This is such a great site and I’ve learned so much in such a short time. Thanks for all y’all do

  28. Love to spend time with Rick, maybe this is it.

  29. Scott, Brad,

    Thanks for the free stuff Friday. Now if you guys could get us a discount or free stuff at IN-N-OUT Burger that would really be cool.

    Hmmm…….Wonder if there is an IN-N-OUT Burger in Death Valley………

    Luis Morales
    DLWS Acadia NP,2005

  30. Thanks for all the hard work and great material.

  31. Would love to see Rick in Death Valley. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with him at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC; great guy with a great personality and lots of information and technics to share.

  32. Thanks for sharing, may I win please?

  33. Let’s hope comment #13 will be lucky today. I’d love to go to Death Valley. I’m a training junkie.

  34. I’ve been looking at that death valley workshop for a while now, but I just haven’t been able to afford it! The work shop is three days before my birthday (born on February 29th), so it would mean a lot if I could win the opportunity to go and improve my photography. This is my first real birthday in four years (leap year), so please make it a special one guys!!! ;-)

  35. Hi Scott, Brad,

    Thanks for all the free stuff. Now if you guys could only get us free stuff at IN-N-OUT Burger that would be way cool!!!

    Hmmm……. I wonder if there is an IN-N-OUT Burger in Death Valley…….Hmmm

    Luis Morales
    DLWS Acadia, 2005

  36. I’ve been looking at the death valley workshop for a while now, but I just haven’t been able to afford it. The workshop is just three days before my birthday (born on February 29th), so I would love to win the opportunity to go and improve my photography. This is my first birthday in four years (leap year), so please make it a special one!! ;-)

  37. Not related to this post, but I sure appreciated the Lightroom 4 Beta site. It is so much more informative than just reading press releases and trying to figure out what has changed.

  38. Let’s hope comment #13 will be a lucky one today. I’m a continuing education junkie.

  39. OK No more comments. I’ve already won.

  40. pls pick me. thx

  41. Last “random” contest I won was U.S. Draft lottery! Been in the Northwest for 15 years. A desert shoot would be great!

  42. Death Valley is an amazingly beautiful place. Lots of history there too. What a great opportunity. Would love to go and would love it even more to win it!

  43. Rick is one of my favorite photo guys. Would like opportunity to meet and learn from such a talented source. Live close enough to get there early and stay late. Any chance rest of you folks would vote for me to get a win on this?

  44. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pass.

  45. What an awesome and generous gift this would be!

  46. Never been to DV, but would love to! Thanks…

  47. Fingers crossed to win!!! XX :)

  48. Death Valley…I wonder why they called it that way! Are you sure the camera is the only thing I need to take with me?:)

  49. I bought a Rick Sammon book years ago, and have been a fan ever since. It is through him I found out about Scott Kelby and your amazing group. You guys rock!!

  50. Training with Rick Sammon would be awesome opportunity. It’s something that I have on my wish list.

  51. It is winter in Indiana … Death Valley sounds pretty good right now.

  52. I sooooooo LOVE Death Valley! And would LOVE a workshop with RS!! Pick ME!!!!!!!

  53. I spent a few days with Rick Sammon in St. Augustine for a three day seminar. What an awesome experience! He is not only an awesome photographer but a truly awesome person!

  54. Death Valley would be a great birthday present.

  55. Rick Sammon and Death Valley sounds like a winning combination!

  56. This would be the experience of a lifetime. Luck to me!!

  57. Death Valley’s lighting with Rick Sammon’s ability to teach would be an awesome outing! Count me in!

  58. Last time I was in Death Valley was March of 2003 or 2004. My wife and I just happened to be passing through at a time of a 100 year bloom on our way to Joshua Tree. I’d really love a free reason to go back.

  59. What an awesome combination…Death Valley and a Rick Sammon workshop. I have been wanting to do one his workshops and this would be a great one! Rick is a fantastic teacher and photographer.

  60. Hey! I’d love to win the trip and the class! It sounds fantastic!! :)

  61. Rick Sammon is an excellent landscape photographer, great compositions. Would be great to learn from him!

  62. Would be great to go shooting with Rick

  63. Would be incredible to visit Death Valley for the first time on a workshop with Rick. What an inspiring combo. Here’s hoping for the win!

  64. It would be amazing to be able to experience something like that with a renowned photographer. It would be my dream

  65. How come you guys rarely do Kelby seminars in Atlanta?

  66. I have never been to Death Valley & would LOVE to attend one of Rick’s workshops!

  67. Would be wonderful to win this!

  68. Great opportunity to win, win, win

  69. I was looking at Rick’s workshops just yesterday – I would LOVE to go!

  70. Any time spent with Rick is time well spent. Any time spent in Death Valley is time well spent (unless it’s the middle of summer and you have no water). The two together? Hard to pass up this opportunity. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. Rick & Death Valley? I wish!

  72. It would be an awesome experience and love to win it.

  73. i have seen death valley only in summer.. feb would probably be more spectacular… would love to go and learn more… smiles to all. happy thursday.

  74. Death Valley sounds like a great place for a workshop and I would love to attend.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  75. Always great deals available here on Thursdays. And I REALLY need a chance to get out of winter for a couple of days!

  76. I’ve never been to Death Valley and I bet Feb. would be the best time to go, especially in the company of greats such as Rick Sammons.

  77. I am so excited to be a NAPP member and learn all that I can about photography and photoshop. I love to photography landscapes.
    Thank you!

  78. Death Valley is a location that is on my “list” but I could never quite make the commitment to go there. This class would be just that commitment. I think Rick’s approach to photographing the world is what I need to develop in myself and this class would really help that along.

  79. Thanks for the post, great stuff there. Would love to go to Rick’s workshop, and being over my birthday it would be a great present too! lol.. Thanks again y’all!

  80. Put my name in the hat. I would like to go with Rick to Death Valley. It would be awesome.

  81. Would love to attend the workshop!

  82. Heyyyyyy MR.Kelby!!! Over Heaaaaaa!!! Pick me!!!

  83. Hey Scott,

    Check this out! It will have you LOL!!!



  84. I have skirted around Death Valley several times, but I have never spent anytime there, nor have I ever photographed it.

    This sounds like an very interesting workshop. I guess one thing that the website forgot to mention was bring warm clothes. Even though this is a desert, and many people think that deserts are hot, this time of year it can be extremely cold especially early monring and at night.

  85. That would be an amazing trip, have always wanted to shoot there and have not had the chance to expand my capabilities.

  86. I have never been to Death Valley and I would LOVE to see it, not to mention the time spent in Rick’s workshop!

  87. Wow, that is a very generous giveaway!

  88. Looks like a great workshop!!

  89. Cool stuff Brad!

  90. Uh-oh! The Safari browser is acting strange on your site again!

  91. You guys rock!

  92. Death Valley! That would be a fun experience. Thanks Rick and Scott!!

  93. Rick Sammon seems like a great guy and is so enthusiastic about everything. Death Valley is not far away for me, but I have not been there. I’m sure this will be a memorable experience for whoever is lucky enough to go.

  94. Just want say thanks for a great bundle for renewing NAPP membership

    and please don’t pick me as the winner because I living in Denmark and can’t take to the photoshop world :-(

  95. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  96. Would love a 3 day workshop with Rick Sammon – anywhere! Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. Looking forward to a few of those workshops. That Zion Nantional Park trip looks very promising as my next trip this year.

  98. Been thinking about one of these workshops for a long time.

  99. I would love the chance to go. A vacation and an incredible learning experience all in one.

  100. I would really enjoy 3 days learning from Rick Sammon. Thanks for the contest!

  101. I haven’t been to Death Valley in years. A workshop with the great Rick Sammon would be an amazing experience!

  102. pick me pick me. yes random generator pick me!

  103. Death Valley with Rick Sammon? That would be an incredible learning experience. Good luck everyone and thanks Scott & Rick!

  104. Thanks for the info Brad! I’ll definitely be checking out the workshops link!

  105. “Are we there yet?” :)

  106. If you haven’t see this YouTube video on Photoshop retouching magazine covers, it’s worth watching for a good laugh…


    It seems to have caused quite a stir and controversy

    (I’m not interested in the drawing unless I could give it away to a friend)

  107. those 3 days would be sweet :)

  108. I’ve always wanted to take a Death Valley workshop! Thanks for the opportunity.

  109. Pick me : ) I would sell a lens for a plane ticket from Hawaii to go to a workshop haha

  110. For your Kelby Training Live, could you come to Canada?

  111. thanks for having and sharing your passion

  112. I’d love to attend one of these workshops.

  113. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

  114. +1

    Now I need to go hack that random number generator!

  115. I’d love to spend a week in Death Valley with Rick!

  116. Death Valley is way cool… especially in winter!

  117. Excellent opportunity for learning! Thanks.

  118. I would love to photograph Death Valley! I’ve always wanted to go and see the moving rocks haha

  119. Hey I will be in the area already shooting the SASS National Championships in Phoenix so travel isn’t a problem. Plus, I could use the experience.m this is cowboy action shooting with shooters who dress in period correct attire for the most part. If you wish to attend let me know. I am usually too busy to do much photography but I plan to try more this year. Plus, given the opertunity I will do so self portraits to get photos of me in my several outfits from buckskins to an 1880’s saddler sgt. That is just me wait till you see the soiled doves and can can dancers or the formal ladies in there period evening attired. They hold costume contest for several different groups so you will see someone that at first glance looks like Marshal Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke to someone dressed as the Palidan from Have Gun Will Travel.

    My logo should read have guns and camera will travel.

  120. This workshop looks wicked cool! Great environment, great company. It can’t get much better than that!

  121. Death Valley!!! ooooOOOO! I want in on this workshop so badly! Pick me! I just went there for fun two months ago and it was GORGEOUS! Beautiful creation surrounds you.

    Have fun and take fabulous photos. I’ll be looking for them.

  122. What a great opportunity! Count me in!

  123. A weekend with Rick would be amazing. I need a change of scenery! Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. Hi Scott Brad,
    Now I’m excited. I clicked on the link in the blog about the workshops. I see the Pre-Photoshop World at Zion. Wow, I’m in for that already metaphorically speaking. You know you will see me in Vegas next fall. Wish I could make DC :(
    See ya,

  125. This workshop looks awesome! I would love to go to learn from Rick and Jeff!


  126. Would love to visit Death Valley again. Absolutely beautiful! Went there 3 yrs ago but lost all my photos because of hard drive failure.

  127. What’s that? Death Valley? Don’t talk about Death Valley! You’re kidding me? Death Valley? I want to go!

  128. Wow, I’d love to win the workshop pass! That’d be cool.

  129. Very cool site:-) I’d LOVE to do the photo workshop!

  130. Sounds like a fantastic program!!! Would love to go!!!

  131. Sounds like a good time to me!

  132. Okay, everyone else can stop leaving comments. I’m going to win and I look forward to Death Valley!

  133. I would love the opportunity to learn.

  134. I enjoy Rick little sayings, i.e.: The name of the game is to fill the frame! Would love to doing a workshop with Rick.

  135. I love all you guys do for photographers. I am taking a Rick Sammon class in south Florida on Jan. 30th and would love to go to this one also.
    Ron Davis

  136. Been wanting to shoot Death Valley for some time now… inspired by some of Joel Grimes composites. Put my name in the hat for the Sammon workshop. Not to far down the road for me. Thanks Guys!

  137. I went to Death Valley in March 2011. I spent three weeks shooting. Now I’m learning to process in Lightroom. The going is slow, I miss the real darkroom. I become overwhelmed trying to pick out what to work on. I need some critique.

    Patricia Wesslund

  138. Free stuff ROCKS!!!

  139. Free stuff rocks..

  140. Hey Mr. Kelby and Crew,

    I would like to put my name in the hat to be one of Rick’s disciples in Death Valley! During those dates it will be my big 3-0 and as not excited as I am about getting older, it would be the most awesome birthday present ever!
    Thanks for your consideration.

  141. Thank you so much!!!! I”m so excited to be going!

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